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hey tech doctor how can i play all ofthe classic retro games on all of the old platforms on my fire stick or fireTV or really any Android device on top of that I don’t want to use the mouse togo I want to be able to use a gamepad and I don’t want to download any of theroms manually myself so how can I do all of that well in this video today I’ll beshowing you how you can install a single apk which has been especially optimizedfor your fire sticks and Android TV boxes they supposed Bluetoothcontrollers it does not need the mouse toggle and it’s 100% ad free and it’s100% free so with all of that being said let’s get started okay so to play all of the retro gameson your fire stake or fire TV or really any Android device the first thing weneed to do is go to your settings in start setting the scale to our device myfire TV and then inside developer options make sure you’ve got these twooptions ADB debugging and add from unknownsources both these should be set to on once you’ve confirmed that go back tothe home screen and now let’s open up the application download our now if youare doing this on an Android TV box or an Android phone or Android tablet youcan use a browser like Chrome or puffin browser and type in this address andthis would like to download the apk but on a fire stick or fire TV use theapplication downloader and let’s navigate to this address which is HTTPcolon full slash four slash bit dot ly TD UK retro TV one last time guys soHTTP colon four slash four slash bit dot ly four /td UK retro TV let’s type thatin and click on go or press the play button on your remote can we get to thispage click on the green download button and this will download the apk onto yourdevice let’s do that now so just while waiting guys please do leave me acomment below and tell me what was your favorite retro game of all time from the70s or 80s or even 90s do you leave me a comment below let me know what was thatone game that you just couldn’t stop playing for me I think it was probablyStreet Fighter Street Fighter 2 actually yeah okay when you see this messageclick on install I’ve already got this apk on my device so I don’t need toinstall it again but for you click on install and I should take a few secondsand they’ll be ready to go okay so we installed our apk let’s now pair ourBluetooth controller because as we know these retro games you really do have tohave a controller to play so the controller I’m using is the game’s g4sor GS 4 and I will be leaving a link in the description now the reason why Iparticularly prefer this I mean it definitelyQuality Controller mr.

knit on a second and he says then it doesn’t work anymoreI thought I don’t either we go so we can see I mean it is a it is a good qualitycontrol I think it cost about thirty five or forty dollars and we can seeimmediately says game sir g4s connected so I like it because firstly it’s goodquality secondly for this particular emulator all of the buttons get mappedautomatically whereas if you buy a different controller then you may haveto go into the emulator then map the buttons manually but with thiscontroller everything is ready to go so and if you don’t know how to pair acontroller all you need to do is go to your settings go down to yourcontrollers and Bluetooth devices and here we can go to other Bluetoothdevices so this game controllers is actually for the official Amazon gamecontroller but because obviously this is a third party one you go to otherBluetooth devices click on that then click on add Bluetooth device set yourgamepad into discovery mode then the two should pair upI’ve already paired up mine so I’m good to go okay let’s put that down a secondlet’s now start the emulator okay so to start the emulator let’s hold on thehome key on the remote and let’s click on apps this will take us to our appslibrary now the last application that you install always be at the bottom ofthe list so the way we can currently get there is just press left on the remoteand here is a new application there so let’s press the options here on that andselect move to front just to bring you to the top of our application list oklet’s start that up so as previously mentioned guys this is a special versionof this emulator which is designed for fire stakes for Android TV box says baseif we can see that the layer is properly formatted and designed to be used on aTV and it also works perfectly fun with the remote control big because I’ve seenother versions with this emulator where you have to use the mouse toggle bar aswe can see here guys I can do everything with the standard remote control so letme just quickly take around the emulator ok so we start here you’ll be in therecommended section so here you can see things like what’s the highest-rankedemulated game what’s the latest game you can also search for games here then yougo some of the other popular sections here if you go across to topics so thisis basically like different genres of games but I think the majority of youwill just want to go straight to the categories now the category is basicallytelling you which consoles you want to emulateso whether that’s arcade that streamcast or Mega Drive so for example and playsome retro arcade games I can click on that and this will now show me all ofthe arcade games it has in its library and we can see there’s over 53 pages ofcontent so let’s say for example I want to see sunset riders this is a greatclassic arcade game where you’re basically cowboy you have to go aroundit’s one of those sideways scrolling shooting games it really was a greatgame so let’s click on that now and we can see now your options to light thegame we can click on favorites or we can click on downloads so let’s click ondownload now and we can see now you got a progress bar here and then within afew seconds it now says launch which means the game is now ready to launch soeither you can launch it from here or you can launch you from another menu butlet’s try launching it now so in fact let me now show you the controller Iwill can see I can control it properly from using the controller says click onlaunch and let’s click on launch again Kelly she’s telling what the controlsare so it tells you how to add coins virtual coins into the game like you’replaying on an arcade and how to press star this basically means when aplayer’s player won let’s click on that again let’s now look at this arcade game let’s add some coins head this is ok oklet’s press stop I guess I need to capture Simon Creedwell and that’s me there’s TD UK so I can jump with a and X’s shoot okokay I mean we know all the old arcade games it was all about the playability Imean we can see I’ll see the graphics are nothing special for and we can seethat the graphics are nothing amazing compared to you know today’s standardsbut the playability was definitely there let’s go back to the menu okay so thatwas just under the category so categories basically once again is adifferent consoles of different devices that you want to emulate then you canalso break it down into different genres of a game as here so that’s our exampleI’m looking for racing games only is click on that this will now show me allracing games across the different platforms so we can see this is for MegaDrive we can see this is for arcade dream cars so we can see the differentplatforms that these arcade games will actually work on let’s go to manage okayso the manage section is where you basically confirm that your controllersconfigured correctly you can also get a list of supported controllers but but aspreviously mentioned guys pretty much any Bluetooth controller will work onthis emulator then last year up to my game section so whichever games youdownload on whichever platform all of them will end up in my game so let’s trya couple of the games let’s try crazy dog I’ll kill that dog my kids canand we can see guys even quite visually demonic games like this one absolutelysmoothly with no lag no structuring and it really is identical to playing thisgame in the arcade we see that people are super move okay so here we actuallyemulating a PlayStation game PlayStation 1 game and again we can see their placeflawlessly okay here we try to emulate a 64-bitgames console let’s go for toad that’s all for this video guys manythanks for watching and many thanks for staying till the end if you did find ituseful then do give a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then doyou think about subscribing and also hit the notification bell I’m doing myspecial 100k giveaway so please do check out the pinned comment for those 5 topprizes lucky share this video and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys realsoon thanks.

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