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so this is the latest generation for 4Kstick from Amazon now on this device just like other Amazon devices we dooften need a virtual mouse now certain ATK’s certain applications unless youhave a virtual mouse there’s no way to navigate that with thestandard fight TV or fire stick remote control so in this video today I’m gonnabe showing you three ways three ways on how we can get a virtual mouse or mousetoggle working on our Amazon device so it all of that being said let’s getstarted okay so the first thing we can do ispurchase a bluetooth mouse now something like this cost about ten or fifteendollars from Amazon or Ebay now using a bluetooth mouse means thatwe don’t have to install any application and we’d after anything funny buy nearthe cables literally buy any bluetooth mouse and we compared that with our firestake now to pair a bluetooth mouse with your fire stake all we need to do is goover to your settings inside settings let’s go to controllers and Bluetoothdevices and let’s click on other Bluetooth devices and then click on addBluetooth device once you’ve done that turn your Bluetooth mouse on and there’snormally is a button for pairing or have a look in the instruction manual on howdo you put your mouse into pairing mode but in this particular mouse I’m gonnapress this button down for a few seconds and I should begin the pairing processand we can see here with a flashing light that this is now in pairing modeand then we can just see guys it’s now paired over there so let’s now click onthat this should now establish a partnership between my fire stick andthe bluetooth mouse and we can see that’s now connected so now that we’veconnected the mouse how do we actually use this so for this demonstration let’suse an APK like let’s try one of the free VPNs let’s click on thatso as previously mentioned guys this APK is completely useless without a virtualmouse there’s nothing I can really do with the built-in controller to use thisproperly so this is exactly where a bluetooth mouse comes in so you can seeas soon as I moved the mouse we can see immediately on the screen we do get acursor so no installation of any apk is no extra cables literally just add theBluetooth mask to your fire stake and we now have a virtual mouse that we can useon any application I can now click on things I can select things and that’sall working great so that’s option one which is to buy a bluetooth mouse nowjust in the same option if you don’t want to buy a bluetooth mouse but youwant to buy a 2.

4 gigahertz radio Mouse which is one of these which has a smallUSB receiver so that will also work on the fire stick but you will have to buyan OTG cable this small cable plug into your fire stake then you get a full-sizeUSB port that you can plug the receiver of this in there then you can use thisas a mouse I mean these kind of mice do tend to be a bit cheaperso if you wanna go for the cheaper option you can get this but I personallyprefer to use bluetooth because it means that after mice around any extra cablesany extra dongle so that’s option one option two is to use our smartphone as avirtual mouse so we can install a small apk on this Mouse we don’t need toinstall anything onto our fire stick and this application on our cell phone willinterface directly with our fire stake and we can then use a virtual mouse sothis application is available on my downloads page ok to install the virtualcontrol law onto your cell phone just navigate to my website then click on thehamburger menu then click on downloads and then scroll down until you seeSita’s playlist click on that now and then scroll down and click on the greendownload button this will begin the download of the APK directly onto yourcell phone ok because yes now download you just click on that and click oninstall and that’s now ready to use so when you start the application this iswhat you’ll see basically the application is asking you what’s the IPaddress of your fire stake and this will basically do a scan of your network andtell you all of the compatible devices they can find so I know my IP address ofmy fire TV is currently it ends in 181 so I can just click on that device thatmatches the IP address let’s click on that now this will now try to make aconnection onto our fire stake and we can see that now sits connected so itdoesn’t require me to install anything manually on to my fire stick in advancethis will take care everything for me and we can see here now it says it’sconnected and now have an option here for Mouse let’s click on that we didn’tsee this option here saying that do you allow this application to pair with yourTV and it’s given me a code that I need to enter so the code here is five pointfour seven let me just type that in so five one four seven this will just allowthe phone to create a partnership with my voice date let’s click on OK ok thisnow says you wanna watch a video there’s no way for us to close this down but ifyou click on video tutorial you can then press the back button once now take youback to the virtual mouse so how do we know that the mouse is working well assoon as I move my finger we can see hey guys we now have a virtual mouse and wecan use that in any application so let’s go back to the VPN example let’s clickon that and there we have it guys we now have a fully working virtualfrom a smartphone that we can use in any application we like we can click onthings we can select things that’s all working gray all from our smartphone sothat’s basically option two and you can install this on any phone that you haveok then lastly we have option 3 so this is the traditional option where we useour 5 Sigma control as a virtual mouse with the mouse toggle that thisparticular option has caused so many problems in the past because certainversions of the mouse toggle are just not compatible with the 4k fire stakeand some of the early generations however the version I’m going to besharing with you today does work 100% now to get this version the first thingwe need to do is go to your settings go over to my fire TV go to developeroptions and just make sure both these are set to on once you’ve done that goback to the home screen and let’s now open up download our inside downloaderlet’s go over to the settings on the left and just ensure that you have theJavaScript enabled which you can confirm by the check box once you’ve done thatgo back up to home and let’s navigate to this address which is HTTP colon fourslash four slash bit Derrell y4 / TD UK that’s me 2019 andthis will basically take you to my brand new or brand newly created website let’sdo that now and click on go so this really is a work in progress guys I’mreally trying my best to get this update today all of my downloads Gary thing Idid so do bear with me while I’m building here but for now click on thehamburger menu which is one of the three lines here and let’s scroll down todownloads let’s click on downloads on the downloads page let’s scroll down andhere we can see Mouse toggle version 1.

0 6 and we can see this works on thelatest focus for a stake as well as some of the early devices let’s click on thatnow and click on the green download button this will begin the download ofthe apk ok let’s click on install ok let’s nowall done and let’s click on open ok so the first thing you’ll see is thisprompt which is saying do you love this mascotinterface with your device so you want to say always allow this access and thenclick on ok now the key thing to look out for hair guys is the status did yousay it’s starting that eventually will say started now I have seen in somecases where this remains a starting but doesn’t actually affect the masterwitness use so right now this is saying starting let’s give that 10 seconds andnine eight ok so I’ve given it 10 seconds and this tool says starting sotypically you’d think this is not workinghowever if we now double press the play button we can see there is our brand-newshiny and working mouse toggle and we can see that’s working fine so it is aslight glitch where it does still say it’s starting but doesn’t affect theoperation of the virtual mouse now if you’re in turn the virtual mouse offjust press the play button once then press one of the arrow keys and thatdisappears let’s as test then the last applicationjust to make sure that this is fully working and they’ll be the third optioncompleted let’s go back to our VPN let’s double press the play bar turn and therewe have it guys we now have three independent ways of getting your virtualmouse on to our 4k forest egg but it’s process will work on any other Amazondevice and we’re pretty much good to go well that’s all for this video guys manythanks for watching if you did find the video useful then do you give it athumbs up if you wanna see more stuff like this then do subscribe and hit thenotification Bell I’m still trying to troubleshoot why the virtual controlleris not working for some of you I did actually had this problem early on todaywe’re on two separate devices I was not able to connect to happy check and Itried lots of different things to fix here and anything that fixed her for mewas I basically unplugged the network cable which means I went from a wiredconnection back to wireless and since I did that this just connectedstraightaway so I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the network or something thatprevents the happy chick controller the virtual controller clicked into yourdevice but so does look like the underlying issue is something to do withnetwork connectivity where something just seems to prevent the virtual labconnecting to the happy trick but I’m still investigating now and I will keepyou posted if I do find a fix other than that many thanks for watchingappreciate your likes and shares as always and I’ll hopefully catch you guysreal soon Thanks thanks again for watching guys ohand if you’re interested in a VPN if you click on that link on the bottom leftyou’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacyand you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out our VPN thanksagain guys see you on the next one.

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