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Eternal IPTV Jarvis iptv

Jarvis IPTV is an IPTV solution provided by the leading companies of United Kingdom such as Attivo, Direct TV, Vodafone and Orange. It can be famous as the most affordable choice of IPTV services in the global market. Various exciting packages and plans are provided by Jarvis Internet Protocol TV such as the Attitude scheduling, Attitude global optimization, Budget packs, extra free bundles, Family packs, Hi Def HD, multi-room video conferencing, home theatre system and so forth. The price ranges are very competitively affordable, making it a perfect option for all. Apart from that, you can enjoy the exciting features such as multiple inputs, quality picture and sound and excellent quality network support. You will not face any problem while connecting to the international servers.

High compatibility

Jarvis it offers the best combination of cost effectiveness and quality services. Various attractive offers such as the Android boxes, Nintendo Wii consoles, PSP consoles, PDA’s and other electronic content can be used with the ios devices. It also provides access to popular live sports events and top music channels. It also provides access to various live international events such as Euro games and football World Cup.


The most important part of the Jarvis it is its ios application which works on android phones. This will help you access the content on the internet across different devices. The ipod software consists of a browser, control centre and a multi-channel store. The control centre of the Jarvis it has a beautiful interface and provides you with great viewing and control capabilities. Various plans are available, which include the standard monthly charges along with various additional offers and discounts.

Huge content

The multi-channel store of Jarvis IPTV allows you to watch the content on your television screen or portable media player including ipod and smartphones. The control centre of the Jarvis it allows you to connect your devices like computers, netbooks, gaming consoles and others. Some of the most popular channels include satellite channels which include Dish network, Sky network and Virgin Media. You can also enjoy music videos, news and other content by using the controls of the multi-channel store.


With the help of the ipod software you can control your television from anywhere in the house. You can switch between your home screen, your firestick and your web browser. You can also control your channels by browsing to the web browser on your firestick.

Special application

The application is made up of two main components namely the Assistant App which acts as a remote control for the Jarvis it and the Remote Access Server which acts as a remote access tool for the users. The Assistant App is available in various versions for the android phones such as the Google Gingerbread and the Samsung S4. The main features of the program include; playing video, controlling your iptv through the web browser, switching between your television and web browser, controlling your channel by browsing and many more. In order to use all the features of the Jarvis it you will require to download the jarvis iptv installer onto your android phone and follow the step by step instructions given.

Stable server

Remote Access Server is another great feature of this web-based software. You can use your favorite browser to access special features like recording show timings, accessing your favorites and creating profiles. The server gives you the opportunity to access your Jarvis it through your laptop, desktop or mobile device via the internet. The Remote Access Server also gives you access to special features such as recording show timings, viewing the list of recent shows, sending voice messages and many more.


For all your it needs you can avail the iptv server software which is available for download from the official website of its provider or from any other reputable online source. Once you have downloaded the Jarvis iptv software you can install it on your computer by copying all the files on to your computer. Also make sure that you have installed the latest version of the browser for controlling the iptv content on your android devices like smartphones, smartpods, tablets and other similar devices. Then you are all set to start enjoying the international channels with all their exclusive its content. Click here to start the trial

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