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although half ah hello girls and boys welcome to yourdigital marketing channel today I bring you the explanation a trick ofhow to make profits faster with this app and my opinion of whether it is reliable ornot the mini app today which is me have been asking a lot incomments so without further ado let’s startwell guys the first thing we will do tell the link that I leave in thedescription of the video and this we direct to the next page aonce we are on this page first what we are going to do is give it where it sayscopy to the code that is here we give accept and then we give you wheresays get money now and this we will take you to the play store where whatWe will then download the application on our cell phone and afterthat we have already downloaded it we will open once we enter theapplication is going to ask us to enter or to be able to startsession we will have to register with our google account afterhave entered our google account going to ask us to choose ouravatar or our character which will be this chick here and it will be relatedwith your zodiac sign upon entering we will see that interface whichAt first glance I can say that the developers of this app havespent a lot of time doing it right the next step will be to go to this partwhere it says me and we will look for the option that says entercode possibly appears in English and it will come out in this part ofhere here we are going to enter the code thatis appearing on the screen or they are going to paste the code which is the same asjust copied on the previous page worth this will do that on them with asmall coin advantage or that too can vary I have already checked it canbe between 500 and 1000 coins or in some opportunities some peoplehave received up to a dollar already registered the next step will beknow how this application works the which is very simple and very intuitivelike most of these apps the money comes fromadvertising that is to say of videos but it also has many other ways ofwin these coins which appear in the top which are these from here andready and which the game calls joy one of the ways to winmoney or coins in this app are our little eggs that we have in thepart down here how it works in this Now they are not going to give them every day tostart in our application and at the moment we start we are going to touch it andautomatically going to give us either coins but regularly gives uscents on the dollar which is going to help your the minimum withdrawal which is30 dollars I know it sounds a bit loud right but atend of this video I have a gift for you and it’s a strategy of how to get to thatvalue in just 15 days or maybe less time but that depends on youthese guys now I’ll explain more ways to make money with thisapplication one of them is all coins that we are seeing in thestart screen and ready which we’re just going to have to touch andautomatically we will get out that we have earned a gold coin these coinsgolden kill the possibility of multiply even this by 10times is to say that we will receive 10 coins and a penny howwe are going to do simply we are going to give in your way and it will take us to see avideo this video we will have to see it for 15 30 seconds and automaticallyso that our profit multiplies at that time I will not do it not to dothe video another way to earn coins in ourapplication to then change is by money is this part where we are going to go togame we are going to play here and well we are going to get out this interface here we’re going tofind countless mini-games in which are we going to earn coinsjust for leveling up and being playing this kind of minigames in thetop let’s find these mini-games that are the special ones inwhich are we going to be able to participate in something as well as a daily tournament and we are going tobe able to win the jackpot that seems the one who says 500, 000 coins 60 thousandcoins but for this we will have you a classification that is let’s playand the best three first places we are going to earn a large amount ofcoins today according to the position that which is also going to give you aprofit percentage and voila what are we going to do with the coins ifwe win or joys called the application let’s go to the part whereI did my and when we have more than a thousand coins ready let’s go that part adesign and espn then we will give it down here it willappear the option where we have my coins each spin of this roulette coststhousand coins that we are going to do in this option we’re going to just touch andwe will be able to participate in the awards that are here that are 25 cents ofdollar 5 cents a cent dollar 3 cents 500 coins agolden egg or even if you have too much too much luckyou can earn a paypal card of 100 dollars I think it’s impossible but wellif they put it there nothing is lost with dream ever win I nava tarjetica100 dollar paypal that I don’t think at all that nobody would dislike that the boysas you can see this is an application who has many ways to win ready andeven like all these apps it also has a way of winning whichis that we are going to be able to meet certaindaily missions and that will help us be able to collect coins as you can seehere I just got a just for the smart boy appearance and day today every time we log in we they are going to give a ready gift as they cansee these are the missions that are going to have day by day to meet my sixinvite friends initiation just love withdelight to get and here I just got 39 coins and 6 experience aspreviously explained this what we can simply multiply by 2watching a video ok so guys it’s a veryintuitive let’s say very dynamic where we will have many many ways toto be able to generate the money that we are going to need and you can collect that amount ofcoins and then participate in the roulette so you can exchange them for moneyreal ok if you like this video hit the like button and subscribe andactivate the bell to make it notified every time a new one comes upvideo and remember that somewhere in this video I will give you a strategy ofhow to get in 15 days to the minimum of retirementafter this small but important pause I want to tell you another way inwhich one can we use to win or generate more coins and thus be able to havemore coins to participate in roulette and turn it intoreal money what is that option that option we will have it right here wherewe were at check-in and where it says new offer and ready by clicking here we are going tobless love and this will direct us to a page where it will show us all theoffers that we will have from applications the which we must download and complya missions missions ranging from download it and reach a certain levelwithin the application or simply download it and open it and that will give us aamount of coins which we are going to be able to use to participate in theroulette and so earn a lot more money and reach the withdrawal minimum fasterdear as I already told you they are $ 30this application will be wondering where do you pay truththis application pays by paypal ready as you can see we are going to the part ofhere where it says I’m going to go where it is balance and I’m going to show you the minimums ofretirement we would have we go to bed tells us to withdraw and wesays we have the minimum withdrawal of 30 dollars but watch these 30 dollars forbeing able to withdraw it gives us a condition and those conditions that we should invitesix friends to be able to do this minimum withdrawal if we don’t have anyinvited person what we will do is go up to $ 50 to complete theminimum estimated withdrawal and thus be able withdraw without any problem we would havealso 100 dollars 50 dollars or 30 weights 30 as I explained only whatwill be able to do if they invite six friends now yeah guys what is promised is debtI will give you my strategy of how to get in only 15 days to that minimum withdrawal30 dollars and it’s very simple and one what we will have to say in thepart where it says jane and let’s look this game called memory plus thisgame has been the only one that has allowed me to earn a dailyaverage of one dollar to 1.

3 dollars newspapers and it’s very simple as its titleit says only we’re going to have to play a memory game and we’re going tofocus guys on squad the strategy the main strategy isthat we are going to focus only on look for cards that have a dollardrawn let’s forget about all the other figures we will search onlyin the cards where the dollar is drawn and so we will unite them as a coupleso that we can claim our prize here is going to appear is three optionsI was playing before now and I know that we will have threeopportunities d once the three options are finished there area chance to watch a video of 15 to 30 seconds to rechargethree other options and so play ready what what are we going to do just tostart is we are going to start before that they will have upstairs a6 second time to power find that partner so we have tobe very fast and have a very good memory so i’m going to start let’s tryso you can see how it works let’s see be and quickly what I’m going to dois to seek pain there I found one here are these two and I already did itI already managed to generate a penny easy quick and easy if we wantdouble this amount as I explained earlier in the video there is a wayand is watching video equally from 15 30 seconds and this will cause it to multiplyour earnings guys there that we have several levels download it in thelevel we can see that our time increases from 6 seconds to 12 seconds andalso our difficulty because they are going to see more cards but I will also paymore money we are going to start it and we are going to testour luck in we are quickly to look for the dollars we already found onelet’s see here’s the other one we’re going to look for the other quickly we ran outtime and I think here they are and I didn’t manage to do it but how can theysee we have to be very fast guys very fast to generate thismoney and thus be able to reach that minimum retirement dear this game believe mewhich is very very good and with this you will quickly get to that 15 daysminimum estimated withdrawal is clear that we must clarify I like to be veryclear in my explanation and it is that for to be able to make that $ 30 withdrawalas I said earlier we must have made an invitation to your friendsto be able to withdraw the money in that minimum amount since if we don’twe will have to raise the minimum of I withdraw to 50 dollars to be able to take outour money by paypal ok now guys my opinion on thisapplication is as follows I’m definitely in betweenthe sword and the wall is 50 and 50 minutes 50% recommend it in 50 percent nobecause let’s say it is an application that is very well developed it is aintuitive and fun application though the minimum withdrawal is a little high isan application that has a thousand ways of generating that money and this is something ofwhich worries me because it’s not giving a lot of money and very fast againapps that are paying no no they generate more than five or ten dollars amonth this application if we know how to use itAs I am explaining, it is going to be able to generate between 30 and 50 dollars a month ormonth and a half is a lot of money and again an application doesn’t give this muchraises many many doubts but also comes and is that I feel that thedevelopers of that application has taken veryvery seriously development and interface of this application a verycomplete then don’t increase applications that are so completetend to have a tendency that if they pay since they are not going to do aapplication so well designed and that in two or three months just playstore I took it from the platform and not the use more or we can’t download it orthey just block it for data processing or falsification ofready information then guys already what left consideration of yours as I tell youright now I couldn’t check you if you pay you don’t pay because we have reachedthat minimum withdrawal if you enter and they help me with the codespossibly get faster and so can you give him a video where I cancheck if you are really paying or not sorry more guys until next time.

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