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IPTV Arabia is catching up as more people realize the potential for its advantages. Like cable TV, the service is provided at a very high quality but at a much lower price. In other words, it is a win-win situation for both the customer and the service provider. What makes IPTV so attractive is its unique combination of features that make it stand apart from other services. The service provider can provide a wider range of channels, at a lower price with better service quality, then the cable television operators.

Special functions

Cable television companies cannot offer the same benefits as IPTV, because they have to maintain a fixed infrastructure and upgrade the connection constantly. With IPTV, the service provider does not need these expenses because it can add many additional IPTV receivers and transmitters as and when demand increases. A typical IPTV package will include DVRs and special IPTV hardware that allow the use of digital video recording. The service provider can also offer different packages, depending on their priorities like subscription based or pay per view. There are even prepaid IPTV packages available to customers who want to test the system before making a long term commitment.

IPTV price

Prices for IPTV packages vary according to the service provider, the number of IPTV receivers and transmitters, and the equipment maintenance and purchase charges. Service cost is one of the most significant factors because it determines how much a customer can save over a period of time. Different packages offered by different service providers have different service cost implications. For example, the price of an individual IPTV package can range from $500 in the United Kingdom to thousands of dollars in the United States.

The rates of different packages differ according to the service provider. The most basic packages are usually offered at low price. They are called single package deals. However, it is possible to find several such packages at the same price. There are also different packages that are available on a monthly basis. Monthly packages can be valuable for business travelers, as it enables them to reduce their travel expenses.

IPTV channels

Each package has a different number of channels. Higher number of channels indicate a greater number of TV shows and movies, which viewers love. However, the price of each IPTV package varies according to the number of channels and not the number of HD channels. Customers can choose from the standard packages or premium packages. The standard packages are limited to standard TV programs and movies, while premium IPTV packages provide access to all international TV stations as well as international film or TV shows. High-definition programs, popular in high definition television broadcasts, can also be offered in premium packages.

Various packages

Different companies in Saudi Arabia offer different IPTV packages. The prices vary according to the company. Most of these companies have been offering IPTV services since 2021. The most important features included in a package include HD channels and digital sound. Most of these packages include DVRs that allow the user to record live TV shows and movies.

A typical package from a service provider includes a remote control, an internet connection, an HD DVR recorder, and premium software. Some of these packages also include special features, like parental controls, customized TV show and movie choices, and access to premium movie channels. Most service providers also offer free installation and software upgrades. Customers need to pay for the subscription of a service provider before they can start using IPTV.


An Internet connection is mandatory in order to sign up with an IPTV service provider. This is often free in some cases, but not in all cases. It depends on the location of the IPTV provider. Certain broadband service providers in Saudi Arabia also offer IPTV services at affordable price. Once the customer finds a good service provider, he can sign up with the eternal tv iptv.

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