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Amazon’s fight TV has quickly become one of the best ways to turn a dumb TV to a smart one but what if you know watch American Netflix or Hulu or even Amazon Prime from your fire TV well don’t fret I’m banishing sponginess proxy and here’s how you set up smart DNS proxy on your Amazon fire stick or fight TV hello too smart is proxy comm link in the description below include a free trial account smart DNS proxy offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card being required miss you need to setup a smart Dias proxy server on your fire TV bar before we begin you need to find the IP address of your router depending on what device you have is different ways to go about it a link to the detailed guide will be in the description below but basically to find router IP on windows open CMD and type in ipconfig and look for the value next to the default gateway it should be something like one and two dot one sixty eight dot one dot one or one only two dot one sixty eight dot zero dot one for Mac type in route – n get default in a terminal if you have an Android and iOS device then simply use fing app it’s free and it works fine next change your Amazon fire TV or fire TV stick DNS server addresses start your fire TV or fighting sticks go to settings select Network next we want to change the Wi-Fi setting but to bring up that menu we need to forget the Wi-Fi network choose your Wi-Fi network and choose forget it to do that just press the button with the three lines on it afterwards and then press the select button choose your wife will never work again you’ll be off to introduce your password into your Wi-Fi password and click on advanced you’ll have to get an IP from the same ip range as your router to do that use your routers IP and then change your last group of digits for example if your Brutis IP address is one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot zero dot one you should set your five TV on fire TV stick IP address to something like 100 ooo dot one sixty eight dot zero dot two hundred basically we are assigning a fixed or static IP address to your fire stick make sure you pick the last group that is not used by other devices if to do Isis on the same network have the same IP address there might be Network issues therefore I suggest you pick a bigger number like two hundred or two twenty etc in the default gateway field into the IP of your router that we found in the beginning of the video input 24 for the network prefix length and then click Next now selects your primary DNS server and enter the primary DNS server for the following smart DNS proxy IP addresses select the closest DNS server to your physical location select your second your DNS server and then enter the secondary DNS server from the following smart DNS proxy IP addresses and then choose done and that’s it click on connect again restart the firestick so that this will see the existing cash there are couple of things that you need to make sure for Amazon the thing that you’re browsing from the United States make sure you have a one-click Us address on your Amazon account also go to amazon.

com and your account manage control and devices in the country in the juice us head up to the spot this proxy comm for the computer and connect to the same network or even from your Phi TV and login you should see a green checkmark next to his DNS setup if you’ve done everything correctly next update your IP address so our system will check your IP address and add your new IP address to a database once you see all the four check marks it means that you’ve successfully set up smart DNS proxy on your fight TV if you face any problems at all contact our support team we’ll be more than happy to help you so there you go that’s how you set up smart DNS proxy on your Amazon fire TV but we highly recommend that you set it up on your router so that all your devices can stream aren’t jira static content check out our other videos on Netflix and hug you for more informative content as always unban despite this proxy and thanks for watching.

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