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so this is a very good remote controlit’s small its compact it has most of the key functions that you may want touse now the two areas where this does struggle is of course firstly thisdoesn’t have a keyboard so if I’m using 3rd party application 3rd party appsand if I want to like search for something if I click on that and we canjust see guys typing anything on here it does take a while it is slow and it canbe quite frustrating so that’s issue number one that we don’t have a keyboardbut probably the main issue with this is we don’t have any kind of virtual mousebuilt-in now we know it’s some Android box is the remote control does actuallyhave a dedicated virtual mouse button in fact let me just show you we can see onthis Android remote control which is actually for my t95 key box we do have adedicated button for a virtual mouse the only issue with this again is when youare using a virtual mouse for the d-pad it’s very very slow similarly on the 4kfiresnake yes I can’t bring up the virtual mouseby using the mouse toggle let me do that now okay so there it is there so we canuse it but let’s say for example want to click on updates go up go to the right alittle bit more up click there I now want to click on search let’s now godown go to the right so yes it does work but it’s just very very slow on top ofthat lots of you was have problems with enabling the mouse toggle sometimes itworks sometimes it doesn’t work lots of different issues so that’s why I’mreally impressed with this so this is the I Passport mini keyboard now thisdoes not require any kind of dongle it works perfectly fine on the fork a firestick or any other device that has bluetooth it also has a backlight italso has a learning function I also have a 20% discount code and I’m also goingto be giving five of these away at the end of this video coming up right afterthis if you need to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latesttech tutorials the latest for snake Android and Android TV tips and tricksthen please do subscribe to the notification barrel it’s a small clickfrom you but it makes a big difference to me thank youok let’s quickly open that up it’s the first thing we get a microUSBcharging cable we get a smaller user manual so this is the kp8 1061 modelbluetooth version now the key thing about bluetooth is compared to standard2.

4 gigahertz devices they actually require a dongle whereas a bluetooth onedozen i’ve actually been a longtime fan of the Rheem mini keyboard now i’ve usedthis for a long time on my 4k fire stick but for me to use this I do have to plugin a small USB dongle as we know the five six don’t actually have any USBport so you have to use a micro 2g cable but with the bluetooth device I can justpair this up and start using it straight away and lastly we get the actualkeyboard it’s also has a very nice smooth texture you go some little griphandles on either side on the front hand you’ve got that show IR blasters aspreviously mentioned you can actually program this with up to eight customfunctions which I’m guessing are these buttons here so if you don’t use thiswith your TV you can actually program these with your TV remote controls sothe power button for your team you could program this you got some volume optionsyour some a and B so you can basically add in the functions from your otherremote control and control them all from a single device on the bottom you gotthe power on an off switch and here we have the charging port so I alwaysprefer devices that have built-in rechargeable batteries because it justmeans you’d have to keep on messing about changing batteries you can alwaysplug this in and recharge it ok so I’ve just charged this up let’ssee how we now pair this on to the 4k fire stick well the first thing you needto do is turn it on let’s do that now and we need to put this into pairingmode now the instructions says to put this into pairing mode and you hold downFN and the Escape key and you keep that pressed until the blue light startsflashing now we can see is doing that nowonce it’s in pairing mode let’s go over to settings go down into go to remotecontrol and Bluetooth devices click on other Bluetooth devices and click on addBluetooth device let’s see if this now appears up and there we have it guys wenow see a bluetooth 3.

0 keyboard let’s click on that let’s see if this pairs first time Ican’t get a message that Bluetooth keyboard is now connected and let’s seeif it actually works let’s try the escape our turn ok so wecan see we’re now simulating pressing back on the remote let’s try thedirectional pad and weeks that’s working absolutely finelet’s press the HOME key which is this one up here let’s click on that okay sowe can see we can use a directional pad just like on the fire stick let’s nottry out the keyboard so further down into the application againokay so inside my application how do we bring up the virtual mouse well on thiskind of device there’s no bringing up virtual mouse as soon as I touch thetouchpad we can see there’s the mouse and this guy’s honestly how smooth andfluid is that in fact let’s just compare it to the standard mouse toggle so letme bring up the virtual mouse and let’s say I want to quickly click on search onthe top right so Ready Steady Go let’s see how could you I can do that goal itthat way go up and we’re there okay so maybe about three four seconds I justcompared that using the touchpad so on your marks get set go and we’re alreadythere so that kind of fluidity guys it really makes using applications just somuch easier having the virtual mouse there and not only can use this as atouchpad you also have the scroll feature on the right hand side so if Iwant to scroll down how can I just swipe my finger down on this side and we cansee that simulates me scrolling down the reason why it’s getting a bit slow isbecause I’m actually scrolling slow so I scroll down again now if I scroll up letme scroll fast so yes there’s actually the thing isslow it’s all based on how fast you moving your finger so if you move downslowly that comes down slowly if you move up fast that goes off fast so justhaving that control guys it makes it really really nice to use you also havea left and right click feature so if I wanna click on something let’s click onthis thing here press the left click and if that’s working fine you can also usethe touchpad to click as well so unless I wanna click on updates I can go thereif I just tap there now that simulates me clicking so you have two options areclicking other you can actually touch the touch pad itself or you can pressthe individual buttons so you have a few different ways of using the keyboard orMouse combination how fast is this very good no errorsI can type very quickly and it just works first time and as priests mentionguys this keyboard does not require any kind of dongle pair up with your deviceand you’re good to go let’s see if we can also press the context key becauseon the feisty remote controlled is actually very very handy you knowof applications you do have to press the context key to access a certain menu solet’s see if we can do that with this if I press and hold the home key let’s goover to applications okay so let me now press the context key which on thiskeyboard is this one here and we see we get the context menu asking if I want tomove this application or uninstall it so that part is definitely working fine nowthe other great feature about this keyboard is it does actually have abuilt-in backlight which is this button here so I press that now but you see weget a nice red backlight there I hope the camera can pick that up let’s pressit again okay so we can now get a nice green purple or blue and then off againso you have one two three three different colors you can choose for yourbacklight guys that’s all built-in okay so here I’m on my Android TV device thisis still paired with my fire steak let’s now establish a new partnership by goinginto settings let’s scroll down and here we can see under remotes and accessorieswe can click on add accessory and back on the devicelet’s put into pairing mode again so let’s switch it off switch it back onand hold on FN and the Escape key until it starts flashing blue okay we can seeit’s come up there again bluetooth 3.

0 keyboard let’s click on that and that’snow paired up first time so I can now press the HOME key and that’s workinggreat so we can see guys this device will work on any Android device anyfirestick basically any device including your computer or your cell phone as longas your Bluetooth you can pair up with this and start using as a keyboard andmouse okay so once again we can see here we can navigate around the UI and noproblem and if I start an application and home he needs a virtual mouse assoon as I do this week that’s working absolutely fine so I can click ondiscover and we can see I can never get around here I can scroll down and that’sall working absolutely fine and lastly we’re on the t95 q Android streaming boxlet’s see if we can now pay this on to air and we can also test the IR learningfunction so on this box let’s go over to settings let’s go down into add accessory let’snow put this into pairing mode again so switch it off switch it back on hold onFN and escape button until it starts flashing blueokay it’s found a Bluetooth 3.

0 keyboard so you can see guys in terms ofreliability it really does work first time every time on all of the devicesI’ve tested okay that’s now paired let’s press theEscape key that’s what can find let’s press the HOME key that’s what you findout we can now navigate around here without any problems and of course fortouch the touchpad we now get a really fast smooth virtual mouse that we coulduse okay that’s working great now how can we test the I are learning functionwell we can see on this from a control we have dedicated buttons forapplications and one for the K player so if I press that now so you can see thistakes us straight into this K player so let’s back out of this okay so how do weprogram one of these eight buttons to correspond to the K player button hereso the way we do that is if we just press the power button and keep itpressed so we see that orange light flashing when that light stays steadyit means it’s now waiting for a command so first we’re going to choose whichbutton we get to assign to the K player so let’s go for B for brother get ourflashes once and we now just point the remote control into this one and presswhichever button we want to correspond with the B button so let’s press the K Dbutton okay that flash three times that means that’s now programmed so let’s nowtest that if I go to the home key okay so let’s say for example I’m over hereand I’ve opened up the file browser and I’m doing stuff I’m clicking on thingsand let’s say now we want to go to the K player let’s see if the show car buttonworks so let’s point it over there and press it in three two one and that’sworked first time guys so you see programming buttons on here worksflawlessly and only have up to eight buttons you can use and program anybuttons from any other remote control that you’re currently usingso overall guys I’m very very impressed with this mini keyboard I like the factthat everything just worked first time I tried it on my Android box on my androidTV device and also my fire stick it worked first time every time I like thefact that of course because it’s Bluetooth I’d have to mess about withany OTG cables using USB dongles literally just pair it with your deviceand you’re good to go I like the fact that we get the backlitkeyboard so pressing one button here we get to see a couple of different colorswe can use so you can use this in the dock if you want to do that and lastlythe fact that it does come with a rechargeable battery so once you getthis device you’d have to keep changing thebatteries so this definitely gets a double thumbs-up from me okay so how canyou actually get this right now well if you have a look in the pinned comment orthe video description I do have a special 20 percent discount code for myUSA and UK viewers so use a code and you can get this straight away I also havefive of these to give away guys and the way I’m gonna do that is I’m gonna pickfive random comments from five random people from this video well I say randomI would prefer a few my subscribers so if you haven’t subscribed yet thenplease do that as it really does help me out I will be picking five winners assoon as this video gets to two thousand views so please do likely share itplease let me know anything about this keyboard and I hope you catch up withyou guys real soon thanks.

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