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hey guys welcome back so as you canimagine I really do go through a lot of applications I’m always installing stuffI’m always testing stuff I’m always looking out for the next big thing wellin this video today I’m gonna share what I think to be a real game changer inapks now with the single apk you have pretty much access to the entireinternet to find pretty much any kind of content you could possibly want so whatare you looking for certain apk is are you looking for certain videos orcertain music pretty much anything you can find on the internet you can accessall of it through the single apk so let me show you exactly how it works thenI’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow to install it so it all ofthat being said let’s get started now before we start let me give a quickshout out to Bernard and Tomoya both on what the first ones to answer a questionright from my last video so do keep an eye out for a question in this video andif you don’t want to answer it first you’ll get a shout out in my next videoso I’m doing my demonstration on my meikle Pro box which is currentlyrunning the official Android TV operating system but you can followthese steps on any Android device including your 4k for stakes includingyour fire TV cube even your Android cell phones or Android tablets can offerthese exact same steps and get access to the exact same content so when you startthe application this is what you’ll see now just a bit of background regardingthis application on the internet you may find what’s known as open directory sothey’re called open directories because as the name implies these territorieshave no password or no security to access the content and as you canimagine the content varies from in a books to images to music to videos toAndroid apks so pretty much anything you could want to share you could now findon these open directories now what the application for chef does it allows usto search these open directories and finest the exact content that we wantnow normally you can open up a browser which I just demonstrate now andactually go to google.

com and type in certain commands and actually get thesame results which means now google.

com the actual command we’re looking for isjust file type then you do a colon now here I’m going to type in PDF which isthe portable document format or the PDF file extension so now for example I’mlooking for any file that has the PDF extension which has news in the title solet’s try searching for that now so this will do is this will now basicallysearch all of Google comm and it will find any document that has the PDF fileextension and also has news in the title and we can see here we have over 259million results guys and each of these links will all be PDFs so you canimagine now if we’re not searching for PDFs we can also be searching for mp3 ormp4 Zoar avi files lots of different content guys now obviously typing incommands can be quite cumbersome and especially if you’re looking for openterritories only now this is exactly the application for chef comes in so ifI just open that up now and this is the application hey guys so this willbasically allow us to search all of Google looking for the serpent or treesand allow us to find any content that we want and we can break the content downinto videos music audio images gives books and dogs software and games andfinally Android app so let’s just do a quick test with Android apps let’s clickon that now let’s go back up to the search and now let’s say for examplewe’re looking for let’s say we’re looking for a media player so somethinglike yes player or MX player let’s try out the MX player let’s type that inokay so I’ll type in MX player I’m now going to click on search let’s now clickon search and let’s open up in puffin TV browser lets us do always okay now atthe top here we can actually see the command so we can see that we’re lookingfor something called MX player it has to be the fault type APK and we can see therest of the search string which means it is looking for open directories now if Ijust try one of these let’s go for this one here so of course because it’s anopen directory I’m not gonna get any kind of prompts for passwords andeverything you see guys lots of apks here all matching that name and let’sget back again let’s just go further down let’s just try another one overhere and let’s do this one and we can see guys just lots and lots of apkswhich much that search string and here we can just see down here this is MXplayers so if I just click on that now for example this will now instantlystart downloading a APK directly onto my device and that’s basically how you canfind any APK online and download that directly onto your android deviceokay let’s try videos let’s click on that now now let’s say for example we’researching for a certain movie or TV show trader I mean obviously we’re going tobe looking at trailers here but again of course it’s totally up to you what yousearch for but let’s say for example I’m looking for 4k trailers because becausewe’re interested in 4k content everyone to see the latest 4k trailer so let’stype 4k in and let’s now click on search so this should now go off to Google andany open territories which have the word for K and are actually video files solet’s try one of these let’s just try this one over here and here we can yousee guys literally just pages and pages full of 4k trailers so lots and lots ofstuff in here guys and we can just click on any of these and start streaming themdirectly onto our device so so let’s say for example one of these trailers let’sclick on this thing here where it says trailer let’s try it Ghostbusterstrailer so if I click on this now then the beauty is because it’s an mp4 file Idon’t know she need to download this to my device at all as soon as I click onthat this will actually start streaming that directly inside my browser so let’ssee if that works and there we have because we are nowstreaming this content directly onto our device with no downloading whatsoeverlet’s back out of that you can see guys there literally is just a ton of contentand really as I say the Internet is your oyster anything you could possiblysearch for you can now use the different categories in fall chef and find exactlywhat you want and access our all on your device without any kind of downloadingwhatsoever so our really losing is a fantastic apk so let me show you how youcan now install this on all your devices ok so to get the latest version of thisapk on your Android TV box or your Android box I recommend using a browsercalled puffin TV now if you’re doing this on a fire stick use the applicationdownload are now if we just start the application up so because I’m gonnaunder TV box I’m just gonna use the browser but if you are on a fire stickyou start your download application and then we navigate to this URL which isHTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit Derrell why for /td UK that’s me andthe numbers 2019 let’s type that in and let’s go to that no no first accusingthe janitor application you get to see a hamburger menu you won’t see thesethings here to click on now if you can’t click on the hamburger menu that meansyou have javascript disabled so ensure you’ve enabled JavaScript and refreshthe page then click on the hamburger menu and select the link for downloadslet’s scroll down now in a fire stick I recommend downloading of four thingswhich is set orientation this will allow your application or she display properlyso if you do have some apks which are a bit stretched out or they’re notformatted properly you need to download set orientation and set that tolandscape that’s the first thing to download next thing you on a download ismouse toggle if you haven’t got that already because file chef will need amouse toggle for you to operate let’s scroll further down and here is theactual apk guys which is for chef version 1.

7 and I also recommend youdownloading MX pair because that will give you the best possible performancewhen accessing network streams so any of those links that you want to use thelink to the streaming video file or wherever the file is you can copy thatlink and pay into MX player and out I do findgenerally gives you the best possible playback formats when accessing onlinestreams but for now let’s click on file chef and let’s now use the greendownload buttons let’s click on that now I mean it’s actually a very small fobbecause ultimately is just passing queries onto Google so it is very smallbut I also think it’s very very powerful okay once we clicked on the greendownload button let’s press the context key on the remote which is the one withthe three lines and let’s go back to the start page now we can see we have asection for downloads and inside downloads we can see we have four chefslet’s now click on that and let’s click on install now because theseapplications are not generally designed for Android TV even though we’veinstalled this when I press the home can remote you notice the icon for that doesnot appear on the home screen now one way to get around that is to installthis application called sorry launcher so this is available on the standardGoogle Play Store you can download and install that’s when you do open er upthis will show you all of your applications that you can now easilyaccess with the standard remote control so Allister profile chef and that’s theapplication all working fine and that’s all for this video guys many thanks forwatching if you did find this video useful then do give it a thumbs up ifyou want to see more stuff like this then please subscribe hit thenotification bell now the February competition which was for the Xiaomi mebox and the a 95 X has actually now drawn to a close so we’ll be picking awinner in the next few days so definitely stay tuned for there and asit’s now at the month of March I will be setting up a brand new competition whichwill probably be for the t95 xtreme in box and maybe in other box with it soonce again do leave me a comment below let me know we think about this apk andI’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks thanks again forwatching guys oh and if you’re interested in a VPN if you click on thatlink on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you areworried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend youcheck out VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one.

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