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during stay at home people are finding new ways to connect with family and friends but also with strangers new app called quarantine chat pairs up strangers through phone calls at unscheduled times average phone call according the company is almost a half hour 27 minutes some you know if you really connect lasts as long as four hours the app has options for 25 different languages only have 5000 users so far in 183 countries you can pick themes to talk about so like maybe you want to have a book discussion or share memories but they also can start by describing what they see outside their window and take it from there quarantine chat yeah I don’t know I’m not sure that I don’t know I’m a little I’m more of an introvert and so I don’t know if that would be right up my alley but if you were into it how cool would it be to just connect with somebody across the world because you want to talk about a cool book or you want to talk about what’s going on in their neighborhood or what they’re doing you probably find out a lot of interesting stuff Riley would you would you want to have a phone call with a Rando and just kind of share your feelings well here the thing is is I thought about this and really it’s it’s kind of like having a pen pal back in the day I mean did you guys ever do that in civil where you had a pen pal I mean I had one in I had one in Italy I had one in Spain you know and we wrote back and forth all the time now I didn’t know much about him we wrote like what our day was like or pastors of our house that sort of thing but I think we kind of actually do it right now if you think about it on Instagram I mean we’re friends with people that we don’t even know when we’re sharing stories with them so I don’t think it really be that big of a difference yeah it’s a little there there are apps and websites over the years that have popped up designed to kind of create that random moment right and that’s what they’re trying to do here in the regular world you run into people on the street and have chance encounters with somebody who’s sitting at the bar with you and we actually two of our closest friends kathan and Lauren are people that we met at a bar yeah you picked him up at a bar I mean yeah but yeah we picked them up at a bar exactly so this is kind of like that the web there’s something called chat roulette on the Internet yeah which is a web cam kind of in it randomly pops up and you can imagine the downfall of the random web cam popping up mm-hmm I can yeah I want you you don’t want to scrap it’s a phone call you don’t have there’s something more intimate of a phone call though than that Instagram yes exactly it’s a little hard to get away from a gas although you could just hang up and be like these 27 minutes it’s a long time it it is I kind of think this though you know like you snitching Jason and like coming your best friends that you hung out with that you met at a bar right I feel like you know back it you know if you’re hanging out cinco 2-mile having a few margaritas or a few glasses of wine he’s chatty you make a new friend that’s true would you be interested in doing this quarantine chat with a complete stranger or maybe you find it just a little strange let us know wcco.

com flush facebook or coming to us on twitter but andrew says in times like this having someone to talk to can be very helpful you can discuss what you’re going through and get the stress off your chest it could lead to friendships or even love love is very important Wow it is important that’s right yes Debra says only at the app screens everyone to make sure they are saying real aboveboard non-criminal and does not allow anyone under 18 years of age because of predators how do you screen for sanity probably wishes she could have done that to some of us Geneva says I think it would be very interesting who knows who you could wind up talking to just think of all the interesting things you could talk about you might have something in common you also could just dial a random phone just give it a go.

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