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so this is my laptop on my home networkand this down here if I open that up is my virtual machine in the cloud and aswe can see here is actually based in Paris France so this is basically myshadow gaming machine which is in the cloud and I’ve opened up the commandprompt and in the command prompt I now type in ADB connect my internet IP notmy local IP no my eternal IP my internet IP on port 5 5 5 5 which is the ADB portlet’s see what happens so this is literally like me doing this on theinternet while I’m doing it from the internet because I’m doing it from myvirtual machine in Paris let’s press ENTER let’s see what happensok so the first thing we see says daemon not running is now going to start theADB daemon and he’ll get a prompt on my fire stick in London I click on OKalright so once again we get the message that a fail to authenticate even thoughwe do know just like my previous video this has now made a successfulconnection to my fire stay if I not type in the command SCR CP y minus M 800 forthe window size and then also another command minus b2 m to have a bit rate of2 Meg let’s press ENTER and let see what happens and there we are guys we are nowremote controlling my fire stick from the internet I can now minimize this Ican make this a bit bigger and anything I pressed now so there’s a for examplepress down those commands are now being sent from the internet through my routeare on to my fire stick and I now have full control to see the screen of myfire stake I can issue commands I can type things in I can open up downloadedfor example I can use the mouse to click on the address bar I can now starttyping in a random website like tech doctor UK com press ENTER and we can seethat now connects absolutely fine so in this video today let me show you exactlyhow you can use this free program called strcpy screen copy to control your voicetake your Nvidia shield or any Android device from the internet coming up rightafter this if you need to the channel and you want to stay up to date with thelatest tech tutorials the latest forests take Android and Android TV tips andtricks then please do subscribe Internet Ian Bell it’s a small click from you butit makes a big difference to me thank you now for this process we needto have a couple of things the software screen copy is already available on mywebsite and as with my previous video where I demonstrated how you can usethat free software to control any other Android device on your home network andif you haven’t seen that video I’ll leave a link in the video descriptionlots of you asking after that video how we can do the same process butcontroller device on a different network or your device through the internet soyou can be sitting in your house but you want to remote controller device that’smaybe your friend’s house or your brother’s house your parents house oryour customers house wherever the device is as long as you configure this processcorrectly you have full remote control as I just demonstrated if you followthese steps so other than the actual software the room work that we have todo with the real change that we have to make is on the actual route are now theroute that we need to make the changes wherever that device is so if you drum acontroller device at your parent cells they need to make a change to the routeare at your parents house wherever that device that you want to control is theroute a uses to access the Internet we need to make a change there so for us tounderstand why we need to make this change and also do a demonstration on myroute ah let’s jump over to our computer let me give you guys a quick overview ofhow this process works and what we’re trying to achieve so if you imagine thisis your internal network so you have a couple of computers maybe some laptopsyou have your five steaks your Android devices so all these devices are on yourhome network and they all have an internal IP address which may be oneline to door something or 10 door something they’ll all have an internalIP address which is issued from your Rooter or router as you guys call it nowthe route this job is basically to route your internal traffic out to theInternet now typically all of you will have just one internet IP address and ifyou want to know your internet IP addresses you can just go to a websitelike IP location or what is my IP address Stockholm or what I like to usewhich is just IP chicken calm and I’ll tell you what your internet IP addressis so these internal devices with their internal IP addresses when they want togo out to the internet they go to the ruto which is your default gateway andthat then routes that traffic out to wherever you want to go if you wanna goto a website or access a service or something else and that’s essentiallywhat your routed does now all of this is classified as outbound traffic so theseinternal machines in fact let me to do a quick circle just to show youlike so all these machines here are on your private land or your local areanetwork so these machines are all have internal IP addresses and they will usethe router to go out to the Internet now that’s all outbound and what ifsomebody wants to come in now as I just mentioned you’ll have one public IPaddress these will have internal private IP addressesnow you route whose job is to route that traffic but it’s also to protect yourprivate network so if somebody does type in your external IP address on aparticular port let’s say for example they’re trying to access port 80 whichwe know is used for web browsers so even if you had a web server running on oneof these computers like apache or iOS or any of the other popular web servers ifsomebody types in your IP address into a browser which by default would use port80 that request will come from the internet onto your router now your routewill look at that request and say okay so you’re trying to access something onport 80 but unfortunately I have no rules to allow you to come in on port 80so as soon as I seize that request it will just drop it because no rules arebeing configured now if you did want to publish your website on the Internetyou’d have to forward port 80 and the world work is on your router you willsay I want afford any request coming from the internet which are destined forport 80 onto my machine here and you specify the internal address of thatmachine so from the internet using a public IP on port 80 when the Ruta seesthat request if that rule has been created it will then afford that requestto this machine which is running your web server in this example it’s runningApache so we use the same example onto controlling or firestick so let’s saythis fasting is at your parents house and your parents internal IP address is2 1 2 .

1 2 3 3 2 1 .

4 4 4 and we want to afford the port for ADB onto the firestick so we need to basically create a rule here which will say any requestsfrom the internet coming in on port 5 5 5 5 forward it to this device now I’llshow you in a second what that looks like but when you do create the rule youhave to specify who where you want to send that request so in our case we’regonna say anything coming in on 5 5 5 5 for it to the IP address of the firestick let’s say for example if for a stick is on 192.



1 hundred we needto basically put that in Reuter saying any requests coming in onport 5 5 5 5 which is the ADB port for dit to 192 168 1 to 100 so in the RooterC’s that request will then fold on to your fire stake and then you’ll be ableto make that a DB connection so that’s essentially how port forwarding world Iguess let’s do this for real now so the first thing we need to do is open up abrowser and access the web console of your router now you can find the routediscipie address typically by just typing an IP config command and whateveryour default gateway is is normally the IP address your router so you just typedinto a browser and then you’ll then see the management page for your router nowthe thing we’re looking for is port forwarding now we see we’re going tohave different type of routers but we need to do is find the section on yourrouter for port forwarding which is typically under advanced settings oradvanced routing now once you get there there will pretty much ask the samething which is basically what service are you what port number do you wantafford and what’s the internal IP address of the machine you want affordit too now we can see here they’ve got some predefined service or port if Iclick on this save one for FTP if on a host my own FTP server or if I want tohost my own web server so if I basically select this this is basically telling meI can now fault port 80 on to whichever IP address I choose to now in our casebecause we’re trying to Ford the port for ADB which is not listed here we needto create a custom service now for us to do this we can click on add a customservice now here we just need to specify a service name so you can call it whatyou want so I can call it ADB connect or you know my ADB really doesn’t matterwho’s giving a name for the service that you’re creating so let’s just call it myADB now for the protocol we need to selectTCP because protocol were using and now it’s asking which port you want affordso in our case this is port five five five five there is and loss in this isthe key thing it’s asking which internal machine or which internal device or inour case the fire stick what’s the IP address of that I’ve shown you beforehow you check with your IP address of your fire stick so find out the internalIP address of the device you want to control and type that in and in my caseis just one eight one two lost track guys we’re basically saying any requestsfrom the internet on port five five five five forty to this IP address which isthe IP address my fire stick once you confirmed all that let’s click on applyand that’s it guys we’ve now created this custom rule which basically saysanything on that particular port coming in from the internet don’t discard itdon’t drop here she fought it to this IP address which is the IP address of myfire stick so once you call of that checked and confirmed make sure youapply it properly and let’s jump back onto my fire stick okay so now that wemade that change it basically means when any device orany client on the internet makes a connection to your internet IP addresson that particular port and in our cases port five five five five the root willunderstand that it needs to forward that request on to the IP that we’ve set soin my case we entered in the IP address of my fire stake so it knows what anyrequest comes in for port five five five five it’s gonna send that request on tomy fire stick so and then on my first thing because a DB is listening on thatport it can accept that request and then the software can then take over and thenshow us the screen so that’s basically the understanding or the logic behindhow this process works so let’s not put it into action so once again let’s nowopen up a command prompt I’ve already got the software downloaded for mywebsite and I’ve just extracted it to a folder on the C Drive so let’s type indir which is directory and in hit it’s basically two commands there’s the adbecome one which we’re going to use to make the initial connection once theinitial connection is successful we then run the screen copy come on to actuallysee the screen of our fire stick so and as we know guys the syntax for thecommand is adb space now here you type in your external IP address and onceagain guys if you don’t know what your external IP address is you can open up abrowser and just go to the website IP chicken comm I mean there’s alsodifferent ways of doing it but that’s the one that’s always easy to rememberso open up a browser on your home network and go to IP chicken comm andI’ll show you your internet IP address so just continue on with the parentsexample you need to basically go to their website in their house to find outtheir internal IP so once again the command is adb the intern ID of thedevice you want to connect to in my case I’m going to type in mind an IP and thencode on port five five five five so once again make an ADB connection to thisintern IP address on port five five five five and let’s press Enterhere we get a prompt yes and make sure you accept this prompt now now obviouslyif there’s nobody in the house and you always doing it from the same computeryou can would select that option always allow request from the same computer butbut as a word of warning guys that means potentially if somebody gets access tothis computer they could make an ADB connection onto your device without youknowing because you basically pre-authorized any requests come fromthis computer on their soul be very wary maybe not option I would ratherrecommend the safer option where if you’re trying to help out your brotheror your parents or whoever it is just talk to them on the phone and when youtype in this command just let them know lucky you are gonna see your prompt onthe screen and when you see this prompt just click on OK but just be wary if youdo set the option always allow connections from this computer then youcould always make the connection without them knowing so just something to thinkabout okay so again we can’t you know the message of Phil to authenticatelet’s now type in the screen copy command and the command we’re going foris SCRC py spay – M 800 she’s the window size and then space b2 m which is 2megabit bitrate but again guys if you find this is too slow for you then youcan reduce that to maybe 1 or if you find you’ve got very high bandwidth youcan increase her to get better quality but for bass you can play by with thecommands just see whichever one works best for you so let’s press ENTER onthat and within 5 4 and there we are guys I mean it’s always so nice to seewe can now have full remote control of any Android device so in my case I’mdoing this on a fire stick but the process works exactly the same on yourNvidia shield or your any Android box anything is on your Nvidia shield makesure you enable network debug in your debug settings it’s all other devicesjust enable USB debugging but also an Nvidia shield you also have to enablenetwork debug and since you have that you can then do this process and youwill then have full control of your device you can also press theright-click to go back press back into exit and here we are guys we are nowremote controlling my fire stick from the internet in my case from France backinto London and performance-wise it’s actually it’s ok I mean full remotecontrol it’s more than I do because you can now click on things you can startprograms I can make changes I can say ok to that so full control of your firestake from the internet well that’s all for this video guys many thanks forwatching and I really do appreciate you watching till the end so if you did findthis video useful then do give it a thumbs up if you want to see morecontent like this then please do subscribe to the notification bell asalways I also appreciate your feedback your likes your share so do let me knowyou think leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guysreal soon thanks.

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