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Hey everyone welcome back to streamingNerds and I am back with another video and in this video I want to show you how toinstall the latest version of Mouse toggle application and guys this is anamazing amazing application that you need on your Firestick because it makesit so easy for a user to navigate between the options inside your firestick you are on an application you want to move between the options it makes itreally easy when you have the mouse toggle when you have the cursor so I’mgonna show you how we can get that cursor get that toggle on your Firestickand guys you very well know how difficult it gets with this remote tonavigate between the options but I’m gonna take that worry out of your firestick now because of this application this awesome application known as MouseToggle and guys before I go ahead please show some love of the channel bysubscribing to the channel and also hit that Bell icon so that you stay updatedwith the latest information and now let’s get right into the tutorial andnow we’re on the home screen of the firestick and in order to install the mousetoggle for firestick the first thing to do is to go into the settings optionright here so we’re gonna go into settings and then inside settings youneed to go on to my fire TV right here click OKand then you need to go into developer options right here click OK and then inhere you need to make sure that apps from unknown sources is enabled and it’senabled already in my case but if yours is not enabled click once on it and itwill be enabled so just click once and it gives this pop-up window then theTurn On option is already selected click OK and apps from unknown sources is enabledit’s on and now go back to the home screen and now from the home screen goon to the search function which is on the top left corner and then in here youneed to type in ES File Explorer so I’m going to go on to the letter e then sand I’m going to type it in but as you can see the suggestions have popped upand ES File Explorer is listed right here so I’m going to bring my selectionon the ES File Explorer I have selected it and now I’m going to press ok and itbrings up the ES File Explorer app right away and I’m going to click OK on myremote and now on this page you need to hit OK because the download option isalready selected click OK and it will download and now it’s downloading andnow it’s installing and there you go it is installed so that’s why it is showingus the open option right here so I’m going to click ok on my remote and nowit opens up the ES File Explorer app and in here on the left hand side you cansee the menu right here so bring your selection to the left hand side and thengo down a little bit and then you get this pop-up window just hit back onceand then you can see you need to take your selection down to tools click OKand then we get some options below tools and you need to go on to downloadmanager hit OK and then you get this window and in here you need to click onthe new option right here is the new option click on itand once you click on the new option you get this mob up window and in here youneed to enter the path click OK and enter http://bit.

ly/2Mg3lZy http://bit.

ly/2Mg3lZy http://bit.

ly/2Mg3lZy and I’mgonna put this address in the description of the video as well andthen I’m gonna go on to the next option right here hit OK and then you need toname this file so I’m gonna name this ccc you can name it anything and thenI’m gonna hit on next and then we get this pop-up window and in here that andthe download option is already selected click OK and now we’ll get this pop-upwindow and you can see the download is starting and you can see it’s 1.

15 MBalready downloaded because I have a very fast connection so it just downloadedwithin a second and now we get this pop-up window and we have two optionsopen folder open file and we’re gonna click on open file and then we’re gonnahit on the install option here and then we’re going tothe install option right here app has beenwe’re gonna hit on the done option right here and then you can see we have thisapplication that we already installed we’re gonna delete this and that willfree up a little bit of space from our firestick I selected it by bringing myselection onto this file and then holding my OK button and then it bringsa tick check mark right here so it means it’s selected and then we get the deleteoption right here so I’m gonna delete this now they want to delete I’m gonnatick check do these source files too and then hit OK it’s gone and then I’m gonnago back to the home screen and in here go on to your apps and channels go on a seeall and here we have the mouse toggle application we have selected it I’mgonna press ok and right here you can see there is a status and the status isshowing now it is showing as started it is not showing anything but now it showsus started and now we get this pop-up window saying allow USB debuggingyou need to click on OK it brings a big check mark right here and after that youneed to hit OK I’m gonna press ok on my remote now that’s it and it alreadyshows us the status as started as you can see the status is showing as startedso in order to bring up the cursor icon you need to press the play pause buttontwice the middle one right here so I’m gonna press it twice and there you cansee in the middle of the screen we have the cursor the mouse toggle right so itis very easy to navigate now so isn’t this an amazing thing to have of courseit is amazing because it makes everything very easy for you guys youwant to navigate properly in an app but you definitely need the mouse toggleapplication and then in order to switch off the mouse toggle you again need topress the play pause button once so that’s it for this video guys and that’show you can install the mouse Toggle on your firestick and guysI’ll be back with more amazing videos until next time take care of yourselfbye-bye.

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