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we start this video with a very cool draw for you I’m going to raffle a user for 12 hours in which top 12 hours is a damn barbaric which almost certainly equals more than a thousand followers in instagram if you want to participate you will have to do three things the first one leave a like in this video since it has to reach 2000 in 24 hours the second they left like in the video that you have in the fixed comment and third I am going to show this photo this photo you will also be able to download it in the comment fixed and what you are going to have to do is change the green background for something with the image and that it seems very funny, I will give you an example once I comply the requirements send me the photo to the email you have on the screen and that also you have in the comment posted the winner I’ll give you when we get to 330 thousand subscribers so you already know how to share the channel because as soon as let’s get to this and the winner [Music] [Music] [Applause] You know that my brother has been riding a bicycle since he was 4 years old.

far if you come you exist the next video take a chance and comment a very funny one below you are going to have to like the one you like the most and the one with the most ex will be in the next video today I bring you a new application that happened to me the other day a subscriber on twitter this application I have been testing it one day and during that day it has worked quite ok and deciding to upload it the subscriber is this one here low bar morito xx low bar I would appreciate that they support it is many since it has happened to me this application here if you know any application that has not uploaded to channel and you want me to upload bread give it to my email you have it in the description I am going to teach you how to get followers but before that we are going to do today’s video promotions you want to be promoted in the next video download the description and see the promotions section of everything what you have to do and so you know how to be promoted in a video and firewall airsoft 358 subscribers an account dedicated to airsoft some already you will know because the promotion more times but others do not and you will like it a montonazo since if you like the whole topic of airsoft you are going to go to their featured stories and you will see the shirts they have that are shirts pretty cool that you can like a lot and if you don’t like airsoft and you like these shirts I would recommend that you also at one because they are super cool rock and if you have 1450 subscribers and right now is raffling pc games his channel is basically dedicated to gameplays and reacting videos like for example gta in real life you will get that use as for example they reside and for everything if some touch-up other if you look last video there is a draw for 24 games for pc if it reaches 2, 000 subscribers going to raffle playstation 4 games tells you these two accounts down in the description there are instagram followers how you like them and how you like these videos where it is taught to get followers so that those of you the followers comment it below here who I know that is urged grammer or you just want to see more numbers i would like to know what you want it for yes I documented down here to stay until the end of the video because I always give recommendations that can prevent you from blocking your account or things for that reason that’s why I recommend you watch the entire video and maybe it jumps it’s a part and then you have a problem or a fence and we don’t want that to be stay until the end because you will be interested in today’s application is very easy to use very easy to get points to redeem for followers what best of all is that we will use a secondary account to log in who doesn’t know what a secondary counter is an account that you are going to create now only to log into this application is to a new account of instagram has been checking and things are coming more or less how much had I step it had happened to me I think 13 followers and manny took more or less about 10 minutes a little less to arrive and real people or accounts that they have been uploading publications for a long time we are going to go to the mobile we are going to see what applications it is and I hope it works for you We are going to download the application that we are going to have to download to the description where you put the points is to click on this my page will come out and all come out the same video you are watching and above the download link both the projector and an apk version without extracting the video just download and search in the list the same look for the thumbnail and right above you will have the download links once the application is downloaded we will see that it has a logo well a little flashy as with a magnifying glass pointing to three people that is looking at three people and it’s called a thousand followers what are we going to do we are going to click on the application and we are going to see what screen we get we are going to click there we will see that it loads and here we are going to have to do one thing we will have to go to the first option we will give you ago we will give you login with instagram and here we are going to put the secondary account that I have told you that you have what to create to log in once the password is entered we will give log in and wait for it to load well once loaded we will give it now and we will wait for the application to open as you will see visually it is very similar to one that I have uploaded I do not to the channel that works quite well but that application stopped working and now there is this is the likes section I am going to teach followers but if you want likes, the same procedure happens as with like to have followers we will go to the side menu we will go to section of followers and I want you to notice that the same as in the section of we will have some points above in this case I have 51.

0 people and these are the followers that will reach us in this case we can redeem it by 51 followers but to get the points we will have to do very simple we will have to go to the options that we have next we will get a warning message saying that the people we follow cannot stop following because if not they will not let us use this application but if osasuna secondary account will not matter how we get points by following we are going to take this user to the people we are going to follow and that’s it we will wait for to load another and we will follow and that’s it as you will see I still do not know update the points do not worry it takes a little while to update if we see that updates we go to the side menu we go to the likes section and we go back to of followers we will give it to follow we will give it again to follow so I’m loading several users you will be realizing that they are not increasing the points that it takes to update is not that you follow and immediately you get the point be it takes a little while to update the points and what I usually do is go back to the likes section and once here return to the followers section as you will see it still does not update but not be alarmed guys don’t do us because you have to process the data is a new application this user has not passed me has told me that it works quite ok and i checked it is it works quite well it’s more I was getting these points to make the video what happens now is taking a little longer to update for sure than at any time update but the mechanics is this is to follow people take your time by example you follow this person you wait 5 seconds and you follow another person to that instagram doesn’t detect it go now it takes time to update just when I’m recording the video takes to update the points but don’t worry it doesn’t happen absolutely nothing I have bad luck and they will update whenever they want update well what we are going to do in the third section we will see the orders that created here is the order of the 10 followers that I had commented before I think I had said 13 but it was not 10 and it is already complete it has the last section we can buy coins but having the free ones why buy it very well I see that it still does not update the points will have to be given time I have no idea why it works it works well maybe it’s a little collapsed now the application can be that too It is within the possibilities, well, for now I am going to put the example with the 51 points I have to do we can send the followers to the secondary account or enter here the link of the account of instagram to which we want to add followers I could put my account the light and send the followers for the best you will say hey given the followers that are arriving that come from normal or things like that I mean I don’t think that they are for the application so I will send them in this case to the secondary for you to see how they get this is for you to check in this case imagine you paste the link of trim instagram you will give enter and it will come out you would give your logo and your name to followers and here they would select the followers you want because in this case I have 51 points because I’m going to redeem it 50 we are going to give to accept and as you will see look now yes now yes it has updated the point difference had 51 I have changed 50 and now I have others with 2 that’s the people I started following before I hadn’t updated and now doing this because you are updating the points is already done not we have to do nothing else we will go back and in the third section we will see the orders that we carry as you will see we have taken 50 followers who are in process they arrive we will check it we will go to instagram we will to go to the best for night account we are going to look at the notifications to see if someone has reached us we will enter the heart we will update and just look 32 seconds forty nine seconds 56 seconds real people who if we get into their profile we will see that they are real people and if we continue updating we will see that correct we have received more followers 17 seconds ago a minute ago we will bring their profile and we will see that they are real people we are going to also enter this one here, look at its first publication is 23 September 2019 this person here that has started to follow me and well guys you know what you will have to do you are going to have to start with a secondary drop obligatorily guys because if not your account to start following people now you suddenly get blocked by instagram by liking or commenting on good people, in that case only going to see affected your secondary account which is a bit of logic that if you in your account secondary you have a block of this type that does not let you like like comment or following people is not going to let you use the application because you are going to have to go on and give people to get points we will see that visually it is very similar to one that has attracted what happens that are different applications what I always say this is how some pages stop working and come out other new ones but they are very similar do everything carefully or in other words don’t mess there to be pum pum pum continue to get points you use the head you do it little by little and then you won’t have any problem I would like you to visit my tick tock profile since while I am uploading this video I have uploaded a text video that I hope you will like a lot afis and more delay I am going to say goodbye and guys I hope you liked a montonazo this video and in case we don’t see each other later good morning good afternoon and good night bye [Music] and not [Music] .

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