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now if you were to play some retro gameson your 4k firestick or on your Android device or your Nvidia shield you have acouple of different options you can download retroarch from the Google PlayStore or one of the other emulators now the trouble with that is you will haveto

find the roms manually yourself you probably will have to do some level ofconfiguration you may also need to download some BIOS files depending onwhich console you’re trying to emulate now unfortunately for lots of you thatprocess is just too long-winded maybe too complex and just requires too manysteps before

you can actually start playing your first retro game now isthere any alternative well in this video today let me share with you a single apkthat you can install onto your Amazon device or your Android box or yourNvidia shield now this application will give you access to thousands and

Ireally do mean a thousands of retro games that you can download directlyfrom the application itself so no manual searching or downloading andtransferring needed on top of that it doesn’t have any adverts it doesn’t needthe mouse toggle and it’s also 100% free coming up right after this if you

needto the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorialsthe latest for snake Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please dosubscribe to the notification barrel it’s a small click from you but it makesa big difference to me thank you okay so

to get this amazing apk onto your devicethe first you want to do is go to your settings go over to my device my fire TVgo to developer options and just make sure both these options are set to ononce you’ve confirmed that let’s press the HOME key you now

want to launchdownload are now I prefer to use downloader but you can really use anybrowsers that you like that will allow you to downloadapks like I know lots of you on Android TV boxes all use puffin TV when puffinTV is also available for the fire stick and that’s

also a great alternative ifyou don’t use downloader but for this demonstration let’s open up downloaderlet’s now navigate to my website which is HTTP colon full search for slash techdoctor UK comm and let’s click on go or press the play button on your remote nowwhen you get to the

website we need to do two things first you need to confirmthat javascript is enabled and secondly we need to view my site in full screennow to do that if you just press the context C which is one of the threeand hey we can see because my device says

a disabled JavaScript that showsyou that javascript is already enabled if your says enable JavaScript go intoyour settings and set the option enable JavaScript but microfiber you can seethat’s all in a board so then think I need 2 SEC now is a full-screen modelet’s click on that now and

the benefit of that is is because I’m having aslight issue on my website where when the fullscreen mode is off you actuallysee a hamburger menu which then has all of these pages in soft like a drop-downmenu but for some reason as soon as you click on the drop-down

menu it seems toclose straightaway so that is a but I’m currently investigating but for now ifyou look at my website in full-screen mode we can see all of the pages thereand the page we’re looking for is downloads so let’s click on that now andlet’s scroll down and what

we’re looking for here under games retro we can see wehave a happy chicken I’ve actually added two updating versions here you’ve gotthe TV edition which is perfect for your first take or your Android TV boxes butif you do want to play these games on your cell phone if

you do have anAndroid phone download happy chick fern edition but because we didn’t on a firestick I’m going for the TV edition let’s click on that and click on the greendownload button now begin the download of the happy chick apk now the otherthing you can do if you

want to is you can actually use your phone your Androidphone as a virtual controller now to do that if you back out of this and scrolldown again you can see here it here’s the happy chick virtual controller so ifyou do have an Android phone you can install this

apk then using thisapplication you’ll have a virtual controller that you can use to controlor play happy chick but for this video I’m gonna leave that as is and I’m justgonna use a Bluetooth controller ok so once you download it and install the apklet’s go to the home key

now before we open it I know there are people in thecommunity who don’t actually like happy trick because they say it’s a Chineseapplication they don’t fully trust it they’re almost happening in thebackground I mean I’ll use it myself as a happychick for more than a year and I’ve

never had any problems I mean people doprefer using retroarch and there’s a couple other like emulators you can usethe only trouble is as I’ve seen with some my previous videos for many of youis just unfortunately too complex so maybe the whole process of retroarchdownloading cause and finding roms

and transferring roms for lots of you that’sjust you know too much or it’s inconvenient the reason why I like happycake it’s a self-contained apk so you doeverything you want and need through the single application so you start theapplication you find a game you want to play the application

will then downloadthe game for you and allow you to play it so that kind of ease and convenienceis what I do think for many of you you will prefer using this compared tosomething like a retro art or another emulator but for now let’s open that upokay so exceeds

the best emulator games it’s now loading and here we are boys soand now this message is very important we see it did say network unavailable Idon’t know some of you the previous version were also getting this messagebut in reality it doesn’t actually affect anything so it’s not gonna

affectme you know downloading something it’s not gonna affect me playing something soif you do see that message don’t worry about it and in fact let’s test thatstraightaway so let’s just go and search something which we know is going tosearch online so let’s click on search that’s nice let’s

now search for Marioand just to confirm like we have connection and we can’t connect onthings so for example here we can see this game here I can click on that wecan see I don’t have this game already but I can now download it so let’s clickon that and

I should now begin the download process for me let’s give thata second we can see we get a progress bar because it’s now downloading so thatkind of convenience that kind of ease is again why do you feel for lots of youhaving an emulator or an application like this

it’s just so much easier thantrying to configure something yourself so now that’s configured or now that’sdownloaded before we start here we have to configure a controller now Itypically use a Bluetooth controller when I’m playing these kind of games nowif you want to configure your own remote control as

a controller you can do thisbut obviously will be limited in how many buttons you can actually mapespecially for n64 which had a few buttons but let’s see if we can actuallydo that so let’s back out of this let’s go to the game we want to place let’sclick on

the first one here now where it says controller we can see there’s nocontroller second for player one let’s click on that now let’s now choose theAmazon fire TV remote let’s click on that and let’s now click on customizekey so we can actually map these buttons on our forest

ik so let’s click oncustomize keys ok so now we have to choose what do you want for up-downleft-right what do you want for a be XY and then I’ll see the shoulder buttonsbut again because we’re limited in buttons I’m only going to configure afew of them so let’s

say for example we going to hold it in landscape mode andlet’s go down okay so for up we’re gonna click this and it says press a buttonfor up so I’m gonna press this okay so setting safes if we’d neverget tick there as well so it up is saved

let’s go for a left which is gonna bethis one okay let’s go for right which is gonna be this one and let’s go fordown which is going to be down all right so I’m going to just focus on a and Bbecause I’m gonna going to map to button

so let’s go for a let’s let’s go forrewind for a and then forward for B so let’s go for that let’s press a it’s abutton phase rewind and then for B let’s do forward for that and now we needsomething for star so for start lets us do let’s

do the play button full stopit’s a press start and press the play button alright so now we’ve mapped somebuttons let’s back out off this let’s try an it’s game with the standard frystick remote control let’s click on download get that starts downloadingthat’s now ready to go let’s click

on launch now once you let go to player oneand let’s now try playing this game with the built-in fire stick remote controlokay let’s click on launch okay let’s do level one and there it is we are nowplaying this classic game which is actually not the best mario games

i’veever played on our 4k fire stake using the built-in remote control Avex that’sworking absolutely fine okay let me see if i can jump over thisKoya and that’s working absolutely great okay so I’ve just installed the virtualcontroller on to my android phone we can see now it’s straight to

it takes overliterally soon as you start here as long as it says your your device name thisone says EFT for you know Amazon fire TV and it’s green which means I’ve now madea connection to my fire stick I hope my Wi-Fi now can now control this so thenbetween

the controller to this press a choose my phone there I can now click onlaunch and let’s see if we get a pair performance like this so so the virtualcontroller can take a few moments before it connects guys but once it doesconnect then just make sure you are on

the same Wi-Fi as your device it workspretty much first time as we can see here I’m again god this is just totallyyou know me I always prefer to use a Bluetooth controller but just for thisdemonstration just to show you like you can do basic controls with this maybefor

NES or some of the basic consoles otherwise you can use a virtual controlon your phone but what I definitely recommend is getting a Bluetooth controllike this all right let’s see how Teddy UK drives all right he’s lost in thehome run but can I overtake these guys yes he

cannow let’s see if I can do it jump yeah I can alright let’s pick up something ordoing anything alright but we can see guys in terms of performance that’sperforming pretty pretty well I’m not really seeing any frame drops that’sactually running pretty smoothly let me give you guys a

quick summary about thedifferent settings and controls on this application so in the home soon you cansee some of the popular games right now you also have a ranking section a newsection and also a search now the ranking will basically show you the topgames across all platforms so all

consoles all arcades and we can see whatform right there and we can see this is an arcade game this is Snaresyou’ve got more arcade you’ve got Mega Drive so it’s very easy to see whatformat these games are in and of course if you want to play any of

them let’ssay for example want to play a Mega Drive game let’s click on that I mean Iremember started was actually a great game so let’s click on download that’snow downloading and I mean I don’t you know sound like a broken record but justit’s kind of like ease just

you know finding games browsing games clicking onone button and it’s ready to go without any kind of configuring without any kindof tweaking downloading roms downloading barse is downloading config files isagain why do you field essentially a fantastic application and for most ofyou it really is the one to

go for before we click on launch let me nowpair of my Bluetooth controller again so again this is the game Sergi 4s and westart that up the reason why I always recommend it is because it works on allplatforms all my hundred boxes it works first time it has

rumble pack it’s justvery very reliable when it works really well let’s click on launch Alex that’sworking absolutely fine it looks really good sounds really good playability isawesome and that’s working fine on our 4k first day I was in rankings then yougot the latest this will show you the

latest roms I’ve been added to a happykid let’s click on that so again this is across all platforms these are some ofthe newest games that are being shared that we can then click on and play yougot some games there you got some because ofcustom games there’s a lots

of different stuff in here for you to look at andagain anything you want to play one click click on download and you’re goodto go gets back out there then you have the search which I did demonstrate thebeginning so this would like to find any games are you looking

for so if there isa particular game like let’s try Sonic okay so you can see lots of Sonic gameso if you wanna here’s a Dreamcast one you got Mega Drive Mega Drive then youhave topics this is basically collections of games so obviouslysomething stuff I can’t read but if

you’re going to all topics we can see wehave a collection of you know contra games we have Street Fighter we haveDragon Ball so it’s basically a way of grouping up games that they’ve done inthis application just back after and then you have categories the categoriesreally is the type

of consoles or in retro art you would say the cause thatyou want to play so you’ve got PSP or n64 Dreamcast Mega Drive Super Famicomor snares arcade then you also have the genre of game so let say for example I’mlooking for just fighting games only across all platforms

I can click on thatand this will then show me fighting games which are you know cross arcade orcross mega drive across different platforms so it’s another way you canbasically find the type of game that you want to play let’s back out there now inmanage you’ve got some of

the options here so here for example you can useuninstall because the only way you can actually remove a game from here is togo into the uninstall game options and if I go into that now let’s say forexample I don’t want to play this anymore I can click on

this game andclick on uninstall so this the best I can remove the games that you would’vedownloaded onto your device goes back out there now the storage deviceunfortunately a fire stick there’s no way for you to actually change thedefault storage location so even if I use an OTG cable

and plug in a USB stickhonestly changed the storage of happy chicks or downloads onto the USB Drivehowever on an Android device you can do this on your Android TV box or your youknow and video show order your Xiaomi me box any other Android device we haveaccess to external

storage you can click on this see here we get no suitablestorage but your device you’ll be able to actually say aren’t download romsonto my USB Drive want to download roms onto my external hard drive so you cando that on your devices unfortunately we can’t do that on the

4k fire stick andlastly you have my game so all of the games that you download and install willactually appear in this list here so over time you can actually getmassive library of games that you downloaded so you don’t have to look forgames search games all the stuff you

regularly play will appear in my gamesand you can access any game that you want so for example if I want to play aStreets of Rage let’s click on that and click on launch let’s get my controllerand here we go we are now playing Streets of Rage on our

4k fire stick Ido actually think that releases games separately to buy on an Amazon deviceobviously this game we’re playing at the moment socially totally free so let’ssee if it can be of some bad guys take that knee to the face huh ok that’s whyit’s looking good well that’s

all for this video guys many thanks for watchingand I really do appreciate you watching till the end so if you did find thisvideo useful then do give it a thumbs up if you want to see more content likethis then please do subscribe to the notification bell as always

I alsoappreciate your feedback your likes you share so do let me know you think leaveme a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks

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