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to celebrate the return of football TiVo is offering 30-day free trials to the athletic the home of the world’s best football writing after taking charge of Arsenal at the end of December Miguel Arteta swiftly established a sense of routine having spent the first couple of months in rented accommodation he then moved his family into a home on route between the training ground at London Colney and the Emirates Stadium at the start of each day Arteta receives training data and fitness information on his phone on a typical morning free coronavirus his staff would arrive at the training ground at around 7:30 a.


for breakfast they’d eat then meet in our testers office to go over the morning’s training session having made a plan the previous day the doctor would update the staff on any medical issues or concerns before the players arrived at 9:45 a.


to prepare their are pre training meetings with individuals or positional units before the team congregate at 11:00 a.


to be led through clips and key messages by Arteta they train and then there are more meetings with individuals or smaller groups the players leave and the coach is set about planning the next day’s session now during lockdown that routine needed to be redrawn part etta and his assistants remained in touch with every senior squad member setting tactical tasks such as analyzing entire matches or specific clips while had a performance shad Forsyth coordinated the delivery of fitness equipment and bespoke training programs to the players at their homes online yoga sessions were also set up which the likes of Hector Baron Rob holding and Boca Osaka took part in and his two assistants have quickly established roles Steve round is more focused on trying to establish an elite culture and helping Arteta navigate the personal relationships that come with the job while albert Steven Berg’s emphasis is more on the tactical and technical side an art Etta himself is someone interested in diverse thinking during lockdown he was part of online webinars with Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVeigh England rugby union boss Eddie Jones and even a US military general who served in Afghanistan he’s keen to broaden his perspective he is of course also trying to change the way that Arsenal play particularly out from the back previously they merely passed the ball around often before they came under any pressure now they’re under instruction to commit an opposition player before making a pass thus taking a man out of the game during the lockdown the goalkeepers were also asked to pay specific attention to their starting position as Arteta also intends to involve them more in that evolution and changes are occurring around him – in the final few years of vengas reign there was a squad planning committee comprised of Venga chief executive even Ghazi das negotiated DIC law and scouts Steve Rowley and Francisca ego now Arteta has less autonomy than Vanga had he joins a new Gaspar a Swami Rosanna he and Vinny Venkatesh AM in the current committee sometimes with the scouting department involved – the key difference is that it’s the club who determined which positions Arsenal will target with our tetiz input mainly due to suitability if Arsenal require a new fullback what sort of fullbacks suit his purposes now sometimes a deal will present itself through the executive teams contact led approach in the case of Cedric Suarez who was signed in January elements of the deal were already in place and all that was required was our Tessa’s approval fortunately he and the wider recruitment team have a shared view of what constitutes an Arsenal player someone comfortable in possession who can help Arteta dictate the game but the most significant change is being pursued or internal Arteta was an appointment made with the club’s culture in mind there is also a conviction to Arteta that inspires belief it was present in the rousing speech he gave ahead of the victory over Manchester United on New Year’s Day in the pepper talk he had with Rhys Nelson on the touch line to the vitality Stadium and in the public disciplining and subsequent dropping of Mateo and Uzi after a misdemeanor in Dubai in a squad meeting on June the 12th Arteta looked his players in the eyes and told them that the club needed a change in attitude that was followed up with a progressive team selection for the trip to Manchester City on June the 17th which clearly rewarded attitude and applications shown during the preparatory sessions for the restore lack of it it’s suggestive of a human focus any coach in the modern game has to confront the challenge of balancing the different personalities in the dressing room not everybody is as committed as confident or as quick to learn but tolerant as he is of those differences there are lines that Arteta won’t tolerate being crust in the week prior to the restart in the second and final warm-up game of the amorous Arsenal eased off and were beaten by Brentford with footage of the sloppy goals conceded being shared widely on social media the nature of certain performances left Arteta angry and while the result didn’t matter he was quick to verbalize his disappointment those who don’t share his commitment to the highest standards won’t be a Arsenal for long so he demands utter professionalism but he’s not without a sense of humor the players tend not to use the term boss which was the traditional greeting for our tetiz predecessors now it’s mr.

or even Mikkel and in recent months the club’s code of conduct has seen a playful new addition imported from Manchester City the Wheel of Fortune if a player commits a minor indiscretion such as being late for a team meeting they must spin the wheel and risk a range of for fees ranging from modest fines to cleaning the dressing room or even having to polish the captain’s car the way he presents his ideas with immediate clarity has been appreciated our tetiz personality Sean through from day one he did the rounds introducing himself with strong fundamental messages those non-negotiables he expresses with no room for misunderstanding nobody could missed the main points about how he likes things done with the mixture of positivity drive and determination he made the kind of impression that makes people around a club want to work for him and the leadership at Arsenal certainly feel like they’ve made the right decision the club’s director Josh Kroenke had several conversations with Arteta before interviewing him in person and now stays in regular touch with his head coach via whatsapp and face time when Mikkel and I sat down one-on-one to talk about him coming to Arsenal he walked me through things that he’d seen on the pitch and took me through several things he would like to implement from a coaching standpoint Cronkite are the athletic but really what we spoke about was club culture and setting in new tongues it’s going to take some time we’ve got a long road ahead of us he acknowledges but the culture is changing let’s be honest Arsenal are weirder than ever so who better to guide you through the oddity than James McNicholas David Ornstein and Amy Lawrence and now you can get a 30-day free trial to check it out the athletic brought you the exclusive on Martinelli’s injury lay-off who should ask no sign to replace ersal how will Pepe improve next year and tons more behind the scenes info in David on stings Monday column you can also listen to handbrake off the athletics dedicated Arsenal podcast with Lee Dixon and the whole gang so for your 30 day free trial visit the athletic comm /tphoe football and get reading thanks for watching today’s video [Music].

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