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hey guys uh fires – puts me in here and I am back I’m trying to do a video showing you guys how to install Bob Unleashed but okay all right sorry about that this YouTube was showing that was recording so um Bobbo leashed coding tips is a good website also outside of the Kodiaks calm I also use coding tips they’re really good too and so Bob Unleashed if you guys know anything about Bob this is a nut dated version of Bob if you remember when noobs nerves first came out they only had a few add-ons in their repo and then they had where you can download like almost every ad on inside Cody but their actual add-ons was only like bob zen and the made a data search add-on right maybe quizzes or something on that so this add-on is the merging of them two together which is the mated edit quiz and Bob and so it’s got a setup wizard to it I’ve never seen an add-on have a setup wizard before but this one does mmm I checked that last night and I thought I did a video because you know it seems to work better than Bob does and I like Bob I I won’t lie Bob more Mallen promise is that when Bob gets updated it works for the good when Bob doesn’t get updated regularly kind of the links don’t work and the kids section is awesome that’s the way I use it for is primarily the kids section and then my kids would be like Daddy now the links working that’s great you know saying so I mean to say this I want Bob a whole lot I think with this this new version I like it more because I think the links will be there because it offers more links what I’m but I didn’t like about it was how slow it was and I think the reason why it’s so slow is because it’s doing so much but let’s get into it I’ll open it up I’ll show you how to download it and if you go to this website will actually tell you to go to the news and nerds portal to get the repo for some reason it’s not working for me this morning inside of Kodi now it is working if it just went to this website and I’ll go ahead and try to put it back in there and see if it works now but if not as a backup I went ahead and put the repo on my server great thing about on the server five minutes later their repos on my server not a big deal right so let’s open up Cody and this is Cody 17 first install so we’re gonna click on that gear setting right here I’m sorry to gear icon and we’re gonna click on system settings and then we’re gonna go down to add-ons and we’re gonna click show notifications show unknown sources and hit yes the third party I won’t go ahead and click standard and then to have an up to expert okay and the reason why is because you see this four here it says manage and dependencies I like this because all the major add-ons use this resolver that lets you use your real debate account and so if you go ahead and hit expert that leaves it there so you can you can get to it so let’s go back one and then we’re gonna go to file manager and they want to click Add source and we click on the none box and I’ll try this again this is the portal this is what you should be using but like I said earlier it wasn’t working for me but if it doesn’t work will I look now it’s working whatever reason earlier it was just not taking it so go back back into you get to the main screen anyone go down to add-ons and we’re gonna go to the little box up here every one click install from zip file and then when go to portal and we’re gonna install noobs and nerds repo 2.

1 okay and once annastolz we’re going to go up here to install from repo and then when you click on the noobs and nerve repo okay and I’m going to click on video add-ons and by the way guys if if you are new to cody or you’re looking to do your own build or you just want to look to get some add-ons and maybe just like you like using the stock version of Cobie 17 and you just want to get some add-ons in there and just so it because I’m gonna be honest with you the least amount of stuff that’s on it the faster more efficient that Cody works so if you’re just looking to do something really simple noobs and nerds is the add-on and if you’ve watched my videos on how to make a your own build it is the add-ons that I suggest everyone use just because it has so many other add-ons in it so it is the repos I put people to so just note it is it is one of my personal favorites so here is the Bob unleash and again essentially this is the Bob right and is Bob and that’s it meda meda Cuba whenever you say that however you say this this add-on I’m sorry I thought it’s been a quite expect this add-on and Bob mix together is what you get is how you get polish so what you do is you click in a click on that and you’re gonna click install and of course it’s going to install it now this install takes a few minutes because again it’s a it’s it’s it’s adding a lot I was really amazed how much is doing there’s that resolver that I was just talking about earlier okay so once you get the little check mark you know you are downloaded so click on it and then click open and it’s going to ask you do you want to run this wizard and we’re gonna click yes now if you have a check count I would just I would use your I would use trick then if you don’t have a track count then just use whatever you want now me personally I like HD so I’m gonna pick the HC and I don’t pick HD links I’m gonna run now it’s asking you what you want as your default theme and I’m going to just hit default but there’s different ones in there now I’m running this on my computer so obviously my computer is very invest up to support gifts support what I would not suggest you do if you’re on a fire stick is this what I would suggest here on the fire TV or enjoyed a good Android box not the three large entry boxes but the hundred or injury boxes check it out try it if it doesn’t work then you can only just go no but but you know if you have a crappy device tonight so if you have a crappy device hit now if you have a really good device like Nvidia shield Hey yes now I’m not gonna go much into the add-on as far as like I mean I might make one movie play or something just to kind of show you it’s like again it’s pretty much like Bob it’s it is love it’s just an advanced version of Bob now I’ll let the gifts that gifts look good I mean I’ve never seen an add-on with this before and it looks really good I mean they did a really good job of doing and I’ll show you I’m talking about you see that see how it’s got the circles going around I mean it’s pretty amazing I mean it looks really good if you ask me and again you know there’s got all these the different developers I guess so me personally like I said I’m a I use Bob’s kids a lot cuz it’s it’s just that it just work it’s really good I guess you guys can probably hear Gavin in the background he’s talking to us again they’re super impressed the way it looks I’m just gonna go in kids new releases and it’s gonna try to pull up those then see when I was telling about it was pulling from that other add-on this is that section I’ve been pulling that either add on Mike is searching through at other hard to get the links and maybe is using across three threaded through Xin to I don’t know I don’t know how that’s working but it’s freaking genius however it is just send its to everyone likes that horse Bob still got there’s no place like Bob let’s get the funny sayings so those are there again I like to add on it seems to work really well at the there you go I’m after this played for me last night I picked links and said like HD SD and I’m turning it off so I’m gonna hit big hit with kind of rate infringement but it uh it didn’t automatically play for me it hit it gave me a list of links to choose from so so maybe since a Tuesday see you I’m after this pic and a stealing for me and it does how awesome is that and this maybe was playing without it finishing the search she’s kind of weird if I had canceled in for take stuff [Music] okay well I thought a local Cody [Music] so there you go there’s my first impressions it’s a really big adilyn I mean it’s really big and even my computer was having problems with it now do I think it’s genius and do I have food that feel like this could be the future of add-ons the way they go I do I mean this is completely a completely legit way of doing it so maybe just more to to see but that is how you at least it’s not liking it I really did lock it up so alright so there you go there’s the Bob Unleashed I hope you guys liked the video and healing if you liked the video give a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t thank you guys for watching and have a great night.

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