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hello guys and welcome to buy coupon intoday’s video I will show you how you can install Kodi on your amazon firetvor amazon firetv stick and this will be my December 2017 update for you guys solet’s get started so the first thing you want to do is go to settings press itdown move over to the right-hand side until you reach device click on thatscroll down to developer options click on it enable these two press ok thenscroll down to apps from unknown sources click on it and then click on turn on sowe’re going to press the home button hit the left key press down and type theword down the one we’re looking for is the thirdone on the list so scroll down to the one it says downloader press okay sounder apps and games press ok on the orange icon that says downloader andyou’re gonna click OK to download if you see a get option all you gotta do is dothe same thing however if it’s not allowing you to download the downloaderapp you have to go to your Amazon account by using a browser you can do iton your phone you can do it on your computer just log on to your Amazonaccount and then go to one-click setting and then putting your billing addressthere and once you save it go back here and then press ok to download okay so now that the downloader app isinstalled let’s go ahead and press ok you’re gonna see this littlenotification just go ahead and press ok and on the blinking cursor go ahead andpress ok and from here we’re gonna type in bi t dot ly /lv Y and then the number18 you can press play or you can justsimply go down over here and click on go like so you will see this littlenotification go ahead and press ok and then look on your remote control andfind the menu button it’s right next to the home button if you press that youwill see this little screen so scroll down to enable JavaScript and reloadpage so click on it and then we’re gonna click on download just click on it alright so from herejust press the down twice and then move to the right-hand side click on install so now that the live the app isinstalled go ahead and press down move to your rightclick on open press down on the blinking cursor just simply press ok and we’regonna type in the latest version of Kodi which is version seventeen point sixKrypton so let’s type in VI T dot ly / vhy 33 and again that’s bi t ly /bh Y 33and then go ahead and click Next or press play from your remote and thenwhen I click on OK to go and it will fail so just go ahead and hit the backbutton and then press ok again it should initiate the download this timehow are you guess we’re back so once you’re finished downloading theKodi app I’m going to install it so go ahead and simply press down twice moveto the right hand side click on install alright so now that we have successfullyinstalled Kodi on your fire TV or a fire stick we’re going to go ahead and openup the Kodi app so press down move to your right click and open alright so inorder for us to completely set up your Kodi all we got to do is press the upkey move to the right hand side the one in the middle that looks like a gear goahead and press ok here go to file manager click on it scroll down to addsource click on ok and click on none so we’re going to type in the source forthe titanium build so type in HTTP colon double slash repo dot supremebuilds calm and again guys as usual make sureeverything is lowercase no spaces in between otherwise that will give you anerror message so again that’s HTTP colon double slash repo dot supreme builds comgo ahead and click on OK over here press down hit OKjust name it whatever you want clicking ok press down click on OK againand from here we’re gonna hit the back button twice like soscroll down to add-ons click on it move up I’ll add this little open boxclick on it and then scroll down to install from zip file click OK you willsee this warning move to the left hand side click on settings click on unknownsources and then say yes click on yes and then hit the back button now goahead and click on install from zip file again and you will see this littlewindow so you want to choose the source that you just added it’s in my case it’sthis one go ahead and press ok here and then scroll down to the very bottom theone that has the dot zip and then press ok move up to install from repository clickon it scroll down to supreme builds repository click on that scroll down toprogram add-ons and then choose supreme builds wizard click on install once the add-on is installed you willsee this little notification go ahead and choose this miss click on continueclick on build menu and then there we go if you’re in theu.


I want to make sure you choose this onetitanium USA server one or two whichever works for you if you are in Europe or UKthen choose this one and as you can see there’s a lot of builds available depending on your preferencesbut for this tutorial we’re going to use titanium let’s go ahead and click on itand then scroll down to fresh install and then press ok move to the left click on continue and then wait for it to finish off theinstallation process are you guys if you feel uncomfortablestreaming movies online using Kodi what you need is a virtual private network ora VPN my recommendation is ipvanish so here’s what you need to do to registerclick on the address bar and type in here bi T del Y / IP B hy again guysthis should be all lowercase so VI T del Y / IP B hy press enter allright so there we go so all you got to do is click on get protected and if youneed more information on how the VPN works or virtual private network worksyou can check out the information on the website so let’s click on get protectedand right now there are on sale at two thousand eighty seven cents for twoyears so it’s a price lock guarantee guys so you might want to take advantageof this if you want to do a trial do this one month for ten dollars per monthbasically and just for a year if you want to do it for just a year you can goahead and click on 649 over here now to register I had and click on create anaccount over here click on enter valid email address and then enter yourpassword and this will be your username and password so you can log into youripvanish account you can use credit card PayPal or any other payment methods all right so once it’s finishedinstalling you’re gonna see the screen go ahead and press ok under force closed hit the home button and then press downthree times so under your apps and games move to the right-hand side click on seeall hit your left key from your remote and then press the Menu button from yourremote the one that has three dashes and then we’re gonna click on move to frontlike so and then press ok and it immediately moves the Kodi icon at thevery top of the list let’s go ahead and open itso press ok all right so congratulations you havesuccessfully set up your Kodi on your fire TV or fire stick now give it fiveminutes to update guys it takes a little while and it’s not gonna respond on yourclicks so just let it sit there for a while how are you guys if in case youhad troubles with the build not responding all you gotta do is four stopit under manage installed applications and then from here let’s go ahead andcheck out the menus available so we got main menu movies TV shows free live TVsupport replays combat zone Kids Zone hen espanol gears TV later streams PVRplus subs music Android apps and we’re back at the main menu let’s go ahead andgo to the movies and you will see this just in movies on top if you want tomanually use a video add-on or a movie add-on you want to go down over here onthe list so we’re gonna try to play a movie usingcovenant when they scroll down to new movies alright so let’s go ahead andpick a random movie over here let’s go ahead and try this I hope you enjoyed watching this videoplease like share comment and subscribe to the channel and thank you so muchguys for watching.

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