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hey tech doctor how can I access theentire Google Playstore on my fire stick or fireTV or really any Android deviceincluding the Nvidia shield or the chamois me box well in this video todayI’ll be showing how you can install a single apk that will give you access tothe entire

Google Play Store so all the applications all of the games all theutilities anything you can find on the Google Play Store you can access as apksdirectly on your fire stick or any Android device so as per normal let medo a quick overview of this APK then I’ll give

you the exact steps you needto follow to install it so if all of that being said okay so to get this newapk the very first thing you need to do is go over to your settings and insettings go over to your device Wi-Fi TV click on that go

to developeroptions and just make sure that these two are set to on once you’ve done thatgo back to the home screen and we now need to open up downloader now if youare doing this process on a Android TV box or a cell phone or a tablet you canuse

an application like puffin TV browser or Google Chrome and then youcan get the apk from that but a fire stick fight TV use downloader and justnavigate to this URL which is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash get fourlinked comm now as soon as you type this address in

this will automaticallydownload the latest version or falling onto your device so let’s type that inand click on go or press the play button on your remote okay let’s now downloadit let’s click on install now we can now click on open so as mentioned yesterdayguys so I will now

be sharing all of my applications all of my tools all of myutilities through my brand new apk store and as mentioned yesterday the code formy new apk store is all of the nine so I really do hope you don’t forget thatokay so that’s all of the lines there

let’s click on next and let’s click oncontinue so as mentioned the new apk store is exclusively just for mysubscribers only so if you don’t have the pin code just click on this or go tothis address this will open up a web page whereyou’ll see a YouTube button now

you can click on that this will take you to mychannel you then subscribe to my channel go back to the same page again and thenin a few seconds you’ll see the code if you’re already a subscriber and youdon’t know the pin code just go back to the same

page wait for about five or sixseconds and you’ll then see the pin code there so let’s type that in now okay sohere is the new store let’s click on dismiss let’s go to the bottom of thislist and here we have it go so this is the job store

apk so with this we canaccess the entire Google Play Store on whichever Android device were using soI’ll be doing my tester on the latest forecast stick but you can do this onyour Android TV box is your Nvidia shields because we know what those boxis they have a very

small subset of applications that you can access on theGoogle Play Store but with this apk you’ll be able to unlock the entire PlayStore so let’s click on that to download okay we can see that’s now changed to aplayer icon let’s click on it again and let’s click on

install okay let’sopen that up the other great thing about this is it doesn’t require a mousetoggle so you can do all of the navigation with the standard remotecontrol like I’m doing now okay so we first start the application this is whatyou’ll see so you get a list of

all the applications are currently installed onyour device you can then go over to the hamburger menu in the top left and ifyou go to updates this will now give you the option to update those applicationsso if you’re running a slightly older version of a particular applicationyou’ll then see

in the list and that will then allow you to update it so it’sa great feature that you can update all of your applications from a singlelocation but the key thing about this story is guys is that we can access allof the applications on the Google Play Store directly

from Google so so there’sno different mirror sites or other apk hosts these apks are going to bedirectly from the Google service so let’s say for example we want to installGoogle Chrome now we know this application is not available on theAmazon store we do know it’s available on the

Google Play Store how do we getthere now one of my viewers actually askedabout this because he was not able to install it on his 4k device so let’s seeif we can do it so the very first thing we need to is go over to categories wecan go to

search now let’s search for Google Chromenow the key thing here guys is is that when you’re using supplication you’regoing to make a connection to the Google Play servers and you’re going to askthem that can I please get Google Chrome now well Google do is they look at yourdevice

ID like who’s actually making this connection who is asking for googlechrome and the minute that they see it’s actually a fie stick that’s asking forit we can see what happens let’s click on search we get told there’s no appsfirm because it’s telling us based on our device ID

that I’m using a firestick Google Chrome is not available for you so how do we get around that nowthat’s the amazing thing about this application guys is that we can actuallyspoof our device with a different device ID so we can talk to Google and say thatwe are a

pixel or we are a Nexus device so we are a Samsung Galaxy or somethingelse so that way Google will then show you the full list of applicationsavailable for you so the way we do that is once I can go to the hamburger menulet’s go down to settings scroll

down and we can see here we have an optionpretend to be a different device so as mentioned by default you’re talking toGoogle using your original device info but we’re going to change that so I’vetried a couple of these and all of them seem to work perfectly fine so

the onethat I’ve personally been using is if we scroll down now when you scroll down youcan actually see the cursor what’s actually selected but you keep pressingdown and just wait until you see galaxy s7 edge so when the last item in thelist is that that’s what’s currently selected

so let’s press OK on that andwe can see now it says here galaxy s7 edge so dice one is currently selectedlet’s click on OK this will now shut down the application so when we launchagain it should not launch using the new spoofed device ID so let’s try thatagain

so let’s go into the hamburger menu let’s go down to categories and nowthat I search for let’s search for Google and see how many apps we get nowso in theory now when we do make a connection to the Google Play serversGoogle Play will think that this is actually

a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge that’smaking the connection and based on that device we should see a lot moreapplication so let’s test that now so we typed in Google so we search you forgoogle click on next click on search okay so wehave two options there it’s asking you that

you don’t access the Google PlayStore using your own account or the built-in app store account now thebenefit of using your own Google account is if for example you’ve purchasedsomething on the Google Play Store if you do log into your own account againyou can download the application on this

device and you won’t have to pay foragain because it’ll know that your account has already purchased that butin my case because I’m using free applications only I can just use thebuilt-in app store account let’s click on that now let’s see how many resultswe go and there we have

it guys we now have access to the entire Google PlayStore because the things say it’s now actually a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge lessbrowsing so for example now if I want to install Google Chrome I can just clickon that I can now press down and we can see this

is now highlighted and click onthat click on allow to give the yob Store access to your storage click onallow and there we have it guys we are now downloading this APK directly fromthe Google Play Store directly from the Google servers onto our first eggbecause once again it thinks

that it’s actually a samsung galaxy that’saccessing that Play Store so let’s give that a second we can either press thecontacts key to launch and install or you can click on install so let’s clickon install tel let’s click on install again give that a second ok let’s openthat up

and there it is guys we have now installed Google Chrome on the latestforecast egg from Amazon and we’ve got this APK direct from the Google PlayStore presses back off that now another great thing we can do is because we knowthat the YouTube TV apk is not allowed on

the Amazon fire TV devices how can wenow get there using this apk well what we can do once again is we can nowsmooth our device and say we’re not a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge anymore but weare in fact a standard Android TV so let’s go back to pretend

to be adifferent device let’s now select a TV so let’s say for example we go for let’sgo for the sony bravia 4k TV we can now see that says sony bravia 4k TV let’sclick on ok this will now restart the application one more time and when weopen it

this is now going to emulate like it’srunning on the sony bravia 4k TV so that’s once again search for apps let’ssearch for YouTube TV click on search again and there we have it guys we nowhave the official YouTube for Android TV let’s see if we can install that

letspress down a few times we can see that’s now highlighted let’s click on downloadso we are now downloading the official YouTube for Android TV direct fromGoogle Play let’s now click on install click on install again tel let’s clickon open and would you believe it we now have the

official YouTube for Android TVon the 4k fire stake let’s click on skip for a second and this is there we nowhave access to official YouTube TV on our fire stick using a standard remotecontrol we can sign in we can watch all of the best stuff we can subscribe

tocheck doctor and we can do all of that without fire stick and that’s all forthis video guys many thanks for watching if you did find the video useful then dogive it a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then please dosubscribe and hit the

notification bell leave me a comment below let me knowanything about this apk and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys realsoon thanks

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