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hey techdoctor how can I block all ofthe adverts on all of my apks on all of my devices I don’t want to install anapk to do this I don’t want to root my device what’s the best way to do thatoh hello in this video today I’ll show you a simple trick you can do on all ofyour devices your fire steaks your Android boxes your Nvidia shields evenyour iPhones and iPads and computers can all take advantage of this fixnow this fix does not need you to install any apk like block order or addGod or anything like that it’s a very easy thing to do and I’m really lookingforward to sharing it with you so it all of that being said let’s get started okay so the way this fix works is is weupdate our DNS servers to use a special set which are specifically designed toblock adverts they’ll block any kind of odd very do adverts animated adverts anykind of address you see on your applications on your browser it’llautomatically block all of those for us now for us to understand how this fixworks is first we have to understand what DNS is so DNS stands for domainname system and it’s a method or process which allows your computer or device totranslate domain names into IP addresses so let’s put that into real-life so thejob of DNS is to translate the friendly names that we type into our browser intoIP addresses I can understand and communicate with so right now I’veopened up a browser and type in google.

com or another address the firstthing the browser will do will see do I already know the IP address of thiswebsite and if I know the IP address it will just make a connection to that IPand then it will show me the web page and away you go now in the case where itdoesn’t know what the IP address is this is where your browser will now say heyDNS server I’m configured to use what is the IP for this particular website soyour computer will make a connection to your DNS server which is normally yourISPs DNS server and say what is the IP for this website Ron looker now inreality and many to us a couple of DNS servers before actually finds out whatis the IP address for that website and as soon as it finds our answer it givesthat back to you computer and you compute you can nowmake a direct connection to the IP address and you can now see that websiteand that’s essentially how DNS works okay so now that we understand what DNSis if we do change our DNS servers to use this special set which are designedto block adverts the next time we start our streaming application or start ourbrowser if those applications or if that browser tries to download an advertbecause that application will make a request to that special DNS server assoon as that DNS server recognizes that this actual request is for an advert ormaybe like foreign video advert it will immediately return null or zeros becauseit doesn’t want to give you the IP addresses for those advert sites or forthose video advert so your streaming application your browser will not loadthose adverse which means we can enjoy all our content advert free now theseDNS servers actually provided by an ad guard and we know they specialize inblocking all sorts of adverts okay so for me to actually demonstrate this whatI’ve done is I’ve actually updated the DNS servers for my Ethernet connectionso when I’m using my wired connection on my fire stake my fire stick is using thead gaudia servers but I’ve left the standard DNS servers on the wirelessconnection to be the normal one so in theory the wireless should give meadverts and when I’m using this thing it should not give me adverts so let’s testout now so let me first just disconnect this so now my fire stick should use thenormal DNS servers so if I just try an application let’s try a let’s try one atthe popular streaming applications and here we can just see in this popularstreaming application we have this big advert along the bottom here so onceagain this is me on my fire stick using normal DNS servers let’s try the fix nowok so I’m now gonna plug back in my cable now for the people that don’t knowwhen you have an Ethernet connection a wired connection this automaticallyoverrides your wireless connection because why de juez gives you morestable better connection so I’ve now plugged the cable back in which meansnow my fire stick should be using my Ethernet connection which already hasthe custom DNS server set so let’s test the streaming application again and wecan see guys that start straightaway and there’s no advert on the bottom here andif we just try a streaming website which normally has a ton of advertswe can see here guys this line at the top which normally is full of adverts istotally clear in fact let me demonstrate that so if Ijust unplug my Ethernet connection so once again my device is not using thewireless connection if I just refresh this page and we can see all the othershave now come back so this has proves that when my device is using the customad god DNS servers we don’t see any adverts anymore okay so to change theDNS servers on your firestick let’s go over to settings now in my case becauseI’m using a wide connection the steps are slightly different but I’ll show youhow you can do it both on wired and also wireless so let’s do the wireless firstso the first thing we need to do guys is we need to confirm what our current IPaddress is and the way we do that is if we go over to my fire TV go to about goto network so make a note of your current IP address which we can see mineis 167 and also make a note of your defaultgateway we can see mine is 254 okay let’s go back to network okay because Ihave a wired connection we can see how the option here update your networkconfiguration so I click on that and here we can you see I type in the sameIP address that I previously saw so in my case it was dot 167 I click on nextokay so this is going to be a 24 bit subnet mask which is the 255 255 255 0so we leave this as 24 click on next ok so this is the default gateway that wepreviously saw so type that in as well click on next and this is the key thingguys so we have 2 DNS servers we want to type in this is the first one which is176 the 103.

1 302 132 let’s type that in click on next and the other one is thesame bye ends with 134 so so type of DNS servers in and click on connect and wecan see we get the summary here just to confirm that we do have the right IPaddress that we previously chose and we also have the right DNS settings ok sothat’s how you do it if you’re using a wired connection now if you’re doingthis on a wireless connection let me do that now so let me disconnect this ok sonow I’m on wireless we can see my wireless is connected I’m once againgoing to go out and go and confirm my IP address so let’s go back to my Wi-Fi TVgo to about how we can see my IP address now is dot 170 so get the IP addressmake a note of your gateway and we can just see here by default my device doesuse the Rooter as the DNS server but we’re going to change that now so theway we change that is we go back into network ok so here we can see mywireless is connected and connected what we’re going to do now is we’re going toclick on forget this network because for us to change our DNS settings we have todo when we first establish the wireless connection so let’s press the contactskey to disconnect it says press sector confirming on disconnect let’s pressselect ok so that’s now gone ok so we’ve now disconnected let’s go back into thesame wireless SSID again let’s click on that let’s enter in the password ok soI’ve just entered in my wireless password but instead of clicking onconnect I’m going to click on advanced and here I just type in the same IPaddress that we just saw when I was connected to my wireless so which was170 so one nine two one six eight dot zero dot 170 okay let’s double checkthat that’s fine and just make sure you’ve got your IPaddress that you saw in my fight TV about network settings let’s click onnext ok the Gateway we saw which is yourroute to his IP address so mine is ends in two five four one nine two one sixeight 0.

254 next and we leave the prefix length as 24 which is the default so 24and click on next and it’s the key thing now guys it’s now asking for those twodns servers so the two DNS servers once again are they are 176th or 103 dot 130dot 132 let’s type that in let’s click on next the other one is the same so 176and the other one is 176th or 103 to 132 134 let’s click on connect ok we seethat’s now established a connection using the custom our DNS server so let’sjust press the application one more time and there we can see guys I’m still onthe wireless connection but because I’ve changed my wireless settings to use thecustom DNA service from add guard we’re not seeingany adverts whatsoever and if I just tried that streaming site again andthere we can see guys no adverts here whatsoever so changing our device to useas custom bns service means we’re not gonna see any adverts on any of our apksor a browser or anywhere else ever again now if you want to see the steps butyou’re using a different device like an android box or an iPhone or an iPad whati’ve done is i’ve created a new section on my website under the tips and tricksso if you just go to my website now and we can see there’s a section here calledtips and tricks let’s click on that at the moment there’s only one tip thiswebsite is a work in progress i will be adding more and more stuff in here verysoon so please click on this tip here and here we can see all of the steps sothis is for an android box this is the steps for an iPhone or any AI devicethen we have the step save for if you’ll do this on windows so so if you havelike a desktop or a laptop or you want to block all the adverts you can justfollow the steps here then loss you’ve got the steps for a route and now nowthe route a block is the big ones so if you want to take this to the next leveland basically block all the adverts for all of the devices on your home networknow these home devices are normally configured to use your router for theDNS name resolution and on your route or you normally have your ISPs configuredDNS servers well if we change those to use the add got DNS servers that meansall of the devices on your home network will now automatically start using theadd god DNS servers and they won’t see any adverts anymore and that’s all forthis video guys many thanks for watching if you did find this useful then do giveit a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then do subscribe andhit the notification bell so many of you are asking on how we can block advertsbut without using block audio or any special apk so I do hope you like thisfix let me know and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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