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and here we are those guys with a brand new video for the second youtube channel called felix 2.

0 I recommend you guys if you want to stay updated on game apps that make you earn money and vouchers gift and write via second channel is activated the bell today I want you show proof of payment of last games I brought in mine youtube channel the game is called popstar withdrawals in kids pop stars are in dollars when they arrive in your account paypal staff automatically yes they go to convert in euros more then ball takes a transaction then if anything to withdraw 5 dollars you will automatically receive in your account paypal staff all converted to euro 3 euro and 92 cents and as you can see this here the proof of payment of popstar guys today i want to present this game here serious and paying this game has been around for quite some time I leave the link below in description this game allowed us to earn the diamonds always look up and currently or 15, 000 diamonds and the diamond automatically if you look well they go to dollars currently or not 0.

76 cents of dollar and diamonds of course we go earn with the tate coar haga quanta games are within one application we are going to earn them by playing and we are going to earn by doing turn the plug and we earn and let’s take a spin in the slot once since if you arrive the minimum withdrawal goes top left and go to press net to convert diamonds earn money on paypal like see minimum withdrawal from 5 dollars on paypal up to 200 dollars fantastic game I leave you the link here below in description of the video we have as always also the quests practically emissions are more missions we give complete we can think in this page here to request then ok we can double ours shaking going to see a video pressing on collect for two or we can start playing like see here guys look how many games there are beautiful applications containing a lot of games ever play scratch cards of course if we find the three singles which is called win more and as you can see I won also of diamonds we can always double our diamonds by pressing on collect for two come on he scratched in another scratch you win a lot of games inside in one application we go scratch another milk not only wins the scratch game is also there street pop and 20 48 block puzzle game jam we lose through this one here called keep jump as you see it is loading once I play and loaded we start playing in a game that as you can see it just shows a short tutorial of what we have to do practically we always have this bird to pick up obviously we don’t have to fall guys as you can see going up level of course we always go to earn diamonds [Music] ok and as you can see I have gained some diamonds and I also earned points that go in the general classification of game who scores the most obviously goes to earn practically bonuses so we can always double the our tremendous diamonds on collect for two yet just press on the aics a man level in keys that play boys really containing a lot of games really really nice that there are really a lot of games boys we can then even play the slogan enough from the premises above the slot it will start to turn let’s see you alive something as you see I won between diamonds we can always double our diamonds we also have on tap down in the head but always take it above to earn if manyarrival of diamonds as you can see I gained ten more diamonds we can also go to share with a personal code that we all have so you can also write below in the comments i codes just go to these sections here to be able to share the code and as you can see I have invited 45 people I have earned other diamonds too you can share your codes for on evils with friends via social media or even below in the comments and as you can see now my jump is increased or 48, 000 diamonds and or two dollars 42 cents once they are arrived and 5 dollars can go mine personal profile was in the sees at withdraw with paypal there is also a ranking as you see where top three winners go to win additional diamonds in the first three how do you increase these points the points obviously go up always playing because we don’t just go to earn diamonds we send earn from these points for the ranking general is that it makes more points you get i fantastic diamonds game i will leave you on link below in video description I recommend you guys sign up for channel activate the bell if you want stay up to date on all of these games that allow you to earn money on paypal completely free and playing we see each other and we hear in a next video hello from felix.

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