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If you are looking forward to experiencing IPTV Namibia services on your premises, you have come to the right place. IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television, a technology that helps television providers across the world offer digital service by converting digital signals into analog ones. This digital service is offered using the broadband connection as well as digital video recorders (DVRs) or digital television receivers (DTRs). Let us see what IPTV has to offer in terms of cost and channels.

IPTV Namibia has reasonable cost

As far as cost is concerned, it has been observed that the subscription rates are quite reasonable and this can be attributed to the low costs of labor and equipment. In fact, most ITTV operators in Namibia offer free IPTV setups to new customers and several free IPTV stations are being aired on the local digital station. Most importantly, most of the premium IPTV services channels are not available in Namibia.

As far as cost is concerned, it is a one-off payment and there is no recurring monthly fee. The cost of getting an IPTV Namibia package from a reputed service provider is about Rands dollars which include installation charges, equipment, set-up fees, and the monthly subscription fees. Apart from this, a technician will be sent to your home to set up your IPTV system. Most of the service providers also offer free trials, some of them for up to a month. For a limited time period after launching your IPTV, you can also enjoy special IPTV service offers like free SMS, free call rates, and free entertainment channels.

IPTV Namibia offers high-definition imagine

As far as channels are concerned, there are a handful of premium channels being offered by most operators in Namibia. If you are looking for high definition (HD), you will need a satellite dish and if you are also looking for high definition sports, you will need a separate receiver. The best way to get access to these channels is to get IPTV through either a cable company or through an IPTV service provider. In any case, it is worth the investment to have IPTV in Namibia.

One of the popular IPTV solutions being used in Namibia is the m3u high definition TV service. M3u is an application that enables users to watch high-definition television via the web using a compatible internet connection. It is similar to typical US TV channels such as CCTV, satellite TV, Freeview, and linear cable TV services. As the name suggests, m3u uses a high-speed internet connection to stream videos and photos to a computer screen.

Get access to an variety of channels

As far as features and advantages are concerned, the most striking feature of IPTV in Namibia is that you can get access to an amazing variety of channels and programs. If we take an example of news and current affairs, you can get access to award-winning documentaries, news reports, weather reports, international news, sports news, and a host of other channels. Concerning features, most of the IPTV service providers in Namibia have integrated the latest technologies and set-ups including DVRs (digital video recorder) to record live television. Other features include internet video, social media integration, music video channels, and premium channels. You can even order your live sports subscriptions and view them on your desktop computer or mobile devices like iPhones and mobile phones. All this comes at a cost, but the cost is very nominal.

Need to have a device/player to watch IPTV Namibia 

Another popular option available for IPTV in Namibia is the GSE IPTV smart tv. This solution offers a unique blend of traditional cable TV services with the latest features and state-of-the-art video and audio technology. GSE IPTV premium channels are packed into this innovative IPTV solution, offering subscribers access to almost 10000 channels. Additionally, this service has been designed with a unique offline access system, with password authentication for greater protection from unauthorized access.

An IPTV solution without a tuner is also available for users in Namibia – the Enigma its bundle. The Enigma bundle is a plug-and-play software that can be plugged into any conventional broadband or WIFI connection to enable it to stream high-definition video and audio content on its small WLAN. For even more choice, the Namibe Internet TV software bundle is also available. With a combination of two different IPTV solutions – the Enigma it and the Namibe its premium IPTV subscription – users can experience a unique combination of service, with the benefits of both IPTV solutions.

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