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hey guys varsity us man and I know I’ve been doing a lot of live videos lately it’s just that they’re easier to do one that makes me makes me do the right thing instead of wandering off or redoing like you don’t believe how many times every dude you so makes me stay a little more focused I believe and so anyway I’m just going to finish up some stuff for a quick and then I’m gonna show you guys what that bit looks like I’ve already did the update already but I don’t want to take the time to if I can type one more you know anyway uh so what we’re gonna do is I’m going to show you guys the update and exactly it looks just like this other than I’m very daughter and I’m changing some stuff right now on this for you you guys are seeing but this is just the difference that I made earlier from me showing the video of the actual setting up the IP TV and making me look like that so but it was I set the IP TV on TV Guide and you show you guys I’m gonna show you content just because I’ve been bought I feel like YouTube is on me but anyway this is working I mean maybe I’ll show you get a second one and like I do is so gives you some information about it right here and it tells you the time duration when it starts all that stuff and then if you hits if you get okay it just goes back to the medium his which actually you turn on the channel distantly much for significant well a little paper a long again I get hit dizzy I made two videos was 44 minutes that was like 20 minutes an hour of my time will literally got erased because I let a clip play too long Disney so I’m gonna do that now now the bottom TV is still available which is why I’m doing this review because the two videos were other reviews of this build so there’s the Platinum TV rollout I bet you guys what happened this is a mega TV it’s still the same to a service I just change the name of it to 5/9 because I think platinum TV sounds a lot better than mega TV why this is Xing this very same service and see here and then on the live TV I dude I did put good I it good fella’s the best point from there and they do pull live TV it opens up the players club sorry if you guys to hear me dealing good anyway so all the sections are there the players club and the court using my password or setup so it actually works I can show you don’t know why we’re in I guess a few go but all it has all those channels I’m has that go pocket for $5 or a premium filers Amy I’ll show it for just a second this Shawn is working swear every time I do an update I said the fireside knows I’ve done a date now let’s change to user name and password again these people that’s why I like them I mean if you go give a free service giving away good fellows offers a premium service just like I do just like player stuff does but guess what they actually have a free life section that is live TV for free I’ll show you oh this is player stuff I guess maybe just thought maybe I didn’t set up motors instead of to be good fellows maybe I should I think that Krypton is I don’t know why I didn’t do this one I did put the 4k in the 4k is I’ll show you just real quick it is pulling from out of flakes and I didn’t review that video of that on I wasn’t really impressed with the add-on as much as I was what their 4k the 4k section is awesome they’re the app itself I mean that all in itself was okay me over here but I could tell you that right away and I mean on my 4k I couldn’t even to stream it see streaming I mean I play longer but again I don’t want to be a blot but trust me I mean they big play I don’t know that that period of time kind of gives you a chance or what is it is a before or child a minor in before format so maybe that’s the difference I don’t know but I could just tell you that without a doubt they work a lot better than any 4k I’ve run across so far and I guess I didn’t show you but it really is 4k I wish they wouldn’t have that generic 4k HD icon instead actually the icon to the movie I can fix that but it takes a long time I have to go find all the icons for the movies download them put almost over then put all these in the favourites and then go into edit each favorite input this is the icon we’re talking about you know ten twelve hours of work and I’ve done that a couple times but the problem is is that the what happens is is this a just put sporty image puts being relevant and then I wasted all the time okay let’s try to finish I suppose because it opened up when we actually let me turn this on silent I get a hundred Facebook messages a day you know that’s weird like everyone my Twitter handle it’s farce it was fading um and I ever getting a message is on fire on Twitter but eight million a day on Facebook so again I want to stop this is along it in Hamburg so the update is going to have the TV Guide the bottom TV Guide and I do have the free account set up right now so if you if it I just hid it for a month I did I didn’t have it on Danny went off just because I had to pay for this service to be on and maybe I should have done a year and I don’t know but at any rate it’s not for another month you guys can fight over the connection because this one one connections available I will give you a free 12 hour pass and you can add a video this how to set this up and essentially let you get a pass all you have to do is to go into the main menu go into the add-ons go to my add-ons go to PBR go down to simple client hit configuration and then change and go in here oh look at this and then change the just put the you know back all the way out and change this to the password in the username you don’t have to erase this whole thing just push you know click over to get to where it says @ @ symbol for example and then erase and to get to the quotations and then put it whatever the password is and the same thing for the username this is freeze username so those are the two things you get replaced you’ll have to do this whole you know tied about the whole URL and then you don’t even have to do anything with it the Latroy guide here so just just change the username and password and if you have and if you have the account if you already have service living and I got a just going to change there – same thing with the the here if you if you have an account here just click on there and go to settings and then you can click on this and click on that and put your username and password and if you already have an account for if you’re using that’s club our ass real urban Kings was down for cup days please back up let’s see that and then everything else in the bill is exactly the same as it was before I didn’t do some color modifications to it hope you guys liked it if you don’t let me know and I always make that middle thing black I’ve been going back and forth and I have started putting this all on bills every bill I do I’m gonna start putting made by and have my acronym there so at least are happening I think that’s about all I got for this I am I was gonna do some more stuff today I think it to it I’m gonna try to do it the next couple of days it’s hard to do I mean I have a whole family school and job and everything else outside of Cody and to be completely honest with you I have so much work to do inside of Cody or I give myself so much work to do and Cody that literally could spend twelve to ten twelve hours every single day doing nothing about Cody I still wouldn’t be done with everything so I like to add on I haven’t even touched to add on the audits is in here too it’s in the adult section of the machine just go down to fantastic HD movies and check them out I’ve asked to people tell me that they had some buffering issues I’ve had some people tell me they didn’t last night I watched the first fight it it turned off on me and I it could just been my box – I watched the all the last ten minutes of it and it off it is powered off it like closed out that at on I went back in and hit hit resume and I watched the rest of it without no problem so again I’m not having problems on my end but that doesn’t mean that everyone else will have problems I do want everyone to check it out I guess would be the movies in here I am working tonight so I may be able to sink a couple more movies inside there especially in the kids section I’m gonna try to wrap that up and I’m going to try to start category the rest of those inside the add-on so if you guys have any questions let me know thanks for watching give me a thumbs up hit the subscribe button if you’ve never if you name a response and I’m actually had 400 subscribers which isn’t bad because I think I did a giveaway a month ago and I think at beginning of that giveaway I was at little over 200 so I’ve gained I’ve gained about 3 or 4 each day and some days are getting a little more than that so I mean I really appreciate everyone’s support and you know please pass it around tell people about me I want to keep doing more videos not so much always videos about my stuff this early because I did one about the add-on and one about the build now and but I didn’t do a video how to set this up and I said in that pass along to the mega TV group and then I want to do another video looking on another bill just I’m not mine and then maybe do another add-on this week um and go from there so I do want to show you guys my stuff to work on and give you guys keep you guys interested in the loop on that but also won’t be able to do other Kodi stuff that’s related that’s nothing to do with me like other builds and other um add-ons and such so if you guys have a build you want me to review please hit me up give me a message let me know if you want I also be willing to to add to the public wizard and you guys we can share your build along with everyone else that’s something you want to do too so if you if you want to get the build made hit me up I’m doing bills from $10 to $60 and sixty dollars with a PK um I maybe I’m gonna check them out first but I may have a source that can get one ready for the Google Play Store so if Google Play Store is something you want to look at item $82, 000 burrito brought home two thousand dollars within the last year for just putting up you know making the build keeping it up to date and putting a coating you 16.

1 on the Play Store to sell it for a dollar and so I mean there is money to be made if you if you want to do that that that cost would be like 150 160 dollars somewhere in that ballpark if you wanted one that was great for the Android Play Store I haven’t really decided I’m gonna offer that 100% but I will do one for $60 that is a PK you can share it any way you want obviously you wouldn’t be able to put on the Play Store but no one on the Play Store I’ll be glad to show you exactly what you got to do there there will be additional cost to yourself if you do wonderful place to work because you guys you gotta pay $50 to Google to to to stop or available as a veil developers accounts on Play Store that’s a $50 charge so just know that the dowling when you have to pay mean the 150-160 summer in that area for the for that build the wizard and APK but your lives you’ll also have to put in some additional costs to actually get to apk set up on the Google Play Store and I’ll show you how to do it you know how you how to get everything ready for you I’ll give you some some screenshots and show you how exactly what you got to do what you got to put in there there’s a little work inside because you got to give some description of the up in your screen shots of the app in the video a YouTube video of how the app works you don’t got to do the video but it helps out and then you do guys so you at least have one or two screen shots in area but the app is and so the more detail you are and the more visual stuff you give people the more honest people are to buy your attitude and you can charge whatever you want I mean I charged a dollar just to get people just really to help out with server cost any of the cost of me just doing business but actually made a little more money so the Christmas time around the holidays and the first year I mean I’m racked up I really did really well and June 1st I’m actually gonna give the Apple way and on my next version I’m gonna give it away and the reason we do that so I can just get more people aware of Who I am and just try to make it a bigger name in the actual Kody community so the way we can then give more visitors to my you PMI YouTube and maybe diploma site so thanks you guys for hanging out even longer please if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up that stuff kind of helps out so thumbs up leave a comment below if you have any questions and light and hit it hit the scribe channel if you’re new to the channel you like what I gotta say and again I got some other stuff so you know I try to put out a video or two a day sometimes I make it a couple days and put out three or four so just disky be you know in the logo just keep keep up with me I promise you’re gonna see some videos and like I say that next week I’m gonna do at least another review of another build and then another review of um Evan apk so I’m outta here guys have a great weekend have a good night bye.

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