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Nothing we were trying were working out.

But, when I do something I’m confident in, something we are all confident in, When we CHOOSE to be so, we become .



KT Rolster was in a good momentum, a playoffs contending team.

And you’ve beaten them in 2:1.

How are you feeling? Today’s match was so important for all of us.

KT’s been pretty scary lately, right.

So I was pretty nervous about today.

Then, the team performed extremely well today.

I’m truly relieved.

And there is an interesting common fact about both games APK Prince won today.

For the first game, Hybrid was awarded POG with unanimous votes.

Then in the second game, Flawless was voted the POG unanimously.

We were also impressed by the performance of these two players in respective games.

Can I ask for your personal impression on these two players? Well, I can be a judge by being in these games myself.

The players are so reliable, they have my back.

When these boys are standing beside me, I also feel motivated to do well and complete the big picture of the game.

There are main actors and supporting actors in a movie.

I want to do the best in this film as a supporting actor.

I wouldn’t say you are a supporting actor, though, Ikssu.

You show some FIERY performance in the top lane.

You are renowned for your insane champion pool.

I did want to ask — Why do you guys always say, “Do it warm-headedly?” That became a meme because .



We weren’t doing well this split, right.

At that time, we would always tell each other, “Play cool-headly.

” Then people might feel down hearing it, it’s a feedback situation and all.

So I was like — Hey, let’s go warm instead.

If we can say nice things to each other, let’s say the nice things.

That means we will have a better relationship with each other.

We thought if we said kind things to each other, it’ll help with the team synergy.

So we had that conversation, say warm things to each other.

Now it’s become a bit of a meme in APK Prince.

I heard voice comms like, “Do it warm, open the fight warm-headedly.

” The players seem to be using the word “warm-headedly” in any situation these days.

We just don’t like to hurt each other’s feelings in this team.

Our results were so bad, and we were making these changes to improve our situation.

APK Prince walked a long and difficult path to get to where they are now.

I remember the first round-robin, when APK Prince struggled to even win a single match.

Now, you guys are on a three-match win streak.

This is a big contrast from the first round-robin, and people would say that APK Prince has come a long way.

Ikssu, what’s the single biggest change that the team has gone through? In your personal opinion? So .



This is the thing .



If a team keeps losing matches, you eventually lose that trust between the teammates.

But we kept telling each other, trust that friend playing next to you.

That if you trust the plays of your friends and commit to them, you can make the impossible possible.

And .



We kept trusting, from the bottom of our hearts.

Our trusts have been rewarded [with results].

And Ikssu, you are the oldest brother of this team, the spiritual pillar of APK Prince.

Was this emphasis on trust something you promoted? Um, I wouldn’t really say that.

I had this big conversation with my teamfights when we first started.

I told everyone, I just want to be a bystander.

However, that would have been too irresponsible of me.

Because I also need to do well alongside my teammates.

I need to become a good role model, show it with my actions, so my teammates can rely on me.

I showed with my own actions that I’m someone my teammates can rely on.

This naturally fostered trust.

My teammates might think that I’m the pillar of the team, but .



But I believe that every single player on this team is a pillar of this team.

Is there a particular player that you are especially proud or appreciative of? Does any player come to your mind? No specific player comes to my mind, because .



All my four teammates are like that.

I’m impressed by every single player on this team.

They deserve all the respect out there.

And I feel this way towards every single one of my teammates.

I can’t pick out a single player as all of them are great.

There are four players, and there are even substitute players.

I’m so impressed by what I am hearing, and this is why.

Because this is a recurring pattern with weaker teams.

A team might stop being proactive after suffering too many losses in a row.

Or they might try all different types of strategies, going aggressive and defensive every other week.

And end up as being none of these things.

And even when that team actually finds a lead in a game, they might feel lost on how to close out the game.

This is a downwards pattern I often notice with teams at the bottom of the standings.

But APK Prince never strayed from its team color.

The team kept the aggressive team color, you kept playing Illaoi at the top lane.

APK Prince stayed true to its unique playstyle and now it has a positive result.

Ikssu, can you add anything to this? I’ll be honest, we were also trying out a variety of things.

We would try to go with whatever is giving us the best result.

Then they didn’t work out.

Nothing we were doing was working out.

But, when I play something I’m confident in, something we’re all confident in, When we CHOOSE to do so — We feel more responsible in our own plays.

And we end up striving for a better result even harder.

So we kept playing things we are confident in, on a game-by-game basis.

What you are describing is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

Rather than follow what looks good on other teams, you play what you’re confident in.

I believe that takes a lot of confidence.

All the players on my team have this personality .



Like .



They’re on an extreme end.

Other people might feel pressure playing this way.

But our players, we’re like .



“I’m confident on this pick, so let’s lock it in, it’s good.

” Man, I’m getting Slam Dunk vibes.

Again, congratulations on the victory today.

Will APK make it to playoffs? We’ll have to continue following the LCK.

I usually tie up an interview with “Can you say anything to the fans?” But you’ve told me so many things today .



Instead of the usual question, can you instead say something to your APK Prince teammates? My teammates.

My little brothers.

It’s not just the four other players who started today, there are other substitute players who’re giving us immense support from the backstage.

We were able to make this growth because of all these conversations and helps from these substitute players.

Yes, the starters are getting the spotlight right now.

But I want to thank the other players on the teams who did not get to start today.


Thank you so, so much for great words.

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