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Eternal IPTV redbox tv

so the first cool thing we can do in our4k firestick or really any other Amazon device is to install an applicationcalled Cetusplay now this application is also available on my downloads pageand I’ll describe it as a Swiss Army knife or not because you really can’tjust do so much with their summer Android when we start the applicationnow when you start this application for the first time it will basically showyou all of the devices on your home network that’s able to connect to and inthe case of a fire stick or fire TV you don’t need to install anything inadvance this will actually push out a receiver onto your device for you usingadb s now in my case my first take the IP address ends in 188 so let me find onthe list here here is so I’ll now click on that it says the installing Sita’splay on to your device so this is now pushing a client onto my 4k fire stakeand only takes just a couple of seconds before it then connects so let’s see ifit does that okay we get the message that this has now been successfullyconnected on to your device so we can click on OK for this message click onallow to give it access okay so we are now connected to us back out of this sothe first thing we can do now is basically use our phone as a virtualcontrol pad or virtual remote for our fire stick so it’s a vertical new optionat the top right here I can now select mouse mode and we can see I now have afully working a virtual pointer I can use on my device but really guys that’sonly the most basic function of this application the real good stuff is inthe hamburger menu on the top left let’s click on that now so the first thing wecan do now is we have the option to play on TV or in our case play on our firestick so let’s click play on TV we can now basically cost videos pictures andeven files so let’s do a quick picture test let’s try this one over here assoon as I click on the picture we can see our pictures now instantly beamedonto our TV let’s go back out this rack again let’s try a video let’s try thisone over here and weeks yeah now it takes over the TV and you can see apicture of my cat very lazy ok so that’s that so that’s the second thing we dohere which is basically cost files pictures and videos from our phonedirectly onto our fire stick the next cool thing we can do is we actually havea built-in App Center so open that up we now have full access to a completelibrary of applications that we can beam instantly from our device straight on toour fire stick so for example I want to install this amp player let’s click oninstall now within one second we get the message that the amp lair is nowinstalling so it really is an amazing application guys let me show you onelast thing let’s back out of this back again but we can see this is nowinstalling properly guys so it is a very easy way or very convenient way toinstall applications onto your device and the last cool thing we can do inthis application guys is we can go to the search to cause feature and thiswill now basically allow us to search Google for any kind of content any kindof video content that you may be searching for you can find the contentand beam it directly you want your device so let’s say for example we’relooking for some blue planet which is a great documentary we can click on thatand let’s say for example you wanna try one of these links off you just try thefirst one here he says Jonah crosses to your forest egglet’s click on OK now within a few seconds guys that’s now beaming thatfull 1080p content directly onto our voice guys and we can see that’s workingabsolutely fine and that’s working great so that’s back out of that very quicklyso that’s the first cool thing we can do in our forest egg which is to installSita’s play as we saw it really is an amazing application the next cool thingwe can do in our fire stick is to install an application calledauto start now this once again is available on my downloads page and asthe name implies allows you to select applications which you want to orderstar every time your fire stick or fire TV is rebooted so let’s go into that nowso the application has a very very basic layout you have the option do you wantto enable auto start and we can see that’s currently set to OFF and here wecan add list of applications so using the normal Mouse let’s click on add okso we can now see a list of applications on my device now in case you’rewondering why you may want to do this let’s say for example you only use yourfire stick for one main application or let’s say you regularly use the sameapplication again and again so instead of manually starting there we canbasically add the application into the auto start list so whenever you rebootyour device the application will automatically be loaded so in my caseI’ll use the care application as a demo because we know lots of people doactually use their device just for this one application soand especially giving your device to maybe your parents or to your family orpeople who may not be tech savvy as you you can set this up to auto start soeven if they do reboot the device it’s not going to be a case of oh how do Istart the application or what do I need to do this will automatically start forthem so so let’s press the select button on that we can see we now have theapplication in there let’s scroll up and we want to change this option to on andwe clear that now says on so let’s back out of this let’s go back into one moretime just to confirm that we can see that this one application is set to autostar so far now press the HOME key let me now reboot my device let’s clickon restart now without me touching the remote control I’m hoping that thedevice will restore and that Kay application will automatically be loadedon my device so let’s give that a second and just while waiting guys if you areenjoying these kind of videos if you’re interested in more firesnakeandroid box and Android TV tips and tricks then please do press the likebutton and please also consider subscribing because that really is thebest way to help on my channel okay so we see that the box is now rebooting nowto be fair the first time I did this I did initially think it was gonna workbecause it did seem to take a long time but really what’s happening is in thebackground all of the standard firestick services are currently being loaded soalthough you think the device says she’s ready not to use those things are stillin the background trying to star and once they’re all started then the autostore application will then do it stuff so this way see what happened so Ithought look the device is now rebooted why is the kalakeya not starting but aspreviously mentioned guys we just give that a few seconds and how is that goingto work on all so it does seem like it’s not going to work but if we just givethat a second let’s say five seconds over five four three two and he’s gotcaught one and it looks like TD UK was talking total no he wasn’t actuallybecause if you see now the application has in fact started proving that autostart does work it does take a few seconds just to warm up but once it doesyou could now say any application you want to auto start whenever you rebootyour device so that’s the second cool tip we can do which is basically addapplications into our auto start list tell us back after the next cool thingwe can do on our Amazon is to fix problems like this so have youbeen stalled an ap Caid maybe that you found online or maybe somebody wassharing but when you start here looks like this really stretched our reallymalformed and just really messed up so how do we fix that let me show you oneother application just for demo let’s try this one over here it’s againbecause these applications have been designed for a phone which is why theylook all stretched out on your device so how do we fix that well once again on mydownloads page you’ll find an application called asset orientationstart the application up and where it says disabled let’s click on the downarrow let’s now choose landscape this willbasically mean any application that tries to run in portrait mode setorientation will force that run in landscape mode which you then fix thatproblem so let’s see if it’s done that let’s open it up again and because nowlooking nice and clean nice and straight nice and properlyformatted let’s try the other one and once again because s working absolutelyfine now that’s now fixed the display issue the next cool thing we can do onour Amazon device is to install a special application called apk updaternow as the name implies this application will automatically update theapplications on your device so all of the third-party applications that youmay have installed this will now basically find them and give you aone-click option to update them so here we can see what the application lookslike and it’s telling me right now I have 17 updates I could do so let’sscroll down for example here we can see that I’m running to how launcher version2.

0 2 1 1 but it’s actually a much newer 2.

0 3.

0 out so so how do we update thatwell the great thing about apk grabber is instead of you looking on randomwebsites or trying to find different apks stores like falling stores you canupdate these applications direct from this app so if I just click on installthis will now automatically connect to the right place it needs to go to andgive me the latest version of that for allowing me to install it and we can seewe now get option to install that so definitely apk grabber is a greatapplication for your fire sticks and even works better on your standardAndroid boxes as well because you have more control on what you can do the nextcool thing we can do on our Amazon device is to create custom bookmarkswhich will take us to our favorite websites so let’s say for examplethere’s certain websites you visit every day for downloads or let’s say forexample you use certain websites to watch content or basically wherever yougoing to online instead of opening up your browser going into bookmarksburning up marg you can actually create a directshow card on your home screen to access that page now the way we do that isresearch for bookmark our bookmark ah let’s click on the first one and here wecan see the different book markers let’s just choose the first one let’s click oninstall okay let’s open that up now because it now asks us what page do youwant to visit from that shortcut or from the bookmarks so for a test as I said wewant to go to tech doctor UK com let’s click on next you don’t have toconfirm which browser you want to use for this shortcut so I only have silkinstalled but if you have both Firefox and so you can choose whichever browseryou want to use but for me let’s leave it on silk let’s click on save settingslet’s click on OK and we can now see we have a bookmark here called number oneso let’s open that up so we now with the single click this will now open up yourbrowser and navigate directly to my website so again if you’re browsingcertain pages I know some people watch certain content online which isavailable from a website you can now add them into your favorites and access allof them with one click so it really is as easy as thatthe next cool thing we can do on our Amazon device is to install a specialapplication which will give us full access to the Google Play Store now asyou know these Amazon devices there’s no direct way of accessing anything on theGoogle Play Store so how do we do that once again feed down at this applicationcalled the Aurora store now this has just been updated so has lots of newfeatures and I think I will be doing a separate video on this but just to showyou what’s actually possible if we open that up now this will firstly ask youdon’t login as your own Google account if you maybe purchased an applicationthat you want to use again or do you want to use anonymous login I mean ifhe’s one download some applications direct from the Google Play Store thenanonymous slogan is fine now as we can see this does require the virtual masktoggle let’s click on anonymous let’s scroll down by pressing forward it’s nowasking you login with an anonymous account so this is basically logginginto the Google Play Store using anonymous credentials so or anonymousaccount so let’s click on that now the key thing about this application so herewe can see that the dummy account is using so we’ve now logged into theGoogle Play Store let’s press back on the remote and herewe are guys we now have full access to all of the things you normally see onthe Google Play Store the other great thing about the aurora stories you canactually use it to spoof your device now typically what happens is when you domake a connection when your device makes a connection to the Google Play Storeor Google Playstore will actually check to see what device you’re using nowbased on that device it will then show you applications and it also hides someapplications like we know with the Xiaomi me box or any device running theAndroid TV operating system when those devices connecting to the Google PlayStore because that Play Store notice those devicesand then shows them a small subset of applications but using the aurora PlayStore we can actually spoof our device which will then give us the full libraryof applications we can use so let me show you that now so if you go to thesettings on the top right let’s scroll down and here we can see spoof let’sclick on that and we can see by default it’s using your original device which isthe amazon firetv mmm the Mantis Edition so that’s thedevice type I’m using and based on that device is why I’m seeing the certainapplications but if I click on this and select spoof device I can now choose anyof these devices and these devices will typically have a lot more apps that theycan actually use so for our test let’s select the you go then we did shield inthere but because we want to try and see as many apps as possible let’s just dothe Samsung Galaxy Tab let’s click on that and let’s now click on apply so thenext time this application talks to the Google Play Store the Google Play Storeis gonna think it’s actually a Samsung Galaxy Tab that’s actually making thatconnection and because of that it will then show a lot more applications let’sclick on apply ok says you now have to log out firstlet’s click on logout and select login ok that’s now logged in again and we cansee I now have access to all of these games that can install directly from theGoogle Play Store all with one click and it’s not just the games guys if you goback into the applications so many more applications will now be available foryou because you’re now spoofing a different device so that’s the next coolthing you can do on your Amazon try stake or fight TV the next cool thingyou can do on your fire stick is to install a third party apk store now oneof the biggest stores out there is an application called aptoide TV which hasbeen around since since the dawn of time so it’s very very popular very very easyto use has all of the applications that you could possibly want and the greatthing is from the application you can actually update things yourself so andit works perfectly with the standard fire stick remote control so you don’tuse any kind of mouse toggle to get it so we can see you’ve got so manyapplications in here your games you go entertainment apps you go educationalstuff just so many things in here guys pretty much any kind of appyou could possibly want to install you can do it all with one click so let’ssay for example you want install puffin TV let’s click on that the other greatthing is sometimes you may be a bit worried about installing applicationsfrom random websites because I had you know the trustee had you know they’vebeen virus scan had you know they’re not malicious but with after a TV and theapplication has the green shield which means there is a trusted applicationjust gives you the extra bit of confidence that what you actually seehere is exactly what you’re installing so let’s click on install and there youhave it guys with a single click we’re now install this application directlyonto our Amazon fire sticks so guys I hope you found at least some of thesetips or some of these applications useful if you did please give it a likeand also do think about subscribing please do leave me a comment below letme know which one of these applications you actually like the most alternativelylet me notice any other applications I should be checking out and I’llhopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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