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hey guys welcome back in this video I’mgoing to be doing a quick unboxing and review of the globe more model I ninewireless portable mini keyboard with touchpad now this is a 2.

4 gigahertzwireless keyboard which means it works perfectly fine on any device that has aUSB port so Android TV box Phi TV PlayStation Xbox basically anythingthat’s USB port you can use this I’ll also show you how you can run this onthe fire stick so we know in a fire stick it doesn’t have a USB port but youcan buy a special cable for a few dollars or a few pounds which will allowyou to plug this into your fire stake and I highly recommend especially whenyou’re running apks they should really invest in an air mouse and keyboardbecause it just makes the process so much easier I know the mouse toggle doeswork and I always show you how you can run with the normal Mouse toggle barusing an air mouse like this it just makes it a million times easier okay letme just open that up okay so the first thing we see here is a small USB cableso it’s a standard microUSB cable okay so we have a small instruction bookletso this thing is pretty much plug and play so as soon as you plug the USBdongle in it’ll be ready to use so you’d have to mess around with drivers oranything like that you don’t even need to install the mouse toggle on a firestick so literally plug it in and it’s ready to go and here is the keyboard hasa really nice textured finish so got the full QWERTY keyboard there you’ve got agood size touchpad you’ve got a joystick control here on both sides so this isused for the volume on this side you’ve got navigation and ok I guess on theback we can see here that it comes with a rechargeable battery which aredefinite thing is a plus point so so you don’t need to spend money on changingbatteries just use the supplied USB cable and you can charge this device andthis also has the storage for the receiver and Harry’s a receiver guys soas mentioned as long as your device has a USB port I mean things like you know alaptop or a computer if you want to use a mini keyboard for air uses as well solong as your USB port you’re all good to gook so I’ll do you know is I’ll just charge this up then I’ll show you how toplug this into my fire stick this was the cable I was talking about if youwant to use his keyboard on your fire stick sovery straightforward to use so you plug this into the normal port on the firestick where you know we plug in your power cable you then plug your powercable into that and what you have on the other side is is a USB port so in thisyou’ll plug in the receiver for the keyboard but if you want to take it toanother level which is what I’ve done you can also purchase a small USB hub soyou plug your hub into here just goes in like that and you now have multipleports you could use on your fire stick so here for example we can plug in akeyboard a mouse here we could plug in like an Ethernet adapter and here wecould plug in something else so so this gives you a lot more flexibility havingUSB hubs so this will work perfectly fine on the fire stick and this issomething I’ll purchase from Amazon so I’ll leave links for this cable in thedescription if you want to get it but even if you don’t use the hub you stillhave one USB port so you can plug your keyboard and mouse in here and you’regood to go okay so I’ve charged up the keyboard andwe can see here we got the USB port there where you plug in the charge cableand over here you’ve got the on switch so let me just turn that on so I justslide that across on okay so we see the light comes on there so your thecontrols on this side which is basically like navigating with a normal remotecontrol so we can press write and we can see that response straight away rightleft up and down is working fine you alsohave the search button here so you can press that to do an instant searchobviously now we have the keyboard we can sort a piece now Vince let’s type indownload I’ll sit down you need to see guys it’s just so much easier using aQWERTY keyboard and sort of mainly trying to type letters inside just somuch quicker we also have the home button here which we can press so let’ssay let’s do that to go back to home but the real benefit of having an air mouseand the keyboard is when you’re using apks as I mentioned before trying to itwith the mouse toggle it works yes but it’s just long winded and cumbersome soyou can do if you have to but definitely if you have the choice I alwaysrecommend having an air mouse it just makes the process so much easier so letme just start up the lost apk reviewed which was movie HD lights let’s pressdown so I can click on ok to select there I also have the left click hereand the right to K if I want to use like a virtual mouse button and I also have aleft hook there is also lots of different ways of selecting items so letme press ok okay so inside the apk now and as weknow this particular apk does need the mask toggle to work so we want to bringup the mouse so this doesn’t need us to double press the play button or eveninstall the mouse toggle as soon as we want to use the mouse I just touched themouse pad and we can see there is our virtual mouse there and obviously doingit with a touch pad we can see that just flies about it’s just so much easier andif want to scroll down I can use two fingers to scroll down the list when Iscroll back up I can use two fingers to scroll back up so it’s just so mucheasier so let me see you want to select something so let’s have resolved we wantto watch this for as an adventure let’s click on that go close to videos andclick on this now lets us choose the second one and some people do leave me acomment about this apk saying oh you know they try to play and nothing wasworking but as I mentioned before if the first few hasn’t work just try anotherstream let’s just use a third one and go across to play and we can see thatstarts playing pretty much straight away okay let’s back out this so we got wecan use the back button here’s the back and click on ok and press back againso in summary guys I said it’s a really nice mini keyboard I really like thetouchpad it makes navigating around apk so much easier I love the fact that itdoesn’t need any batteries just plug in a USB cable and you can recharge thebuilt-in battery this works fine on five six five TVs Android devices TV boxesbasically anything the USB port you can use this as a nice weight to it it’s nottoo heavy it’s not too light so really guys this definitely gets a thumbs upfrom me so that’s all for this video guys so I’ll leave all the links in thedescription below so if you do want to purchase a you can check that out thelinks will be on Amazon for UK and USA so have a little check them out read thereviews and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks that’s it guysI hope you found that video useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment belowlet me know if this worked for you and please subscribe for more content thanksagain for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in VPN if you click on thatlink on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you areworried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend youcheck out a VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one.

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