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so you’ve asked and I have tried to deliver and what I’m doing in this video right here is I’m going to talk to you about the over 1.

5 call strategy and I’m going to give you some life examples as well so there I not only show you how to talk about the theoretical part of the strategy but we go into a live trade example because I know that you guys love that kind of thing okay last year I actually put together a video where I talked about the over 1.

5 gold strategy but I didn’t give you any trade examples so this year we’re going to talk about that we’re going to talk about some of the evolution of that strategies works I found another way that we can leg into our positions which I’ve found is basically giving us that that little bit more profitability regardless of when the goal is scored and then obviously we’re going to talk about the risk mitigation practice as well so what do you do how do you exit the position when do you exit the position to make sure that you kind of staying with a one to one rewards risk ratio but before we gets into it please make sure that you are subscribed to the channel so if you haven’t subscribed hit that subscribe button below and also below it or next to it there’s a little bell so hit that bell as well and what that will do is I’ll make sure that you get a notification as and when I release new video so you’ll never have to you know miss any of the videos I upload here okay so let’s talk about the over 1.

5 goal stretch team the first thing we need to understand is that we’re not talking about just the over 1.

5 goals market we’re talking about the markets that is over 1.

5 goals away from the current score line so if the current score line is one-nil you’d be looking at the over 2.

5 goals market if the current score line is 2-1 you would then be looking at the over 4.

5 goals market so what you do is you look at the amount of goals that have been scored in the game you’d add those together and then you’d look at the market there’s 1.

5 goals away from what that current value is okay so as I said one one-nil would be you have a 2.

5 goals market 1 1 will be the over 3.

5 goals market so on and so forth I think you get the picture here the second thing that we need to do is we need to understand what exactly we’re going to utilize this strategy because there are a lot of strategies that you can utilize when you look – chase goals okay now first thing to understand we’re going to utilize a strategy in the second half of a game so it’s not something that you’re going to implement towards the first half of game it will absolutely be in the second half of a game and then you might ask yourself if you’ve been doing this for a little while okay so second half of the game why would I not then maybe go for the over 0.

5 goals market or why would I not go for you know laying the draw and the answer to that is you’re only going to lay the draw go for the over 0.

5 goals market towards the latter stages of the second half so you know from the sixty-fifth 70th minute onwards you could look to lay the draw and from around the 75th minute onwards you might be able to look at the the goals market the 0.

5 goals market away from the current score and the reason for that is to do if the risks a reward so everything that I do and all of my trading I tried to make sure that the risk to reward ratio is fairly neutral so you know when you when you win one you’re then going to you know or whatever you risk is equal to whatever the reward is so you risk making you know you might risk 50 pounds to make 100 to make 50 pounds so you might risk a hundred pounds to make a hundred pounds I’m not a great fan of these strategies where you’re risking you know a hundred pounds to make twenty pounds you know that they’re not all bad there are some ways that you can utilize them you can snap the markets if you’re you know paying a close attention to the game you’ve got fast pictures and things like that absolutely you can do that so I’m not saying for one second that’s not possible I’m just saying and particularly for the videos I upload here to YouTube I want to make sure that the strategies that I’m putting out there are kind of really beginner friendly so they’re not something that requires you to have a massively high strike rate I don’t want you to be in a position where you know you take a trade and if you take one losing trade then that’s going to wipe out all of your last five winning trades I don’t want you to be in that position I want it to be you to be in a position where one winning trade is roughly equal to one losing trade so then you can just work on making sure that you’re right more than 50 percent at the time and as long as it’s more than 50 percent at the time then you still come out ahead of the game okay so that’s why we look at you know we won’t look at the laying they draw the over 0.

5 goals market for the particular time and again we’re going to implement this strategy so then the question is well would we use the strategy and the answer is we would use this towards the beginning of the second half of a game okay so if we’ve seen that a game has been quite lively in the first half or you know it’s kind of we’re getting the indication that they’re going to be goals scored in the second half of the game and obviously you can look at the statistics or look at the you know outpost of that match selection video last week so you look at the the goal time statistics and you want to see a pattern of play with both teams that basically show you that there are goals going to be scored or conceded towards the beginning of the second half of the game and if you see all of that then you can utilize this strategy okay so what we’re trying to do is take advantage of goals that are scored by about the 80th minute mark in the in the second half of the game so basically you’ve got between let’s say the 45th minute towards the 80th minute to make money on this strategy if you go past the 80th minute then that’s where you need to take the loss so you close down your trade and you take a loss but anything before then the way that you structure this trade right here weren’t sure that you’re able to come out at a profit so how do we structure the trade well the first thing we do is we need to make sure that we’re waiting for a market that is about 2.

0 or above okay you might be able to look at some where it’s a little bit lower so you’re looking at very very strong teams playing very very weak teams and maybe they’ve been absolutely killing them throughout the first half and it’s just kind of you know a goal another goal is going to come in the game you know like maybe a man City playing a Norwich or something like that then absolutely you might be able to accept let’s say 1.

9 1.

8 something like that but you don’t really want to go below there and typically you want to start at 2.

0 or above now what you also do is you’ll then break up your position into three separate positions so you’ll go in in the first position will be the largest one so that will be a 40% of your total stake so let’s say for example you’re trading over 100 pounds your first position will be 40 pounds and then your leg into your positions you’ll enter additional positions at 30 percent increments so taking the 100 pound example there our first position is 40 pounds our second position will be 30 and our third position will be 30 pounds as well and that will give you a total stake of a hundred pounds now the way that we do this as I said the first is at the price of around two point zero then what I like to do is I wait like to wait for the price to rise by about two points so from two point if you go in at two point zero then your next trade will be getting you in at somewhere around let’s say four point zero to four point five maybe five point zero depending on how quickly it says that the markets is rising and then the third position will then go on again to or two to three points ish above that Orion is if something is something that you kind of needs to get a feel for for the way that the market is appreciating because you get some markets where you know the the goal market really appreciates a lot and very very quickly and in those cases you don’t want to be going in at two point increments you might want to do it and maybe like three point increments okay so two point zero five point zero and eight point zero for example but if the game is is very sort of like lively and the market isn’t rising as quickly then you could do it at let’s say two point zero four point zero and six point zero and the reason that we get sin and we leg into the position in this particular way is that the the goals market so contract the the opposite way to the way that beyond a two point five goals market works whether price is constantly coming down so you back at a high price then you lay at lower prices and you’re kind of guaranteed a bit of a profit with this market here the market is going to rise and so what we don’t want to do is we don’t want to be in a position where we get into the trade we put in our trade and going in one position for example and then when a goal is eventually scored let’s say scored towards the 80th minute when that goal is scored then you know basically comes down to our entry price and we haven’t made any profit and we’re kind of relying on a goal being scored within the first five to ten minutes of a game for us to be able to make our peril five to ten minutes of the second half for us to be able to make our profit no we need spin a position where regardless of when the goal is scored whilst we’re in our position we’re able to come out with a profit that’s why we leg into our position okay and before we get to the live trade example let’s just talk about some of the score lines that are good for this particular trade here obviously drawers are fine nil nails and things like I find one Nils or nil ones absolutely fine and also I don’t really mind the the games where it’s to nil or nil 2 or 2 1 or something like that you know previously a little while ago I kind of shied away from those particular games because I thought you know basically or what I saw was a lot of teams that sort of shut down and really wouldn’t do very much but what I’ve started to see a lot more is that those score lines you’re seeing there the games do become actually quite a bit more open so there are goals even in those games where the score line is nil nil – or – nil or something like that so when there’s two goals between the two games sometimes you can actually get it where it’s even more lively because you know they get the team that’s – no up.

they they’ve obviously got that little bit of a cushion and that their team that’s – no down they’re going to throw everything at it to be able to get a goal all right the other thing I like what I’m looking to select the games here is I like to have a strong team playing a weak team I don’t like teams that are kind of too close together because they do tend to cancel each other out of it ok all right so that’s enough of the talking he’ll come back to you after the trade example but what I want to do right now is I want to show you how this works in the live market so let’s jump across to a live trade example ok so I’m looking at a go-between family cow and port I’m not sure if I’m saying that correctly so apologies to all of you Portuguese people out there I’m absolutely destroying the way that’s meant to be said it was no no going into the first while going into the end of the first half and the beginning coming out in the beginning of the second half but then the Porto goalkeeper I don’t even know what he was doing but basically just more or less for a goal into his into his own net which basically wiped out the option for us to go for the over 1.

5 goals market I’ve just been watching the game a little bit there looking at the stats and it does seem lively and it does seem look it does seem like Porto trying to get back into the game so what I’m gonna go and do is I’m going to jump over to the over two point five goals market so remember with this strategy here we want to be in the market there’s 1.

5 goals away from the current score and where the current score being one nil currently obviously we then once go to the 2.

5 goals market and we’re going to split this up three different positions the first one I’m going to put 40% on so I’m gonna go ahead and put that on right now my whole state will be a hundred pounds in total okay so that’s gonna be my risk there so the initial stake is forty pounds I gotta put that in there and let’s just just put a little bit higher so we’re gonna squeeze a little bit more out of the market so it’s already risen anyway but anyway you can see what we’re trying to do here so I’ll put forty percent of my position on now at fifty two minutes just above two point zero R then go and put on another two position so thirty percent each at roughly two to three points above where the the market currently is unless a goal obviously goes in before that so this is really just an example of how we go about trading the over one point five goal strategy so I’ll come back to you when there’s more actual when I’m adding to this position here okay so as you can see no one has got a second goal yet so the market has obviously risen here we’re in on the over two point five goals markets if you remember we got in when the score was one nil so we went to the market it was one point five goals away from where the current score was being the two point five goals market and now what we’re going to look to do is we’re going to add a little bit more to our position so if I discover here click on the four point to go to open another position here remember we puts on our first position which was forty percent and then we put two additional positions on at thirty percent so I’m gonna go and put another thirty in there and I’m just gonna push it up a little bit there so four point three let’s say see if we can get taken at four point five place their bet there no mobile waiting for that to get taken what I want to show to your demonstrates you is what the price does in these markets and why we build into these positions because I don’t want it to be one of those cases where I just tell you to do something so you do it anyway I want you to understand why we do it so if we go and take a look at the price on the over two point five goals market here if you cast your mind back to let’s say the the under two point five goals trade you remember that the markets kind of drops are we it were guaranteed profits you know as long as no goals are scored well with this market use actually the opposite were guaranteed a loss till a goal is scored so what we need to do is we need to build into our position so there it doesn’t matter when a goal is scored we’ll still be able to come out at a profit because what happens and what a lot of new traders tend to do is they will kind of just put one position on this market and then they’re married to the position because they actually need two goals to go and for them to be able to make some profits both football traders we want to be in a position where as long as just one goal of squads we don’t need there it’s a good finish over two point five goals as long as just one goal is scored then we’ll be able to come out with some profit and that’s why we do that ok so there’s just a little bit of a lesson in just looking at the price chart so you understand how these things work we go back across here looks y’all it’s not being taken just yet there is a thing here where it says if you want to keep it during whilst a simply and that’s actually more applicable if you’re you know if you put these positions on positions on before you’re in play but because we’re already in place already there what we need to pay attention to here is the fact the market hasn’t actually taken this just yet which could be an indication there’s a bit of a tacking play going on but now the market has taken us fantastic so what we will do now is I’ll continue to monitor this position hopefully a goal goes in before we have to look at cutting our losses and walking away but I’ll come back to you when I put the the third and final position on there or obviously when a goal is scored and speech you then so I’ll come back to you in just a few minutes hopefully ok so the goal was scored really quite quickly after we got our position on what I want you to pay attention to is the market price now so the market when we got to know you’re embar we took and got our last position on at four point five the goals now gone and has obviously dropped down there to around two point zero and if you remember we got into our initial position at two point one or two point one for which if we didn’t add another position on to this here that would have meant there basically we’d be looking at a minimal profit so we wouldn’t really have had that much to cash out with obviously right now we’ve got a decision to make do we keep the position on and sort of like hold hold for the third goal do we take some of the partial profits or do we just cash our and when guests around the 73rd 7475 minute of the game and I’ve got roughly 40% of the profit I’m actually quite happy to cash out if a goal goes in earlier on then I might look at taking a partial profit so taking the liability off the table and leaving the rest to ride but you know going into the last 15 minutes of the game it is 1:1 I reckon both teams would probably be happy to get the the draw here so I’m just gonna go ahead I’m gonna click the cash out button as you can see and what that will enable me to do is cash out for a guaranteed profit there eventually cash are unsuccessful wonderful let’s just quickly click that again and when I say 40% profit I’m kind of referring to if I had my whole stake on so the whole stake is a hundred pounds and obviously thirty-eight pounds is near enough 40 percent of the initial stake and the reason I do that is it when we’re looking at a loss of one we do eventually take a loss here you are kind of locking it somewhere between 40 to 60% of your stake depending roughly where you get out that gets out of this position if you decide that it’s kind of not going for you so once you’ve got your full stake on there and as as I said we kind of get out towards the 80th minute you’re looking at between a forty to sixty percent losses so this is kind of keeps your risk to reward fairly neutral and allows us to be successful in the long run so I hope you enjoyed that and there is an example of the over 1.

5 golf strategy okay so I hope you enjoyed that trade right there unfortunately we didn’t manage to get all three of the legs of our position onto the trip but that’s absolutely fine I hope you I guess you’ll probably get the idea for that the one thing that I didn’t really talk about previously was how we get or when we get out of the position when we exit the position and we’re going to exit the position between the 77th to war or to the 80th minute mark okay so what we want to do is we don’t want to be in a situation as I said earlier where our risk to reward is compute completely skewed so we want to be in a position where our risk to reward is roughly one to one and that’s why we’re going to get out towards the 77th to the 80th minute mark and what will happen is that you’ll probably end up taking between a fifty to a sixty percent loss on your entire stake so if you had one pounds as your entire state then your loss at that particular moment in time will be somewhere around you know 50 pounds maybe 60 pounds maybe a little bit less but in and around that sort of region there and that’s roughly what your profit is going to be as well somewhere between the 40 to 50 60 pound mark depending on when the goal is obviously scored or us we need to keep it in a place where it’s roughly neutral roughly you know balance at 1 to 1 so we risk 50 to make 50 or you risk a hundred to make 100 so you have to get out of the position by the 77 to the 80th minute mark don’t seduce yourself into believing that a goal is definitely going to come therefore you’re just going to hold the trade because yes some cases the goal will come but you know what if the goal does come after that but after that particular point in time it’s gonna be very very difficult for you to make any profit anyway because the market the price of the market starts to rise exponentially and when the goal doesn’t come then you put yourself in a position where ultimately you’re you’re you’re now at a negative two-to-one risk to reward ratio so you know you’re risking a hundred to make 50 which means you have to be very very accurate with this trading structure your strike rate it has to be very high in order for you to be able to make money which isn’t the aim here as I said what I want this to be I want this to be beginner friendly trading so there you know it doesn’t matter what sort of experience level you have this is something that you’re able to make money with okay so let’s have a very quick recap of the rules here you’re looking for opportunities in the market in the second half of game so you’ve gone towards the you know the early part of the second half of a game and one great tip here is not to just get involved in the market just because you look at the stats also look at the in play to make sure that the game is lively and in some cases you might want to wait a few minutes in the second half just to make sure that there is a tacking attempt from at least one of the teams and there are chances being created if you can kind of do that yes you might miss a couple of opportunities when there’s a really early goal scored in the second half but by doing that you’re getting a better price and you are making sure that you’re getting involved in games where actually there there is a tech and stuff going on and there is the likelihood of the goal there okay so as I said let’s go over the rules first thing we’re looking for games where you know we’re looking for goals in the second half of games will to get in and the over 1.

5 goals market and that’s the over 1.

5 goals market away from the current score at the price of 2.

0 or above and then we’re going to leg into our positions in three separate increments so 40% 30% and 30% the first one 40% will be at 2.

0 or there there abouts if you can get it a little bit above them that’s a bonus the second one will be two to three points above the first one so if your first one is at 2.

0 your second position 30% will be for between four point zero to five point zero then your third 30% increment your 30% stake will then go in at two to three points above the previous entry so it might be you know four two four and six or it might be two four point five six point five something you get a little bit of a feel for the market and then obviously you exit the trade you know at the 80th minute mark if no goal is scored if a goal is scored depending on when that goal is scored you will either exit the whole traits you’ll close the whole trade down if you get sort of 40 to 50% of your profit or you might find that if that goal is scored you know almost immediately as soon as you get into the into the trade with your first stake there you might decide that there’s enough time left in the game that you want to leave on until the end in which case I would recommend that you kind of maybe take partial profits so go for a bit of a partial cash out then limit your liability and then maximize your profit so just see if you can get that second goal to get maximum profit say that part’s completely up to you that’s sort of reading the game and understanding you know what’s going to happen in the game if they’re you know four man City for example when one no up early in the second half I would imagine that they would get a second goal there because the other team will try and get back into a man says he would hit them again so I might be tempted to hold that position there if the goal was scored early enough no but then if the goal was scored in you know let’s say the 75th minute I might then say to myself well it’s probably unlikely that another goal was going to be scored in the last 15 minutes and therefore I’m just going to take the whole position off the table I’m going to take all of the profits there okay so hope this makes complete sense to you if you’ve got any questions about the strategy please feel free to post it below if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please subscribe to the channel hit the bell so that you get a notification as and when I release a new video and stay tuned keep an eye on this channel I’ll be releasing a lot more strategy videos and things like this I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to speaking to you on the next video take care now.

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