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storage storage storage I mean thatprobably is one of the main issues with the 4k firestick or really any of theAmazon devices just because you really don’t get much storage out of the boxthe 4k firestick comes with a tag of storage but in reality you only havejust over five gig for your applications now in this video today let me show youa couple of key things you can do on your device including how to install aspecial apk which is designed specifically to free up space on yourdevice coming up right after this if you’re new to the channel and you wantto stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials the latest forest stickAndroid and Android TV tips and tricks then please do subscribe to thenotification barrel it’s a small click from you but it makes a big differenceto me thank you okay so before we start let us all confirm that or my currentdevice we have 669 Meg of free space now the reason why I say that is certainapplications give you the impression that the actually freeing up space onyour device their clearing cache the clearing files but in reality when youlook at the free space is actually made no difference whatsoever so just forconfirmation on my device we currently have six six nine Meg or free space okayso the first thing I’m going to do is install an application calledSD made so to do that let’s go back up one go to developer options and justmake sure you got both these options set to on once you’ve confirmed that let’sopen up download are now using downloaded let’s go over to my websitewhich is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash tech dr.

UK comm let’stype that in and click on go or press the play button on your remote now whenyou get to the site you want to go to the downloads page now right now makesure you having a slight issue on my website where if somebody tries to go tothe downloads page we’re going to the hamburger menu they click there we cansee the menu appears and then disappears let’s try that one more time to scrolldown a bit so click on hamburger menu we can see it shows the menu but thendisappears so I’m not exactly sure what’s happening I do need toinvestigate that but the clicker thing we can do to fix that is you press thecontacts key on your remote and if you select the option full screen mode andwhat happens then is it actually opens up the full menu for you so let’s clickon that now so we can see in the full screen mode we actually get all of thepages on my website so you don’t have to use the hamburger menu anymoreso let’s now find the downloads page and let’s click though now when you get tothe downloads page let’s scroll down and underneath applications what we’relooking for is SD made pros let’s click on that so make sure you need to beshowing you three tips on how to actually free up space on your devicethis is gonna be tip number one and there’s another two tips after that somake sure you do watch to the end of this video let’s scroll down and let’sclick on the green download button and that will then download st made directlyon to your device and we can see it’s doing exactly that okay let’s give thata second and let’s click on install okay let’s click on done let’s now pressthe HOME key okay so let’s now bring st mate to the front of our applicationlist and the way we do that is we hold down the home button the remote let’s goto the bottom of this list by pressing left there’s new application there let’spress the contacts key on that and select move to front this will bring itto the top of your application list let’s press the HOME key and let’s nowstart the application for the first time okay so hey we can just see this is SDmade pro version version 4.

4 teen dot 27 and the great thing about thisapplication is it does not require any kind of mouse toggle you could do lovethe navigation with the standard firestick remote control so I’ve writtenus a great feature of this application so you can see we have the main menu onthe left hand side and we have a sub menu on the right so the first thing Iwant to show you is the storage analyzer now this is a great feature of thisapplication which will give you a great overall summary about your internalstorage it’ll tell you where the large files are where the lodge folders areand then you can see a nice overall view and find out what’s taking up all yourspace let’s press down on the menu let’s now find out in the list there a storageanalyzer let’s click on that let’s go to the scan on the top right ok so you’llsee this the first time you’re doing air because it’s asking you that you need togive SD maid permissions to your storage so let’s click on next and let’s clickon allow ok so do you want to our SD made access to your photos media andfiles let’s click on allow and we can see that then goes green so let’s clickon done and we now have access to our storage and we can see we have fourpoint six gigs of space currently used let’s click on the I which is forinformation let’s see what kind of breakdown we go Iguess is doing the analysis now and here we have guys we get a nice breakdown onwhat’s taking up all the space we can see that the Android folder is taking upmost space with 1.

1 gig of storage use then you go download dog then you godownload so it’s very easy now to see exactly where the space is beingutilized still have the largest folders at the top and as you can further downthey’ll go less and less so let’s click on Android and let’s see what’s takingup 1.

1 gig of space let’s click on the I okay so we have 1 point 1 gig of data inthe data folder let’s click on I again ah so it’s actually the K application sosomething in the cap Legation is taking up 1 gig of space so let’s click on theI again like let’s go to files K application okay so we have nearly 1 gigof space being used in the user data so let’s click on thatok let’s click on add on data a hockey point so we can see here with the actualplug-in is taking up all the space is the ia GL plug-in which is the internetarchive games launcher so this is the plug-in that previously reviewed inanother video so let’s click on that I think I can guess now it’s gonna bebasically some games that I’ve downloaded ok let’s go to the tempfolder here we can see guys so this Tekken game is taking up nearly 700 megaof space so again guys using the storage analyzer we can see exactly which fileswhich folders are taking up what space so let’s back out of this and then wehave Explorer so it’s actually a very powerful feature of this applicationwhich will allow you to navigate through the folders files and folders on yourdevice and then you can then take action on those items so again let’s go downand then press right and let’s click on the scan which is the green icon thereok so here we can see we have all the folders on our devices we can now lookat those folders let’s go down for example we can see the download drivetree and we know there’s a lot of content in here let’s click on that wehave a couple of files in it that we can delete so I can now press and hold theselect button and we can see now we have options at the top to cut to copy andalso to delete so let’s click on the recycle bin let’s click on the trash canor the recycle bin let’s click on that so you don’t need this far let’s clickon delete now so that’s now been deleted let’s also delete the other folderspress and hold select and click on delete again so let’s say for example wenow want to delete all of the falls in the folder I can now press andhold select down Hollett the first file I then click on its icon on the top herewhich basically means SEC all of the files in the folder so let’s go to thetop let’s click on the icon there we can now see all the files are highlightedand now we can see automatic delete is highlighted so let’s click on thatjauntily all these files 40 files in total let’s click on delete and we cansee all of those files have now been removed from my device so definitely avery easy way to clean up the files on your system ok so the next great thingwe won’t look at is basically the app control so let’s go down to that and wecan see this will basically show you all of the applications installed on yourdevice and then give you actions you can do on this application so let’s click onscan again okay we can see here these all the applications I have on my deviceso we can see we have ipvanish we have silk browser we have this game here sofor example now let’s say we know this game is taking up a lot of space I canjust click on that scroll down and we can now click on delete sonali with it’sactually delete the application for you any of the residual files like maybe theapplication has logs or maybe there’s cache files in another directory thiswill now automatically clear all of those files for you so let’s click ondelete said you uninstall this let’s click on delete again ok let’s now clickon ok and that’s now all done the next up we have app cleaner now as the nameimplies this will basically scan for files that can be deleted with actuallyaffecting application itself so let’s click on scan ok so here we can seethese two applications have some residual files that can be deleted withactually affecting application themselves so to delete that let’s clickon the delete button on the bottom right and click on delete now we have systemcleaner let’s click on scan again ok so here we can see it’s found someadvertisement files that can be deleted and also some empty directories so let’salso delete that let’s go to the bottom of this list first and then press rightto go to the Delete icon so let’s click on that and click on deleteso deleted files from app cleaner with leaked files from system cleaner let’sgo to cops find out thousand named employers this is basically files ordirectories where you might delete the main application but the application hasactually left some files and folders which can also be deleted safely solet’s scan for those ok so we have a couple of things here and let’s alsoclick on delete and then we have databases so let’sclick on that and we can see how this process will optimize your databases onyour device by using the sequel command vacuum this will improve databaseperformance without actually affecting anything on the application itself clickon scan and this will now find any of those database files on your system andwe can see Muslim racially associated with the care application actually allwith the care application so let’s click on the rocket and they see now all beoptimized so so you can see cuz this application will give you lots ofcontrol on your device especially tools like the storage analyzer the systemclean the cops find are they really will give you a great overview of what filesand applications are taking up the most space and allow you to easy delete themlet’s press the HOME key let’s see where she gained any space onour device so we had about 616 mega free space before and now we can see we haveover 1 gig of free space guys that’s really the first thing which is using SDPro to find all of those hidden files hidden directories and delete thatcontent that’s tip number one the next tip is actually to look at theapplications on your device and see do you actually need those applications ornot I’m especially in the TD UK household I really installed just somany applications when I’m playing about different applications but over time allthese applications are on my device and I’m hardly using any of them so today Ifigure with your applications go to managing install applications so you cansee guys there’s so many applications on my device half of them or probably moreI’m not even using anymore the readiest install for testing when you dohighlight any application and you get to see how much space the application istaking so do look for the big hitters are the ones that you’re not reallyusing I just uninstall them so for example I can say I’m not using thisanymore so I can click on that click on uninstall click on install again andthat’s now removed this I’m not using anymore let’s click on that and click onuninstall so these three applications if you’re not really using them althoughyou can uninstall them you can still clear the cache and also the data so forexample we can see Amazon photos is taking up 238 Meg in the cache let’sclick on that let’s click on clear cache and to go on clear data and we see thatnow says zero bytes let’s back out this again let’s see now how much space wefreed up on my 4k fire stick and there we have a guys in less than 10 minuteswe’ve now free over 1.

5 gig of space so using acombination of SD made pro and also clearing the cache of some of the nativeapplications and also uninstalling some applications that we’re not usinganymore we’ve now managed to free up 1.

5 3 gigabytes of space on our 4k feisty.

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