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so this is the latest generation firestick from Amazon the latest for case date which is nowrunning the custom launcher that we can see here guys so lots of you are askingfor this I know lots of you do Tron use the launcher hijack but on that oneas soon as you press the HOME key it would go out the custom launcher and goback to the default launcher but as we can see here guys I’m pressing the HOMEkey but we can see we’re still staying inside the custom launcher so let mejust say this right now guys out of all the tutorials I’ve ever done this isprobably going to be the most trickiest just because it does involve a couple ofsteps that you have to do on your first take but then also on a computer nowthat computer will have to make a connection to your fire stick to modifysome files on here so it’s definitely not for a total beginner but hopefully Ican make it as easy as possible for you to understand so in this video todayI’ll show you exactly how you can replace a default launcher what you needto install on your fire stick what you to install in your computer then oncethat’s installed you can choose whichever custom launcher you want wecan see this launch as a really nice layout of course you don’t see any ofthe atoms and adverts you have lots of control on what you display on the homescreen and it works really well so let’s jump right into it the very first thingyou need to do is go over to your settings and inside settings go over toyour device my fire TV click on that go to developer options and just make surethat these two are set to on once you’ve done that go back to the home screen andwe now need to open up downloader and just navigate to this URL which is HTTPcolon forward slash forward slash and get four linked com now as soon as youtype this address in this will automatically download the latestversion of falling onto your device so let’s type that in and click on go orpress the play button on your remote ok that’s now downloaded let’s click oninstall now we can now click on open so as mentioned yesterday guys so I willnow be sharing all of my applications all of my tools all of my utilitiesthrough my brand new apk store and as mentioned yesterday the code for my newapk store is all of the nine so I really do hope you don’t forget that ok sothat’s all of the nines there let’s click on next andclick on continue so as mentioned the new apk store is exclusively just for mysubscribers only so if you don’t have the ping code just click on this or goto this address here okay so to get the pin code for my apk store all we need todo is just click on the link in the description and I’ll take you to thiswebpage over here when you get this page we can see it now says to you thiscontent is to my subscribers only if you hover the mouse over this this one now Iallow you to subscribe to my channel because once again guys the content I’mhosting on my apk store is for my subscribers only so this is why I haveto do this so all we need to do is click on this link here this would then justconfirm which account you’re using for YouTube just click on that againnow within one second this will verify that you’re a subscriber and he’ll thenshow you the pin code and that’s all you need to do okay so we inside may peek astore let’s scroll down so the first thing we need to get is actually thelauncher hijack and this is basically an apk which will allow your device tochange the default launcher to something else so let’s keep scrolling down andhere we can see this is launcher hijack version 4.

0 to now we can see it’scalled like an exclamation mark which Connick implies there’s a problem withthe file but if you click on there it says his files probably online or brokenbut click on dismiss and we can see when it does a refresh it’s now actuallyready to download so there is a slight bug with the software at the moment butif you just click on it once you should now be able to download it so once ithas the Downard we can click on that and this will now begin the download oflauncher highjack onto your fire stick let’s click on that again and let’sclick on install now we can see that’s now done let’s click on done okay sowe’ve installed the launcher hijack let’s now also install a custom launcherso we got opportunity in the Hal launcher here let’s click on that ok sowhen it turns into a player condom it is now ready for installation let’s clickon that again and let’s click on install let’s click on done and let’s installone more launcher so the launcher musci using in my demonstration is the atvlauncher which is right at the top here it isclick on that as well let’s click on a play button and let’s click install soin summary we’ve installed the launcher hijack we’ve installed two customlaunches how launcher and ATV launch are now this rig is a bit tricky guys so ifI just click on done let’s back out of this and let’s go back to the homescreen let’s now go to our apps library so the way we do that is we hold on thehome button let’s click on apps now let’s go to the bottom of this list bypressing left okay so there’s the ATV launcher there’s a Hal launcher and thisis the launcher hijack now the trouble is guys if I try and launch this we nowget an error which says accessibility service is disabled and this isbasically the issue that everybody’s having on the latest generation 4k 4stake so how do we fix it now this one’s gonna get a bit tricky guys so we nowneed to go over to a computer to run some commands but before we do that weneed to confirm exactly the IP address now forest ik is currently on so the waywe do that is if we click on close let’s press home key again let’s go tothe settings at the top let’s go over to my fire TV and let’s click on about andinside about we have Network and this will basically tell you what IP addressyour fire stick is currently listening on and we can see in my case it ends in1 7 or so make a note of your IP address and let’s jump over to my computer ok sothis is where it gets a little bit more tricky so guys do pay attention and makesure you do watch this video to the end because it is easy to miss that one ofthe steps and then you find out it’s not working so we need to do two things hereguys so first you need to install a USB driver now this driver will allow ourcomputer to talk to our fire stick so we need to do this first so we have thedriver installed once we do have the driver installed we then download aprogram called ADB now ADB is basically Android debugbridge and it’s a method of our computer to talk to our Android box or a firestick or really any Android device avoid the command line now with the newchanges with the 4k fire stick we do have to make some special changes viacome online for us to get the launcher hijack working properly so let’s do thatnow so the first need to do is skirt the downloads pageon my website and we can see we have two things here available to download let’sclick on the first one first which is the USB driver and I should start animmediate download off the driver file have you see that’s done that there onceI finish is let’s also download the ADB program let’s click on that as well okso we now have to downloaded zip files let’s put them both into a folder andlet me show you what to do next ok so here are the two new files I justdownloaded I’ll just create a new folder and drag them both in there so the firstthing we’re gonna do guys is we’re going to extract the USB Driver so if youdouble click on that and let’s double click on this again this will basicallyextract this file for you then give you a prompt to install it now I alreadydone it on mine bond yours it will say – you wanna install this so you click onyes you’ll then see this click on install again and now if you see aprompt like this let’s click on next this is basically confirming for youthat do you really want to install this driver because obviously it’s not aWindows sign driver it’s a third-party driver so you need to give it aconfirmation that it’s ok to install so let’s click on finish and we can seethat now has completed so we’ve now installed USB Driver on to our computerlet’s go back to the folder now with ADB I’m just gonna do a right click on thatand just select open in a new window just so we can see the contents okay sothere’s the contents set and I’m just gonna highlight these 3 files and thendrag them out so basically we’re extracting the zip file and putting itinto our original launcher folder and that’s all done now so now we’veinstalled the USB driver and we’ve extracted the adb file ready for us touse now this is where it gets really tricky guys so you do have to be extracareful to make sure that you do type in the right commands but I will save acopy of both commands that you need to type in in the video descriptionso you can copy out from there and make sure you type them in correctly okay soas mentioned we know that my first acai pea ends in 170 we now need to open up acommand prompt so we can talk to our firestick using the ADB command so let’sdo that now so we now need to open up the command prompt which we can justfind in the Start menu or if you’re a bit more advanced you can bring up therun box by pressing the win is key and all this will then show youthis dialog box here and in this dialog box just type in CMD which is a shortcutfor come on prompt and press Enter and this is the command prompt so okay sofor us to run this now we can just drag the adb file directly into the commandprompt the other thing you can do if you’re a bit more advanced is and youcan actually navigate to the folder where you’ve done the extraction so inmy case it was on the D Drive so I can just change directly to the D Drive goto my launcher folder which I created and if I just do a directory commandwhich is dir we can see there is a DB file so I can just type in a DB here ifyou don’t take the easy route you can just drag this a DB file into here andlet’s type in connect because basically we’re saying a DB create a bridge wewant to connect to something and we’re going to connect to the IP address ofour fire stick so let’s now type that in so this is the IP address of my firestick make sure you type in IP address that your Co fire stick is currentlylistening on so in my case we know it was 170 let’s type that in and let’spress Enter ok we can see we now have made aconnection to our fire stake we now need to go into the sha mode so you can entere natural commands for the launcher hijack now the way we do that is onceagain we can drag in the adb command and this time let’s type in shell ok sowe’ve now made a connection and we now have a shell prompt or an access promptinto our fire stick so for example knife I’ll try and do an LS command which islike a list in UNIX we can now see we have access to some of the files ormaybe don’t really have access because we can see says everything is denied nowif I were to route a fire stick then we were able to have a lot more access butwe can see mostly just say permission denied but Lisa proves that we have madea connection to our fire stake and we can now see some of the content on thereand this is the key bit now guys we need to enter in two special commands whichwill basically allow our fire stick to listen up for the home press so as soonas you press the HOME key on your fasting remote this will now interceptthat request and allow our custom launcher to takeover so instead of goingback to the normal home screen for fire stick we can actually use our customlauncher so the first command we need to type in is thisthese two have to be entered in the correct order guys so this is the firstcome on we’re gonna type in some is going to highlight that now and do aright-click copy on that going to the command prompt and as soonas I do a right-click that should automatically paste thatcommand in for me let me do that now at one more time okay so we can see here isthe command for me to execute that now I’m going to press the Enter key ok sowe can see it did that there was no error on the screen ok so now let’s goto the second command let’s copy that as well right-click that select copy andlet’s do a right-click in here okay so there we can see I’ve now pastedin that command let’s execute that by pressing enter okay so let’s now jumpback to our fire stake and see if this has now worked okay so we’re back ontoour fire stake and we can see it automatically has actually launched thatlaunched a hijack so let’s choose one of these launches now so I’m gonna go for aTB launcher let’s click on that and says do you want to set your launcher to atv– launcher let’s click on OK let’s press the HOME key and this is themoment of truth I just read a drum roll and there we have it guys we are nowlaunching a custom launcher on our 4k fire stake and if I just press the HOMEkey again we can see that’s not taking us back to the normal Amazon fire TVlauncher we are now staying inside the custom launcher and that’s working greatnow one of the first things I like to do in this launcher is you press thecontext key on the remote let’s go over to launch your settings let’s go towallpaper let’s click on sec ball paper ok so I did actually download somewallpapers before so let’s go to my downloads folder let’s go for clouds andthere we now have a beautiful background and we can see our launchers workingabsolutely fine now let’s say for example you want tochange the launcher to a different one so let’s go back to launch or hijack andwe can see now guys when actually start this we get no errors so the commandsrun on our computer means we can now access the accessibility service andwe’re not going to get that error anymore let’s try the Hal launcher sodon’t set your launcher to how launch it is click on OKlet’s press the HOME key now and there we have it guys we now have the Hallauncher working on our 4k firesnake that’s working absolutely fine now ifyou want to go back to the default firestick launch our figure back intothe nacho hijack again and we can see hey guys when you have two options whichis the custom launcher a TV and the other custom launcher which is the howlauncher but if you do want to go back to your default launcher if you click onthe three buttons on the top right and you see where it says here hide systemapps we click on that this now shows you the default launcher which is this thinghere which is Commodore Amazon TV door launcher so you click on that now so youwant to set your launcher to that click on ok so now when we press the HOME keyand there we have it guys we are now back to our default launcher on our 4kfire stick so I really did enjoy making this video guys because I know lots ofyou are having this issue trying to get this working on your 4k fire stick so ifyou did find it useful then do give it a thumbs up if you want to see more stufflike this then do subscribe it hit the notification bell as always I’m here tohelp y’all guys so if you do have any problems and do leave me a comment belowand I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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