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So you never miss an update Hello guys, I’m kodi best build and back with you again with another video.

I wish you all the win Well having a great time with your friends with your family With your kids or wife or anyone? Preparing for the Christmas holidays and enjoying your Christmas holidays.

So be safe Be careful and have fun.

So don’t forget guys to subscribe to my channel for more builds and add-ons and apks for movies and TV shows So today we’re gonna install a great build working for kodi krypton n in version 17 So to install it press right here on system as you can see in the top Then guys press on system settings so right here scroll down to add-ons and click on it and here press on announcer says and then Press on it to enable to install things from unknown sources So right here press on file manager Then guys scroll down all the way to add source click on it Then press none and right here just copy and paste the source So sorry I was copying this youtube link So here guys Paste as you can see right here the link get it from my website and paste it right here So do not forget to visit my website if you missed any video, you will get it into my website.

So press on.

Okay? Right here get wizard.

So press ok, press Back and Back again to the home page of Kodi right here scroll down all the way to add-ons click on it Then press on this little box in the top and scroll down to install from zip file, so Here guys, scroll down all the way you will get You will get the wizard So click on it and here we get the name Z wizard So press on it to be install it into your kodi If you got any problem any issue, just put it in the comment section I’m gonna replace you guys and I’m gonna help you if you got any problem with Cody So right here just be waiting until the wizard is Install it into your kodi So right here you get the name Z wizard install it now press on continue right here press on the build menu So here we get one build for Cody 18 and Right here get two builds for Cody Cripe town so here we got the Manx black help build silver skin and Get the black out light bill.

So today we’re gonna install the Manx black help build Silvo, so press on it So it’s really great build so right here if we got a previous build install it to your kodi You got a lot of damn shit files You got a lot of problems into your kodi do a fresh install right here the standard install if you don’t have anything yet install it into your kodi and you need to install a build and Your meal to curry press on Standard install.

So right here got a previous build.

I’m gonna do a fresh install and hit continue So right here we got The wizard is gonna clean out all your files and folders and replace them by new ones So right here as you can see with me So don’t not press on cancel or press on this empty space right here Just be patient and wait and hold on and so everything is done, right? Then you can get this bill.

It’s a heavy bill as you can see right here.

You need at least 700 megabytes To get this build installed into your device if it only if you don’t have a bigger space Into your device to not install this build because you need a bigger space into your device to enjoy this fully loaded build with a lot of Kodi add-ons and content So right here guys you get the download process done And now it’s installing your files as I told you guys you need at least 800 megabytes to get this build but It’s really great and amazing and fully loaded You will get a lot of movies and TV shells into this build and you can watch a lot of sections If you got any problem any issue using cody or anything, just put it down in the comment section I’m gonna reply you and help you and don’t forget to Join my facebook group and my facebook page Cody bad spill so you will get a lot of things about Cody So right you guys you got everything done right without any problem press on first cloves Cody and Restart it again to get this great build install it into your device So guys after install in this build you will get this amazing homepage So the build is really fully loaded with a lot of Kodi add-ons as you can see right here You got the system right here.

If you want to back to the normal skin of Cody you press on system right here and You get interface? You press on it, and then press on skin and here press on skin again So here we got the estuary is the normal skin of Cody if you want to back to it press on it and that way you back to the normal skin of Cody and That way you don’t need to announce style Cody and install it back.

So here get the top Cody add-ons So once you got right here the best working QT add-ons So you got a lot of Kildee add-ons get George y-you.

Got a Reynolds numbers.

You got Yoda as you can see right here I told you this is really fully loaded build So he’ll get movies in this section.

You can enjoy all the latest movies and TV shows also right here We got the commentaries you got networks so here In movies section you get a lot of sections also most folded most popular people watching box office the Oscar winners So press on any section you want to watch? Any new movie or any movie you want to watch it you can watch it best but for a better experience I suggest you guys to get a VPN to Stream a lot of movies and watch any movie you want.

So here get Aquaman you got spider-man you get Romo you got bohemian.

You got a lot of great movies right here.

We got Avengers the nfinity war So you got diehard It’s an old movie, but it’s really great.

So here got a lot of movies You can enjoy them and watch them without any problem.

So This is Yoda.

And here you got Joshua.

I got piranhas you got the raisin tights Yeah placenta incursion So here you got this top Cody add-ons section So he’ll get all-in-one as you can see we got Supremacy Skynet you got project and we got maverick you got the magic dragon so really Amazing Cody build to get so here we can find magic dragon on Twitter magic dragons 80 So you can follow them so he’ll get people watching you get the new movies You got real debride.

4k catch-up TV.

I got a lot of things So he’ll get new movie released.

You can enjoy this section and watch anything you want So as you can see right here, there is a lot of things to watch and enjoy and Here we got live TV.

I don’t wanna wanna show the live TV because there’s a lot of problems on it a lot of copyright Material on it.

I don’t want to show it.

So here we got TV shows We can watch a lot of amazing things in this TV show So got a triage got 8d flakes and here got the commentaries for sure if you want to watch any Documentary you can’t get it So here get movies in this movies section.

You got a lot of things Also, you get a lot of movies you get a lot of stuff.

So don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more coming videos about Cody about Cody bills and Adams and streaming apks so we need to reach 6000 subscriber before 2018 and and then we’re gonna start a new goal to reach 10, 000 subscribers and then back to the 40, 000 subscribers and Cody best build channel So as I said here is movies so I enjoy a lot of movies They got this great amazing.

So it’s Christmas too this time You can watch the Christmas movie with your friends with your family and enjoy it So here we got a lot of great movies So here got kids so enjoy this section with your kids It’s really great an amazing one So here you got a lot of amazing sections in this build so don’t forget to like the video share it with your friends with your family and Leave me your comment in the comment section.

Thanks a lot for your time You give to me to the Cody best build channel.

Thanks for your support guys Don’t forget also to comment on my community section in The channel to get more content and I want to know your reaction and your comments So right here guys we are in the end of the video So this is Cody best build new channel don’t forget to press on subscribe as you can see right here and press on the bell icon right here to get every update or every video at a post on the channel So don’t forget also to check my other videos and videos check Section and if you want to subscribe to my other great channels right here we can do that So thanks for watching me and see you soon for another great video.

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