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so guys the one thing they said you’llnever be able to do I think I’ve actually done that on the 4K Firestick and that’s actually using a standard USB Drive as external storageso what this means is I can now move any application from the tiny internal spacethat we get on the folk a fire stake on to my external USB I mean this one is 32gig in size but there’s no reason why I can’t use a 64 gig or even 128 gig toreally maximize that storage I’ve already done that for a couple ofapplications and the way you know that they’re actually on the USB Drive andnot on the internal storage is they had this USB loader hey guys now before Icontinue I do have to give a massive shout out to the guys both on reddit andalso on the XDA forums I mean those guys have actually routed this which I mayactually do for another video but those guys really do deserve all the creditso this applications on my USB Drive scrolling down and for example thisapplication is on my USB Drive so really guys one of the biggest issues with the4k 4 stick is just the fact that you really get no storage whatsoever andthere’s no real way of expanding that storage until today so click on launchand this is now launching from my USB Drive guys and that’s just pretty muchinstantaneous so in this video today let me show you exactly what you need to dowhat bits of equipment you need and a process that you can follow so you cannow start migrating all of your installed applications onto yourexternal USB Drive coming up right after this if you’re new to the channel andyou want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials the latest foreststake Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please do subscribe to thenotification barrel it’s a small click from you but it makes a big differenceto me thank you okay so for this process to work we need to have a couple ofthings firstly we need to have an OTG cable now you can pick this up for acouple of quid from Amazon or from eBay but essentially you get this cable youplug this in to the normal power port in fact let me just show you series mysecond-generation fire stick which really did serve me well so you plugthis into the normal power port of your device like so and then you plug in thepower cable into here and you now have a full size USB port now in this USB portyou can add in you know USB keyboard USB mouse or even a USB hubbut in my example I’m going to plug in a USB 3 flash drive even though this portis only USB 2 I’m still going to plug in a USB 3 Drive now this is probably oneof the most critical part of this whole process because the flash drive you useor the drive you use really determines whether this process is going to work ornot and the reason why I know that is I spent nearly 3 or 4 days testing ourdifferent USB drives and hardly any of them worked guys or if they did workthey kept on crashing so you really have to get the right USB Drive now the oneI’ve had most success with is this particularSanDisk Drive which costs 10 pounds from Amazon and is actually noted for beingparticularly fast and it supports transfer rates for up to 150 Meg whichyou may or may not get because this is USB 3 but again this is a USB 2 port orthis is a USB 2 port that we plug into so when I first plugged in this USBDrive into the OTG port we can see what happens the fact that I saw that logothere basically indicated to me that the underlying operating system does knowwhen a USB Drive is plugged in it probably knows how to use this asinternal storage it probably even knows how to move applications from theinternal storage here onto the USB Drive but Amazon have just hidden thoseoptions now this is where the beauty of adb comes in Android debug bridgebecause that allows us to interface with our fire take over command line nowusing that command line we can enter a command to basically Tola fire stake heyI’ve just plugged in a USB Drive make this as internal storage or adoptivestorage and allow me to move applications from here onto there andthat’s exactly what we’ll be doing next okay so thruster ADB onto our 4k firestate we need to do three things first you need to enable ADB secondly we needto check the IP address of our device and lastly we need to have an ADB clientlet’s do the first one now just go into your settings go to my fire TV go todeveloper options and just make sure this option is set to on once you’veconfirmed that press back on the remote let’s go to about an inside network wecan now confirm the IP address of our fire stake and in my case the IP addressends in 1 0 2 let’s back out of that now the last thing we need to do is using abe client now depending on what kind of user you are you may prefer to do a DBfrom your cell phone you can do a DB from your computer but the method I’mgoing to show uses an application called remote adb shell so that means you cando everything from your fire stick you don’t have to go over to your computeror use your cell phone all of the commands or everything we’re going to docan be done direct on your 4k fire stick now this application is available on mydownloads page now before you open this up plug in your USB Drive into the OTGport so let me just do that now let me get this and let’s see if we can plugthis in and let’s see if our 4k fire stick actually understands or notices adrivers being plugged in there is so that’s the notification you’re lookingfor and make sure you do get that on your device if you don’t get that maybetry restarting your device alternatively just use another USB Drive becausereally the device or the 4k fire stick does need to detect that this device hasbeen plugged in once has detected that let’s now open this up and we now needto enter in the IP address of our 4k fire stick to make that a DB connectionmy case we can see it’s already set to 102 but if you need to change this youcan just click here and just update the IP address to where the your IP addressis but as we said mine is 102 let’s click on thatlet’s press next the default port for ADB is double v double v so just confirmit says that and click on next now we can now press down under the remote andclick on connect now you may see a pop up – flash to it very quickly but youmay see a pop up just asking you to confirm do you allow this device whichis actually itself can make the ADB connection so in my case I clicked onyes before and I second the option always allowed this connection whichmeans I can always make an ADB connection from my device to the firestake without any more prompts now for the people are doing this from yourcomputer or cell phone when you do typing that command adb connect you willsee a pop up on the fire stick you just need to accept that before you continueokay so we made a successful ADB connection to our 4k fire stick we nowjust need to give it a few commands so it understands that this USB Drive canactually be used for internal storage or you know to install applications – thefirst command will ask the 4k fire stick which storage devices you can actuallysee and the command for that is just SM spacetwo disks now can entering all of these commands with the standard of firestickremote control but as you can imagine it is just so much easier using a bluetoothfrom a control bar for the very first come on let me just show you that youcan use a standard controller so let’s press down on the remote make sure thisthing here is highlighted let’s press the select button and let’s now enter inthat command which is just s M space list- and then disks disk1 and we can click on run or you can press the play buttonon your remote let’s do that now let’s press the back button and here we cansee the result here so it’s identified one disk they can use as internalstorage and the disk ID for that is 8 comma 0 now when you do this on yourdevice you may come up with a different ID and this ID is very important becausethe next command we’re going to enter is going to format that drive but you haveto give it a particular disk ID so just make sure you do use the correct disk IDnow for the second command we’re going to format this drive as internal storagenow we have two options here either we can format the entire Drive as internalstorage so my case because I have a 32 gig Drive I have 32 gigs of storage onthe USB Drive that can now use to install applications directly on there Ican move applications which were previously on my internal storage of myfire stick onto the USB Drive the only negative thing with this option is if Itake this USB Drive out and plug into my computer when I should be able to accessany of the data on there so let’s say I want you to copy some roms for myemulators or maybe some games or maybe some apks basically as soon as youformat all of that as internal storage you can’t use this on your computeranymore the only place you can use there is the actual fire stick now the secondoption which I actually prefer allows us to format a portion or let’s say half ofthe storage so in my case because I was 32 gig Drive I can format 16 gig asinternal storage so I can use our full of applications and install stuff andmove stuff onto but the remaining 16 gigabytes I can still use on my computerso I could take this USB drive power plug into a computerok then copy across some roms or some apks so I still have 16 gigs of storagethat I can use as a standard USB Drive and the original 16 as we mentioned willbe used with internal storage and the commandfor that is SM space partition as you can see I’m using my Bluetooth keyboardhere so SM space partition space and then disk because we can partition ourdisk then we do a colon and this is the key part guys we now need to enter inour disk ID so we know in my example my disk ID is 8 comma 0 semi now entering 8comma 0 space now if you do want to go for thefirst option which is format the entire USB Drive as internal storage just typehere private and then run that as the command and this will then format all ofit as internal storage now in my case because I’m gonna go for the mixedoption the command is mixed which greatly means I want to use some isinternal and some as a normal USB storage and you did need to enter in apercentage so because I’m gonna go for 5050 I’m going to enter in here 50 whichonce again means 50 percent of my USB Drive will be used for internal storageI can install applications and move applications etc and the remaining 50percent I can use as a standard USB Drive on my computer or anywhere else oklet’s now press Enter let’s see if that worksnow you will see for a second that it looks like that the USB Drive hasactually been moved but that’s just the command taking effect and we can see itthen reinsert itself let’s give that another second and that’s it guys so ifyou don’t really move any applications from this point forward any applicationare now installed onto my fork a fire stick will be installed directly on theUSB Drive automatically so let me quickly show you that now ok let’s pressthe HOME key let’s now see for example if i download an application fromdownload our i share some damage already okay so here is falling this is a nonMichalak ation let’s now install this onto a USB Driveok let’s click on install let’s click on done now before we open it let’s go intosettings lets us verify exactly where falling has been installed so let’s goto applications and here we can you see guys we have one point seven four gigsof space available right now let’s go to manage installed applications let’sscroll down and here we can just see guys this application is now runningdirectly from the USB Drive so well if you guys are impressed with this thenplease do take a minute to press the like button and also think aboutsubscribing if you do want to see more tutorials on the 4k forestay con 2ndgeneration TV cube and even the brand-new Nvidiashield Pro and even your standard Android boxes so if you want to see moretutorials on all these devices then definitely do hit that thumbs up and doyou think about subscribing thank you ok let’s back out of that so we now provethat any new application that we install now will automatically go straight ontothe USB Drive which won’t take up any more space from an internal storage nowthe other thing you may want to do is actually move applications so movesomething that you’ve only installed that was previously on your internalstorage how can we move those applications onto a USB Drive so forthat let’s pick two applications let us go for let’s go for the complicationbecause that does get quite large so let’s move this application and let’smove this ipvanish application which is the VPN I’m currently using so how do wemove these two applications to our USB Drive so let’s go back to ADB ok so forus to move applications which were previously installed on your fork a firesticks internal storage onto the USB Drive we need to run just two commandsthe first command will give us the volume name of our USB Drive and thesecond part will say move this package or a apk or application on to thatparticular volume which is the USB Drive so to get the volume name of your USBDrive the command we to enter in is a mount MOU and T and we now need to typein the pipe character which looks like a vertical line now on this keyboard hereit should be this one here before ever reason a con Gator working Steven brainknows how to type in the pipe come on using mini keyboard and do let me knowbut we can do here is we can use the Amazon keyboard to do this so if I pressthe select button here and we go to symbols and what we’re looking for hereis this one so the command is mount space a pipe symbol space and then typein grip which means you’re trying to search for something call you know grabsomething and what we’re trying to search for expand because we want to seethe expandable storage so X and let’s click on run or we can press the backbutton here cuz we won’t see the command I can now press ENTER on the remote orclick on run let’s run that and there is guys so this long string of charactershere is the actual volume name of our USB Drive and that’s the volume name weneed to tell the fire sticker when we want to move applications from theinternal storage to the USB Drive so let’s do that now let’s start by movingthe care plication now now the command to move any application to the USB Driveis just P space move package space the packagename and then the volume name so in the example of the K application if youdon’t know the actual package name for that is all door XBMC door and then theyou know karo do you know the K word so let’s say for something when I moved outnow but let’s say you don’t know what the package name is so one come on youcan type in to list all of the package names installed on your fork a firestick is just p.


space list packages because basically you’re asking thedevice now show me which packages are already installed press press enter andhere we can see all of the applications or packages are installed on my 4k for astick so if I just scroll up and we can find here for example you can see aclean master here’s the term access the application I’m using right now let’sscroll up again let’s see if we can find and there it is guys so that is the oneso that’s the one for the cap location so let’s now actually move thisapplication to my USB drives so now that we have the package name of theapplication we want to move let me just bring up the volume name again now ifyou do want to enter in a command that you previously entered just make surethe bottom line is highlighted if it’s not just pressed down on the remote wecan see is highlighted now then press and hold a select button this will showyou all of the commands that you previously typed in so here is thecome-on for example to see the volume name let’s click on thatlet’s press run let’s back out of this and here we can see again guys so thisis the volume name that we need so much go to copy and paste that so let’s justclick here okay so go all of the volume name highlighted let me click on copyand let’s now actually type in the c’mon guys to move the cap location so againthe command is p.


move – package and in the package name so as we know thecap dication is just org dot XBMC which was the original name of the capLegation dot and then that and we can now paste in the volume name and theshortcut to paste anything is just control V let’s try that now and that’sthe volume names so it’s p.


move package this is the package name I wantto move and this is the volume I want to move it too so let’s press ENTER andlet’s see if that works now am I talking total rubbish orbut we can see a guys I’ve just made a total mistake because instead of runningXBMC ro x MBC so my mistake there again we know not to bring up the last come onyou type your nothing just press and hold a slick button okay so I’m probablygonna cut that out if I remember to and let’s just make sure let’s go back uphere and let’s just make sure we’ve now actually typed in the correct packagename which we know is XBMC or plonker like I said we’ve got the correctpackage today in there now so XBMC let’s try that againand this should now start moving application from the internal storageonto the USB drive and you get the success message guys so now in theory ifwe go out of this remember we had one point six seven gigs of space left andwe can see our free space has gone up because the application has been movedand if I going to manage install applications let’s scroll down I’mhoping that the capla keishon has a new logo next to it so this application nowis 100% running from my USB Drive which now frees up all that space frominternal storage and of course if I launch it let’s see how could thisapplication launches and there so guys maybe five seconds maybe a couple ofseconds longer than the internal storage but the main thing is we’re now notlimited to the very low storage of the fucking fire stick we can now use a USBDrive to greatly increase that storage and access application is workingabsolutely fine let’s back out of this and now for the last test before we goguys let’s move one more application let’s move ipvanish so again we shouldbe quite familiar with this now so first we need to find the package name foripvanish now if you on a search for package name we can do is you can typein PM list packages and we can use a grep command again because we’re notsearching for something so let’s type in the pipe symbol let’s type in grep and Iguess it probably will be called advantage so let’s just type in I’lljust type in IP V and let’s see if we can find which applications or whichpackages have that in their name okay let’s run that and there it is guys sothat is the package name for ipvanish and we can seehow I basically found that okay so let’s now actually move ipvanish to the USBDrive so again the command is just PM space move package then the package nameso for us it’s just calm dot I X Y T da ipvanish that’s the package name thereand then space and then we need the volume name again so let’s just presscontrol V because I should be in my copy/paste history there it is and let’ssee if this works first time let’s press ENTER now within five four three two oneand we have a success guy so we’ve now also moved this application from theinternal storage on to our USB 3 Drive so guys I really do hope you found thisvideo useful certainly if you are asking especially when I made the habit expandstorage on the fight TV cube which is just obviously so much easier becauseit’s actually built into the operating system so many if you were asking can weactually do this on the 4k fire stick I did say to you guys I’m gonna try mybest to find a solution we can see in space has gone up even more and it lookslike I’ve actually found working solution so again if you did find thisto get useful guys there is guys if you didn’t find this video useful thenplease do take a moment to press a like button also share this video guys sharethis video on Facebook or whichever social networks using because reallyjust sharing my videos leaving comments and of course subscribing is the bestway to help me out so for all of that many thanks guys do let me know wethought about this video leave me a comment below and I’llhopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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