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482mb of free memory on my 4kfirestick now before I started this process the most I could ever see freewas around about 200 220 Meg but installing a simple apk and running somecommands I now have more than double of that free memory on my device so in thisvideo today let me show you the exact steps you need to follow so you can alsoreally maximize your 4k firestick or really any other Amazon device so withall of that being said so I’m going to break this video down into two sectionswe’ll start with the easy section and then we’ll move on to the Advancedsection now the easy section just requires us to install a singleapplication which is developer tools now through this application will installbackground apps process lists now using a combination of these we can basicallystop background running applications on our device as soon as those applicationsare stopped that will then free up the memory for us so that’s a quite easything to do which is want me to start with there now moving on to the Advancedsection we’re going to use an application called ice boxnow ice box allows you to freeze applications including systemapplications now normally to free system applications you have to have root onyour device which of course there’s no root yet available for the 4k fire stakehowever you can use some adb commands to give you temporary root on thisapplication once you give it temporary root we can now start freezingapplications once this application are frozen they just cannot run on yourdevice anymore now a quick example of that is our frozen Amazon music so weknow this is actually a built-in applicationthere’s no way to disable it there’s no way to stop it running but look whathappens when I try and run it let’s start that now and there we have it guyswe have now literally looked at this application so simply cannot run on ourdevice anymore which will really free up valuable system resources so let’s startwith the easy process first okay so the easy process all we need to do isdownload developer tools menu and then through that will download thebackground apps process list so to do that on your Amazon device ID you can goto search and search for developer tools menu or if you have Alexa you can saydeveloper tools menu I here we can see it’s analyst let’s sort us install thatand then open that up let’s go to the tools menu now thesystem x-ray will put an overlay over your screen showing you the current CPUutilization memory network and some other interesting metrics let’s turnthat on let’s back out of this and here we can just see we know that the 4kfirestick has four cores or four CPUs we can see them here we can see one twothree four and here we can see the current memoryusage and how much free memory we have now what we want to do here is we wantto go to list background apps and process lists so let’s do that now nowwhen you do this for the first time if you don’t have it installed it will giveyou the option to install it so install if you don’t have it and then open thatup so this will now tell you all of the things running in the background on yourcurrent 4k firestick we can see I don’t have many things running at the momentbut on your device you may have lots of applications and the way we can closeall of them down if you click on close all apps this will now take you to thestandard Amazon applications menu and we can see we have the option there toforce stop now this is the master which we actually need so I want to leave thatrunning so if you press the back on the remote this will then take you to thenext application let’s also leave icebox let’s leave the developer tools menu sayhey for example I don’t need to use the silk browser so I’m going to go and forstop so when I click on for stop they should not increase the free memory thatI have available okay once you’ve done that let’s press back again so we cansee I now have more free memory than before so again depending on how manyapplications you have you can really free up that memory now in case you’rewondering what differences are made well on a device especially like a 4k fivestick well you only have 1.

5 gigs or free memory the more free Ram you havethe better performance you’ll see especially when you’re doing things likestreaming now as we know it’s streaming the way the videos deliver to you thevideo is downloaded into your memory buffer and then played from that bufferso the more free memory you have you’ll have more space for their video buffergiving you less chance of you actually getting buffering so if your device isrunning out of memory you have a lot more chance of getting buffering issuesand that’s pretty much it for the easy step guys so we literally install oneapplication the developer tools menu and we use this to install the backgroundapps process list we can then see all of the applications running in thebackground and we can then stop all of them which will then free up that memoryfor us now obviously this only works for applicationand it doesn’t work for system processes and also if you reboot your box there’snothing stopping those applications running again so for us to go to thenext level we have to go to the advanced steps which I’ll show you nextokay so for the advanced steps you need to have two ap caid’s installed bothwhich are on my website we need to have the ice box apk and the term ox apk sothe term ox is basically a terminal emulator so allow us to enter incommands directly onto our fork a forest egg ice box is an application used tofreeze applications and also freeze system applications now normally aspreviously mentioned to free system applications need to have root or adminaccess on your device so root we could say is similar to you on a Windowscomputer when you need to have admin access or an administrator access to docertain functions like you know change the time or you know change Hardwarethose things require administrator privileges so on an android device thatkind of access is called root access and as we know there’s no route availablefor the fork a fire stick however we can use ADB inside term arcs to issuecommands which will give us temporary admin access to icebox as soon as we getthat admin access we can now freeze applications including system processesso this is definitely an advanced tutorial and it may not be suitable forall of you and for that I do apologize the only thing I can say is grab a cupof coffee grab a cup of tea watch the steps and see if you’re able to do itnow as it’s an advanced process it does require us to enter in some commands nowfor that you can use the remote control but it really will take a long time Ipersonally would recommend using a Bluetooth keyboard so any keyboard youcan get working on your fire stick or Amazon device you can use on thisprocess so I’m using this Bluetooth keyboard here but you could also use oneof these other start keyboards like these ones but again as long as thekeyboard works on your device you can use it in this process okay so we’vedone any of these two applications from a website and install them and we’vealso connected our Bluetooth keyboard so the first thing we need to open up isactually ice box let’s open that now okay let’s press the right arrow rightarrow and hey looking to see is telling us that if you have root you select thisoption because if you have root on your device it’s very easy to use but we’regonna go for the simple ADB option now adb stands for Android debug bridge andit’s a method of interfacing or connecting to your Android deviceovercome online so let’s set the option now let’s bring up the virtual mouse andof course I should have said that you need to have the virtual mouse if youare innocent of firestick so let’s click on this option here now what this doesthis actually opens up a page on github and if we scroll down so this isbasically telling you that for you to give temporary admin access to iceboxyou need to run this command over ADB now to run this command you have threeoptions option one is you can install ADB on your computer and you can clickto your fire stick and issue the commands option number two is if youhave an Android phone or a tablet there’s a number of different ADB remoteshort programs on the Play Store which are free you can install those programsand then click to the fire stick and then enter the commands from your phonethe third option which is what we’re going to do is install term ax which isthe terminal emulator and inside that we can actually issue adb commands andwe’re going to type this command in with that so depending on how you want to doit you may find it easy typing the commands on your phone or your computerbut just for this demonstration I’m going to do everything on the fork afire stick so this is the command we need to type in let’s press the HOME keyand let’s now start tommix for the first time okay so here it is so we can see mykeyboard is working okay so the first thing we need to do before we can enterany adb commands is to actually install ADB inside term Arc’s now for us to dothis we need to enter in quite long come on but I will be saving a copy of thiscommand on my website and also in the video description and that command isapt space update space double and apt install double youget double and double you get again and now we type in the address HTTP s : fourslash four slash github.

com four slash now key thing to mention here guys is isthese commands are case sensitive so if I’m doing a capital you need to docapital as well and here for example after the Ford slash we need to enter inmaster with a capital M dev with a capital D and then a capital X submaster dev X for slash term locks with a capital T – ad being capitals for slashrole for slash master force install tools with a capital I installnow with the capital T tools Sh so when I said it’s alone come on Iwasn’t making it up so installs installed tools door SH space double andthen bash then finally installs with the capital I and then tools with a capitalT and then SH now K let’s press ENTER okay so we can see that’s now connectingto that website and it’s downloading the adb commands for us now we can see thisis the message we were looking for the tools were successfully installed now acouple of times I went through this process and I got to this bit here andthen it will give me an error so I don’t know if there’s some sort connectivityissues or there’s a problem on github but the key thing you looking for is ascreen message here and if you don’t see the message just run the same commandagain now the good thing is with term ops really any of these emulators iswhen you’d already type in a command if you were to type the same command inagain you can just press the up arrow on the keyboard and we can see there is thecommand again so if whatever reason you don’t see the green writing the greentools were successfully installed just run the same command again like whichI’m going to do now just to show you so doesn’t if you run it again but againthe key thing you’re looking for is that green line here which we can see toolswere successfully installed so now that we have the adb tools we can now enterin one more command which will then give us admin access inside icebox and thatcommand is adb shell space SH space four slash SD card ford slash Andrew reallycapital a four slash data 4/3 so come on we want to type in which is basicallysaying run this script which is inside the Android data icebox folder run thatscript which will then give us that temporary access inside icebox let’s trythat now now key thing to remember here guys is because this is ADB we’re goingto see a prompt saying get out this application to connect over ADB so makesure you’ve got your remote control hit ready because when I press enter I’mhoping we’ll see that prompt so that are starting it now and there’s a prompt solet’s click on OK now we got the message here that thedaemon has started successfully and we can see that straightaway launchesicebox for us so let’s go back into it now press the right arrow right arrownow let’s select simple adb and I’m hoping this time on a selectorbecause we’ve given that access if she now give us a different screen which wecan see in five and here we have the guy so that’s now working properly we nowhave admin access inside icebox and we can now choose with whicheverapplication or system app we want to freeze now the way we do that is if youclick on apps now here for example you can choose any of these applicationswhich are installed on your device and freeze them now freezing basically meansthat application can’t start normally it can receive notifications it can’tconsume any memory the only way you can start it is if you manually go intoicebox and start the application by person you think we should focus on thesystem apps because typically there’s no way to stop these applications thingslike Amazon music things like Prime video and tons and tons of other systembackground processes now whether you like it or not those things are gonna berunning on your device and they’re going to be consuming your CPU and memoryresources so if you can stop those I think you get more bang for your buckdoing let’s head over to system now when you go there for the first time you getthis warning saying freezing system apps you know may break your device and it’sis very true so I do strongly advise that if you are going to freeze anythinginside the system only do the ones that I’ve actually checked out myself becausewhen you see the list in here let’s click on got it just so I can show youthe list now first you think oh why there’s only like about ten of theseapplications because these are the actual visible ones if you don’t see thehidden applications or the hidden system applications let’s go to the option onthe top right let’s click that and let’s click on include hidden now here we canjust see guys we now have a massive massive list of background runningprocesses which are literally consuming a ton of resources on your device soeverything from this device system services to shared library to metricservices so we can see guys there really is a lot of bloatware built in to the 4kfor a stick or really any of these Amazon devices but just to be on thesafe side and you want to disable the things I’ve personally tested myself butI will be going through interesting all these applications so if you haven’tsubscribed do subscribe because I will be doing a lot more videos from how youcan really tweak and optimize your 4k for estate and any of the other Androiddevices the other thing to mention is in the free version of ice box you arelimited to freezing only 10 applications which i think is ok to get started but along time if you really want to freeze a lot of thingsthen it may be worthwhile buying the full version Britney’s demonstrationlistens to ten applications so I’m gonna start with Prime Vidya because I’m notgonna use that let’s click on that let’s click on Add list let’s do the logmanager let’s click on add list because I don’t care about my divorce logginganything so I’m going to freeze that and the ten applications I recommend I willbe saving in the video description and also my website but again all the timeas I discover more and more these things I’ll also be updating that list okay soonce you’ve frozen the ten applications I’ve mentioned you’ll see thehighlighted in blue we can now press the back on the remote now we can see theseare the ten applications there so we have 2 4 6 8 10 now you know theapplications are frozen because you’ll see the frost symbol next to them now ifwhatever reason you don’t see the first symbol that means you’ve added theapplications into the ice box but I haven’t frozen you’re gonna do a manualfreeze you’re supposed to basically swipe across this frost icon here now ona 4k 4 stick with the virtual mouse then we do that announcer 4 bring up thevirtual mouse go over to the blue icon I’m now going to press and hold then I’mgonna press write on the remote at the same time so press and hold and swiperight and wake CI goes across and we now get the message that’s now frozen so ifI try for an application like Amazon music for example if I click on that andhere we can just see those system applications are fully locked out theyhave no access to your CPU or memory giving you back all of those valuableresources now if you need to access something thatyou previously frozen you have two methods method number one is if youactually access it from the ice box it’ll automatically unfreeze up for youand allow you to access there so for example we know that Amazon music isfrozen for now going to that as soon as I click it this will automaticallyunfreeze it and allow me to access it so if I click on that we can see I can nowaccess that without any problem but if I close that down without thenautomatically freeze again that’s option number one option number two is which isthe more permanent option is you basically take it out of the ice boxlist and the way we do that is if you go back into ice box go back into apps gowith your system or wherever the application is that you want to unfreezeclick on the application and you can now select remove from list when you clickon that you go back out this again and we can see Amazon music is not in thelist anymore but we can still see the system processes are fully locked outand they can’t touch any of your resources let’s back out this againif I start the application now this should work a first time and we can seethat’s working absolutely that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watchingso many of you are asking for ways to optimize your Amazon devices so I dohope you like this one if you did find it useful then do you give it a thumbsup if you want to see more stuff like this then do subscribe hit thenotification bell as always I also appreciate your likes your shares yourcomments so leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guysreal soon thanks.

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