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Eternal IPTV zforce iptv

50 million downloads, let me say that onemore time 50 million downloads of this free VPNnow this free VPN was updated in the last few days and they really have addedin some amazing fixes so I thought I’d do a review of this VPN and pray throughthe five paces that I normally use when reviewing any kind of VPNs which isnumber one ensure that we’re going to get a brand new IP address and locationchange number two we’re gonna run some speed tests to find out exactly whatkind of speeds we can get with this free VPN thirdly we’re gonna see can weactually access geo restricted or geo locked websites using this VPN fourthlyis that word for the next one we’re going to check the privacy policybecause you have to understand especially when the VPN is free wereally want to double check the privacy policy and find out exactly what we’resigning up to what I say sign up but to be fair this actually pn you don’t needany kind of login or registration or any kind of sign up to use there you can login if you want to but it’s totally optional and lastly we look at the coststo some in conclusion and I give my verdict about what this VPN is but aquick disclaimer guys you have to understand that these VPNs are free soreally the question is what can you get for nothing if you need to the channeland you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials the latest foreststake Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please do subscribe to thenotification barrel it’s a small click from you but it makes a big differenceto me thank you okay so the VPN we’re going to be reviewing in this video iscalled turbo VPN as we can see here was updated in the last week or so and interms of numbers for you scroll down we can confirm that this has beendownloaded over 50 million times and it has a 4.

7 rating with 2 million reviewsso really to get these kind of ratings with these kind of numbers I think it’ssafe to say that the VPN is going to be quite good the question is how much ofit has improved since the loss update and I will be showing you how you caninstall this onto your fire stick at the end of this video but for now let’s openthat up now when you start the VPN for the first time you’ll have to click onagree and we’ll go over the privacy policy in just a minute let’s click onagree now when you start herb a VPN for thefirst time it will actually prompt you that you want to try out the VIP packagenow name implies the VIP package is not freebut it will give you faster servers it will give you more servers around theworld and you can link up to five devices so if you do want to try thisyou can take out the 7-day trial however if you know that you’re never gonna payfor this you only want to use a free VPN I do recommend selecting no thanks I diddo a video on Turbo VPN in the past and some of you are saying that the VPN isnot free and it’s actually prompting for payment well you only get that prompt ifyou take out the 7-day trial because when the trial finishes it’s then gonnaask you to pay for it but again if you know you’re never gonna pay for thisI would advise clicking on no thanks now we can see that the VPN has a very verybasic layout you have hamburger menu on the top left then you have your serviceselection on the top right if you try the hamburger menu for a second and gointo settings we can see we have very very basic options you have two methodsof connection you have open VPN and IPSec I would personally Vann Open VPNlets you have any problems we then have an option to connect to type of VPN assoon as he launches so if you don’t connect to the law server that youpreviously use you can turn this option on and loss your notifications so if youdon’t see a notification that you’ve connected or disconnected you can leavethis enabled but for me I’m gonna leave all of the defaults let’s go back to thehome screen and let’s go into the service selection so the first thingyou’ll show you will be the VIP service so again if you don’t take out the trialyou can do this but for me I’ll go to free and on the free servers we haveabout eight to run the world so depending on where you are or if youwanna access Gio rescued content from a certain country you can choose one ofthese so so you can see in terms of layout and user interface the VPN isvery basic but the same time that means it’s very easy to useso let’s now start with the first test to see do we actually get a brand new IPaddress when using this VPN so let’s go over to IP location and here we can justconfirm that my current IP address does end in dot 59 and my location is UnitedKingdom so I’m hoping once we activate the deep here and this should now changelet’s go and do that now go for United Kingdom for the VPN let’s click on thatit says gonna make a VPN connection let’s click on OKok let’s give that a second and we now get the message that the VPN has nowconnected so let’s go back to the IP location and let’s see if I did get anew IP address okay so I’ll just refresh the page and we can see now that my IPaddress ends in two to four so do you in fact have a brand new IPaddress the location is still the same because I did actually select a VPNserver in the UK however sector VPNs are in another country then this should alsoupdate okay so I safe to say that this free VPN does give you a brand new IPaddress let’s now try a speed test now the speed is probably not the biggestissues when using any kind of free service because as you can imaginethemselves is free which means lots of people want to use there on top of thatthis particular VPN has more than 50 million downloads so it’s gonna have alot of users the only thing I would add to that is as long as you can get 10 Megdownload once your VPN is connected then that really is more than enough for HDstreaming so let’s try this VPN now and let’s see what kind of speed we go ok sowe can see with this free VPN I’m getting 27 Meg downstream ok so testnumber one we got 27 Meg downstream and 15 mega upstream so that really is quiteimpressive for a free VPN and that much bandwidth is more than enough for anykind of HD even 4k streaming let’s see what we get for test number 2 ok so testnumber 2 we got 20 I make downstream and again about 15 mega upstreamI was wondering 3 tests to make sure that the speeds are consistent and thefirst speed test wasn’t like a fluke or something but we can see guys in allthree tests it’s easily getting around about 20 a MEK downstream and about 15mega upstream so from a speed perspective that’s actually very goodfor a free VPN ok for the next test let’s see if we can actually access georestricted content now one of the main reasons why people use a VPN other thanfor the privacy and you know to stay anonymous online is to access georestricted content now for example photon access a website like Zuma TV letme do that now and we can see we get this message which isZuma is not available in your region so even though I was using a VPN the VPNwas set to UK so let’s go back to the VPN now and let me now change thelocation to United States let’s click on disconnect let’s go back to the icon uphere let’s go to the free servers and select United States ok that’s notconnected let’s go back here in fact let me firstly confirm the Meineke locationactually updated so if I go back to IP location again ok so an IP location wecan see we do have a brand new IP address and if I scroll down we can seethat it’s now believed United States in New Jersey so so from ageolocation perspective we can see this VPN is able to spoof your location let’sgo back and try Zuma TV now okay let’s try that againzoom TV I’m hoping I don’t get error message this time and we can see we getno error message now and we can now access all of this great free contentwhich was previously blocked for us so for a free VPN we can confirm that we doget a brand new IP address and we can also smooth our location allowing us toaccess content now as previously blocked for us now with all of my free VPNreviews I also have to check the privacy policy because you are using freeservice what’s actually happening with your data now a type of VPN when Iclicked on is it safe I got the message that they use SSL to encrypt your datayour data is undecipherable to prying eyes moreover we do not collect localstore or share any data now I was actually really impressed with this butalso let me just double check and see what they’ve got in their officialprivacy policy let’s open that up now now here we can see straight away guyslet’s say we do not collect logs by your activity or browser history your trafficdestination your data content or DNS queries so in terms of what they’resaying they do seem to be saying the right things now under the serviceinformation is saying subject to applicable laws and for the avoidance toinfringe any Internet service provider any browser information trafficdestination data content IP address Tina’s queries did it it okay all ofthat data is encrypted and cleared off the VPN session so this one maybe fiveor ten minutes and have read of this and just make sure you are happy I meanultimately because you’re actually logging in you know actually typing inand username a password email address there is probably minimal stuff theycould log anyway but the kind of stuff they’re saying here it does implythey’re not logging anything but again they spent five or ten minutes to makesure you are happy with this said the big question would I recommend this freeVPN well if you really don’t want to spend any money or let’s just sayunfortunate you don’t have any money to spend then this is not a bad option thiswill allow you to access geo restricted content and the speeds are actuallypretty good however I do advise that if you really are serious about protectingyour privacy protecting yourself then paying a couple of dollars a month isworth it for a real VPN and if you want to use the same people you know I’musing do have a look in the video description but again if you don’t spendany more then turbo VPN is no bad choice okay soto install the latest version of this VPN on your first take or Android deviceopen up downloader and navigate to the downloads page on my website now we cannow see we have a brand new section called free VPNs so they say for exampleyou want to install turbo VPN let’s click on that now they’re down a fewmore times and click on the green download button and this will downloadthe VPN onto your device now as previously mentioned I do recommend thatyou install the set orientation apk which you can also get from my downloadspage let’s click on install and these ap caid’s will require the mouse togglewhich once again you can also get from our downloads page let’s click on openlet’s bring up the virtual mouse click on agree we can now click on connect andthere we have it guys we’ve now established a connection using our freeVPN on our 4k firesnake and that’s all for this video guys manythanks for watching so many if you’re asking for free VPN so I do hope youlike this video and please do leave me a comment below and let me know if youwanna see more reviews for other free VPNs and I’ll hopefully catch up withyou guys real soon thanks.

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