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Well, I’m so grateful that our fans are so passionate, to a point they’re doing extreme pledges.

But we will repay you with a better performance in the summer split, so you won’t feel the need to do pledges.

Look after your health.

Well, that was an interesting match.

We the audience at least enjoyed watching it, for sure.

I’d like to ask how you are feeling.

It’s true that we were able to show the audience an entertaining series.

But we had so many issues with our performance today.

We really need to go back to the drawing board.

What were you regretful about in your performance, specifically? We often looked helpless throughout the series, especially in the first and the third game.

It really wasn’t a good reflection of our team’s playstyle.

But you definitely had a solid performance in game two.

Speaking of playstyles — From day one of the spring split, APK Prince has always maintained the fiery, aggressive playstyle.


I can really feel that fiery spirit when I hear the team’s voice call.

Can you elaborate on APK Prince’s playstyle? We are like — If we want to do it, we do it.

If we don’t want to do it, then we don’t do it.

We are very specific about that kind of stuff.

That kind of helped us shape our own playstyle.

When a teammate goes “I’m going to do this”, do the rest of the team go, “Go ahead?” Yeah.

There is a bit of that.

And .



Also, the teammates proactively recommend each other “Hey, might be good if you play this [champion], right?” Then the player who got it recommended might go, “Hey, that sounds good.

” Or the player might just say, “I don’t want to.

” Then he doesn’t do it.

I can really see the trust between the players on the team.

Because that voice comm was really memorable.

At the final moments of the second game, you landed a Pentakill.

Ikssu(?) then shouted, “You do whatever you want to do!” That was very enjoyable to watch — And look, because the second game is such a topic of discussion right now I have to bring it up.

Because it was a very important game for DragonX too.

If DragonX had won that game they were going to go to the playoffs as the second-placed team.

Then APK came in, had a solid snowball from the early game and took the game away.

How did the second game go, from your perspective, Hybrid? We drafted the champions we are confident in for the second game.

We drafted the champions that really work well with our playstyle.

And .



I’m pretty confident whenever I’m in a situation to play Aphelios.

I told my teammates — “If we go post-40 minutes with this comp, I’ll win this game for you, so sit tight.

” You broke two records today.

First — Your Pentakill marked the most number of Pentakills landed in a single LCK split.

Second — Everyone around you would have mentioned it to death at this point, but — You became the first LCK player to land three Pentakills in a single split, Hybrid.

How did you feel about this? Ok, it is a good record.

For me, personally.

But .



But this team could have ended the split with an even better standing.

Missing out on that leaves me with a lot of regret.

Because I remember Ikssu saying this at the beginning of the split.

That the playoffs is the goal for [APK Prince].

I guess that’s one of the reasons APK Prince might feel regretful.

Hybrid, when you look back at this split, what’s the one thing you’re most regretful of? What makes you go, “We could have done better this split”, “We could have refined this a little more?” Well, at the beginning of the split, throughout the first round-robin .



Everyone just communicated what they wanted for themselves.

The players would refuse to listen to other players on the team.

Then, the players had many conversations with one another.

We talked about, what I want, what you want, how to describe this .



Like .



How do I word this? You resolved your issues.

You worked on your teamwork.


And when we started doing everything as a team, whatever that might be .



We began to trust each other.

Everyone followed a clear path.

What was the turning point for the team as the players began to communicate with and build trust with one another? I’d say .



The turning point for the team was the KT Rolster match.

When we met KT Rolster at the first round-robin, KT and we were both on a 0W-4L match score.

I’d say [the turning point] was the moment we won that match, took down KT.

That started everything.

We began to trust each other.

Because that was the case for the KT match.

The players trusted each other as we played.

I’d say the KT Rolster match was the moment when our team playstyle finally came together.

And is there any player who serves as the “pillar” of the team? Is there a single player who boosts the team atmosphere and facilitates this trust between the players? I’d say Secret-hyung really facilitates our team atmosphere.

May I ask how Secret does this? When the team is feeling a little down, Secret does everything to lift the mood for everyone.

He just puts in a lot of effort so we don’t fall into the negativity.

We are professional gamers.

We are in the middle of a competition.

We might sometimes fall into a bad spot during our practices.

Then Secret comes in, prevents this negativity from kicking in.

He makes us put our heads together and actually have some fun.

Hybrid, I can feel that you are a little regretful about the team’s performance as you look back at the split.

But I’d say that APK Prince had some amazing highlights, even amidst the chaotic split.

And you avoided the relegations! That means we will see APK Prince again at the summer split.

What are some things you want to show in the summer split? Could be for Hybrid the player, or for APK Prince the team.


Personally — I hear the fans dubbed me “The best bot laner out of the playoffs.

” In the summer split, I want to be dubbed as the best bot laner in the playoffs, the best bot laner in the LCK.

That’s my personal wish.

As of APK Prince the team, I really want us to achieve our original goal and make it to the playoffs.

I want to .



Show a good performance there.

That’s me, thinking.

Of course you can think that way! Because this is the cool thing about APK Prince, right.

Some teams in a losing streak fall into this trap of playing too defensively.

They fall into a bad place where even the plays they used to execute well begin to falter.

But APK Prince never strayed from this aggressive playstyle, whether you were in a losing streak or started collecting some wins.

I mean, how did the team manage to do this? Because that perseverance was successful, I’d say.

We managed to persevere, because .



Whether we lost or won a match, we would always tell ourselves, “We were not wrong.

We just need to refine what we have.

” We kept playing the games with that same mindset.

“Woo-teul-an”, eh? [A Korean meme for a team not changing their playstyle] Yeah, it was a bit of “Woo-teul-an.

” Sure.

It would be a day of mixed emotions for you.

Thank you for making time for the interview despite everything.

Congratulations on taking a game away in the last match of the split.

Do you plan to watch the playoffs matches? Maybe that’d hurt too much T_T Before we head into preparations for the summer split .



We need to watch how the playoffs teams are performing, use that to fill our own deficiencies.

Maybe have some self-reflection.

I guess that’s how we’ll spend that time.

Maybe T1 will send some prime beef? [Beef is a popular form of gift in Korea] You propelled T1 to the second place in the playoffs.

Hey, if they do that, I’ll really appreciate it.

But it wasn’t as if we won the second game because we wanted some favors.

We won based on our own performance.

It’d be .



I don’t know, right? I mean, I’m kinda memeing here, but also .



After you won that second game, Joe Marsh the CEO of T1 posted a picture of beef, asking APK Prince to send their address.

I really hope that Joe Marsh tunes into this interview.

Thank you for the interview.

Finally .



I’m aware that APK Prince has a dedicated core group of fans, always supportive of the team.

I was really impressed by the fans making extreme pledges, “We’ll eat this crazy food if APK wins.

” Ah yes, that.

That one fan who said, “I’ll mix pine bud drink and mint chocolate ice cream and eat it if APK Prince wins today.

” I mean, it was entertaining for the community, but .



Isn’t that wholesome? That the fans are THAT passionate about supporting APK Prince.

It’s the end of the spring split, after all.

Do you have anything to say to these fans? Well, I’m so grateful that our fans are so passionate, to a point they’re doing extreme pledges.

But we will repay you with a better performance in the summer split, so you won’t feel the need to do pledges.

Please look after your health as you keep supporting us.

Also, do you have anything to say to your teammates that have worked so hard throughout the split? First of all, big brother Ikssu.

Thank you so much for leading all the players in the team, acting as that big brother.

Also, brother Flawless.

I’m grateful that you always have our back, even to a point you are sacrificing some of what you are doing.

Cover, I know you joined us really late, only at the end of the first round-robin.

But you’ve adjusted to the rest of us so quickly, I’m so grateful.

Secret, big brother Secret, you’ll always looking after us.

You’ve looked after me a lot this split, even for personal matters.

I want to tell him — Thank you so much.

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