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hey guys welcome back in this video I’mgonna be showing you something that I think will revolutionize how you findand install apks on your fire stick or fire TV or really any Android device soyou can forget typing in long URLs you can forget using download ES FileExplorer so with this method everything becomes one click install so as pernormal let me do a quick overview of the apk then I’ll give the exact steps youneed to follow to install but before I start I did mention in my last videothat the first five people to leave the comment he ain’t heavy he’s my brotherI’ll give you a shout-out in my next video so all of the names you can see inthe screen right now I just want to give a shout out to and say thanks make sureyou watch this video to the end to find out how you can feature in my next videoso with all of that being said let’s get started okay so I’m doing mydemonstration on the second-generation fire stick with Alexa but as previouslymentioned this apk works on all Android devices Android phones Android tabletsAndroid TV box says it’s all good now to get this apk we’re gonna use thestandard Amazon App Store but this is also available on the normal Google PlayStore and the application is called Android admin so from the home screen onthe fire stick let’s just go to the left and let’s search for droid admin okay sothere’s two admin let’s click on that unless install that so as we can see ina description guys this apk liaos us to create configuration falls where we canbasically have a bunch of apks that we can share out we can download we caninstall with one click on any android device and what I’ve done is I’vecreated my own configuration page which will have all of the apk so ourpreviously worked on giving you easy access to install themok let’s download up ok let’s open that up and this is the key point in thevideo guys we need to enter in my special droid admin code which will takeyou to my custom apk store and my code is it’s three eight five two five fourdouble eight so let’s type that in and click on next and then click on continue and here it is guys welcome to the newlyopened tech dr.

UK APK store and all of these apks I’m hosting myself I’muploading them I’m managing them I’m giving them out for everybody to use andI’m happy for able to use them the only thing I ask is make sure you dosubscribe to my channel if you want to use this page so I’ll be managing thisapk store any new video that I make with apks I’ll be uploading them up here andallowing everybody to access them from a central location it just makes the wholething so much easier so you don’t have to type in any more short URLs or longURLs and use any other application just type in my apks store code you canaccess all of these great apks and installing AP case from here it’s justso much easier than typing in URLs using download or using ES explorer you cometo a central page you find apk you want to install this of course works with thestandard fasted remote control you can come down you can choose the apk solet’s say for example I want to install show sport TV I can just click on thereand that begins an instant download of that apk to my device how easy is thatguys so first it downloads it then you click on it again and here we can nowinstall it so let’s click on install just to show you and that’s all doneguys we have now installed an apk from my new apk store and the apk is nowinstalled so really guys how easy was there no miss thing about not typing inURLs literally one click install and you’re good to go and this will now bemy preferred method of sharing our apks with my subscribers plus backup this andhere we have our AP case we can install guys so again if you need to install themouse toggle for example you can come down to that click on that and I’ll beyour mouse toggle ready to install so I really believe guys this is a fantasticway to manage apks and install ap caid’s on all your devices so especially whenyou’re moving to another Android TV box or another fire stake and startupdownloading like ten different things and you know installing things we canjust install one apk called droid admin use my special code you have access tomy entire apk library right if there’s anybodystill watching my video at this stage I won’t leave the comment belowdroid admin rocks and the first five people to do that I’ll give you a shoutout in my next video so let’s do the one last tip if you want to clear out thespace so this is used when you’re downloading apks we just back out ofthis and click yes here on the top right where you’ve got therisako Ben if you click on that this will basically delete all of the apkthat you’ve downloaded and you would installed so you don’t need to installthe apk anymore you can click on yes now free up somespace for you but once again guys that’s the code you need to get to my specialapk store that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching do you leave mea comment below let me know if this works for you I really do believe thisis gonna be a revolution in installing apks for all your android devices butlet me know what you think leave me a comment below and I hopefully catch upwith you guys real soon thanks that’s it guys I hope you found that video usefulgive me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for youand please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and ifyou’re interested in VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll geta great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you wantto stay safe online I do recommend you check out a VPN thanks again guys seeyou on the next one.

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