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 loyd strata was the man who hello and got help from his friends number 93 actually was the man who grabbed the quarterback first watching terrific job here by the defense she got defensive penetration here he is he’s holding on for dear life and if you mention Charlie

getting help from friends that are in line and pursue outstanding defensive job by Jackson total of 80 some yards started off on the 17th culminating on a turnover turnover on downs first down in 10 for taste aid coming out of there running is Johnson & Johnson hurdles out

to the 9 yard line you know it’s ironic you start a drive limb at your own 17 yard line you get all the way down to the opponents too and on four downs can’t punch it in that’s true Charl it’s tough I mean you know it’s almost like

kissing your sister getting a field goal here but at least appeal go would have been better than nothing when you down by 31 points kiss your sister right 5:07 remaining Johnson caught in the backfield finally brought down at the 5-yard line loses a few Melvin Evans [Music] subordinator

down crews done is wearing it tonight huh 31 remaining at the 6o is that Farseer here’s Johnson again ooh Johnson is knocked down Peter Mitchell number 69 James Robinson another man who’s moved from offense to defense junior out of Corpus Christi Texas Corpus Christi you know play with

the lines from cross this crispy Christie Christie that’s why I used to say it I’m saying it out Corpus Christi Levi Johnson was right lovely defensive back knee hardly vibe into the levee but the levee was dry gray team closely get blocked no plan no flag here’s Wiggins

he’s down 41 yard line of Jackson State timeout on the field 337 remaining first half 37 to 6 is our score Jackson State with a 31-point lead 37-yard punt by McCray no play [Music] Nexus 7 has out Russ Jackson forty nine to six but they’ve settled down now

another quarterback in is Ronnie Tolliver and he throws it long [Applause] [Music] intended for joe rogers third quarterback touch of southerners tried tonight they’re trying to open up any can of peaches that are work for them Tyler Virginia out of Kennedy High and mound Bayou Mississippi they started

with Stacy Moore we saw she Minsky Payton come in a young man from Shreveport now there’s the stats on Ronnie Tolliver eight touchdowns but he’s thrown fifteen interceptions this year Tyler Tolliver was the man who slated was slated to start the season he had a lot of strong

competition as we’ve had a chance to see here in this game so far 328 remaining Tolliver again wants to go to the air he sacked all the way back at the 41 yard line and the sack is credited to Chris Gayle senior out of Vicksburg throw it out

of bounds anything I tell you Vicksburg there’s another sexy name I was telling you about Vicksburg that’s why they hailed the historical silver war still got a museum we’re gonna do the fact uh Sam Jones and I came down to do a basketball game and rode around the

battlegrounds of Vicksburg got lost in there very easily loss of 14 on that play third down 24 maybe a little illegal procedure against Texas of it whole lot of it don’t forget coming up at half-time you white halftime show time we’ll see Texas Southern and Jackson state’s ban

we’ll also have a feature on the new heavyweight champion right a winner over a week ago about nine days ago of a Buster Douglas plus we’ll be talking to Dave Clark professional baseball player leave on exhibition if the Chicago Cubs stay with us all coming up at half-time

[Applause] it was a catch by world war he turned his head around at the last minute I found the ball say what receivers like DBS has to be able to whip that neck around and locate the flight of that ball this outstanding it’s the fade on the sidelines

being covered quite well by two defenders see how he turned his head around at the last minute that’s at ball 22 yards I like Jerry Rice well it’s not 20 can’t be a 22-yard gain its fourth and eight [Applause] now Texas Southern will spend its second time out

they have one left in the half and we’ll be back we’re at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson Mississippi homecoming 1990 Jackson State and they lead it 37 to 6 we’ll be back [Music] and of Jackson State it’d be a fake I doubt it [Applause] Neal gets off a

high kick hoping it will land chai of the Gold Line but it bounces in and it’ll be brought out to the 20 so Jackson State will get the ball first and ten at their own 20 after 39 yard punt Jackson State scored the first three times they had

the ball and had to punt three out of the last four here’s the attendance offense put three scores on the board defense almost Matson with two by way of interception returns for touchdown first and ten Gregory [Applause] has the first down at the 32 yard line coach where

top are you doing coach god bless you good to see you coach Bush good decisions over 1 minute 54 seconds remaining and the 1st half 12 yards on the gain here is Gregory again going to the air throws as Jimmy Smith admit field and Jimmy Smith is down

at the 50 yard line another first down Jackson State on the move again with a minute 39 left in the half and market at the 49 and Jackson State going without a huddle session offense copied off Cincinnati 19 yards on that last reception to Jimmy Smith complete to

heap in the middle heap has another first down at the 30 planet is a clinic right now this it is I’d like to know the statistics right now on Sean Gregory where we started out hitting five of six of his first passes he’s come back now and hit

three in a row he’s on a roll eight of 1347 yards he ten [Applause] [Music] about to to Robert State in the fall back in a day and that that eight is to go over six thousand career yards remember he holds the career passing yard mark with five

thousand nine hundred and forty three so he’s just trying to hit this six thousand mark second down rolls out a play from troubled and they run it keeps it on the ground and gets the ball inside the 2015 for another first down Sean Gregory you know he suffered

a knee injury in the Montana State game they won double a playoff had knee surgery in fact wasn’t really ready to go in the spring the yet surgery right after the season ended and his comeback pretty strong on his left knee that was their loss than the one

double-a playoffs they lost in Missoula Montana forty eight to seven Gregory almost sacked and a flag goes down maybe offsides let’s see 22 seconds of the time remaining in the half Gregory trying to put some more points on the board before they have procedure so Jackson moved a

little bit prematurely to be first and 15 at the 20 yeah I can see why Sean is trying to get some more points on the board I doubt if you get a chance to play it the second half are these oceans of soul not ocean they’re a lot

of fellows too and it’s completed the 9 yard line to Calvin Jones now Jackson will use its second timeout and they’ll send a yogi in for the field goal with 4 seconds remaining so a uz trying to tackle on his second field goal of the day he has

a 29 yarder there have been four turnovers by Texas Southern in this game they fumbled twice and have thrown two interceptions yo Z with a 26-yard field goal attempt Fred McCray will hole with the one he has kicked the day he is 9 of 18 in that department

[Applause] it is up and it is good so Yossi with two field goals as the clock goes down to zero when the first half comes to an end [Music] and it’s 42-6 Jackson State [Applause] we’ll be back with our halftime show time to the other sports live in

just a moment stay with us the stress headache relentless tightening stretching the pullback running it in 19 yards for the touchdown the extra point by Yosi was good they cap an eighth play 68 yard drive used a 3:45 off the clock seven and nothing is the score Jackson

State they were leading 27 to nothing when Stacy Moore went to the air but mr Turner was there and he picks off his eighth interception of the year he runs it back 41 yards for a touchdown this made it 34 nothing with the extra point and this came

with 439 left in the first quarter finally Texas Southern did get on the board here Stacy Moore at quarterback he scrambles by some time and then finds his tight end Curtis Neal downfield the pass is finally complete after I say said he eluded them in several Jackson State

defenders Curtis Neal gets the ball at the 15 does the rest on his own goes in from 34 yards out but that’s all the scoring as the extra point is missed 42 6 is our halftime score of course it’s halftime still time that means it’s bad time and

the Texas Southern University Marching Band is down on the veal let’s go down to them right now of course the Texas Southern University of my van is under the direction of Benjamin Butler 21 years he’s been there and the oceans of soul is the name of the band

the young ladies the potion of the ocean [Music] the right way [Music]

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