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hey guys varsity puss been here and hopefully you guys are hearing me okay let me look and see okay yeah so good all right so uh this right here is going to be the review of real urban kings hey guys uh firestick + been here and you know

so what I want to do is I want to reach out to you guys I’m gonna I wanted to do an actual review of Adaline I did a previous I really hope that this is recording hopefully somebody can tell me yes no that’s watching if they can hear

me or not but I’m because I’m not hearing on the computer on the other computer next to me so but either way the review is going to be of the real urban kings this guy has a Facebook page right here it is and if you look he does

he is maybe Katie’s working on and his he’s always always always updating the ad on adding more content every single day guys super cool guy works really hard to make sure everything is kosher enough to end up today working the same fantasy of Sweden who’s watching contend to

hear me or not because I hate to do a whole video and find out you guys can’t hear me you know I think so I think okay so excuse me so if you guys liked the review he reached out to me and asked if I would do the

review I did do a video of how to install in let’s go to YouTube for quick and I will put this in the description below let’s see here I’m seeing my videos right here so if you guys like this video and you wanted to see how to install

it again I’ll put the description in the link below and may have it pop up on the screen for you but if you do like it go ahead and click on this watch this video and I’ll tell you how to install it because this this right here it’s

just gonna be bad on itself and me going over the add-on just telling you how about the add-on itself so first things first we’ll start with favorites this is if you favorite something with inside the add-on and will go here I don’t have any favorites so as you

see the error message popped up the first section we come to is mixtapes and we click on that it does have tons of mixtapes from various tartar artists and the list is growing every day guys so there’s actually a new music section that I checked out not so

long ago I was able to check out the new Jeezy album 2 Chainz album DJ Kelly so if you if you like music and the great thing is is that if you have my app which has this add-on in my in my build or you have this this

add-on or whatever and you have on your phone and you don’t mind use a little bit of your data you can actually let do is like I’ll go in and turn on my bluetooth my phone to my car and then I pull up the section pull up the

CD or a tape of a listen to and then I’ll turn it on and then I have the music playing in my car so this is I’m offline but should be online okay anyway so the second section is so trained if you click on that it tells you

all the best volumes you know of course this is gonna be some old-school stuff and I like it cuz I’m kind of an older guy and he put some stuff for my childhood and I know a lot of stuff from here you know stuff I grew up watching

and so a little bit is this performer time but there is some still trains in there you know so if you like so train death let’s check it out I’m gonna go I want to go to the movies in TV shows just a little bit later urban cartoons

PJ’s I don’t know if you guys remember this table stays the 90s it was a Eddie Murphy TV show where he was a super super ton of the building they lived in was claymation it’s pretty awesome boondocks I mean who does not love the boondocks right and so

as you guys see I haven’t got to check out this yet but I think my Tyson’s hilarious so I bet it’s a really good series but you guys seen there soon there’s some good ones in here so if you like some urban cartoons come check it out the

quality is always pretty good for this guy I’ll just click on one I love the boondocks man now I won’t play the content very long I’m just want to show you did opens up I’m not a prophet but sometimes I have prophetic dreams a garden boy I was

hoping it would show the definition don’t be lame we’re going to stop it so I hit so I’ll get hit with copyright infringement bet is you guys seen it loaded right up and came right on so that is the urban cartoon section retro Kings this is gonna be

all your old school cartoons Iron Man I’m in a hurry least Thundercats spider-man x-men took my blood show that’s some old school stuff right there there’s a Zelda so and like I said if he’s growing it all the time and he’s always one to take suggestions if there’s

a show or maybe that you like and you know if you give the add-on you like to like that on you want him to add something to it just message him and he’s usually pretty good about if he can find it he’ll add it and especially if there’s

enough people who like it so he’s definitely acceptable to add stuff upon a request I doesn’t mean bombard this guy 100 quest today by understand there’s always if there’s a show or cartoon you really really like a movie you really like I wanna add that he doesn’t already

have tanned you know suggested to him and he’ll let you know if you can do it or not but he’s really easygoing here’s Disney movies he’s only got a few in there but like I said this guy’s having stuff every day every day he posts tons and tons

of new stuff Barbie movies I was like he’s got quite a few of those in there he’s got a little girl so I bet he does has some some little girl stuff it’s a TV movie this is like its first in the boss baby but I was brand

new and I guarantee you they’re gonna be a high high quality well like about is that on to is that it’s one click look at that so one click it comes right on no buffering no have the pic links see ya kids TV shows so leapfrog Baby Einstein

I’ve said this click hit don’t comes right along I mean it’s that nice let’s see the collodion so it’s got some different stuff from there from Nickelodeon Mississippi was always my favorite who doesn’t love some reason snippy if you don’t know who murder Stimpy is you should definitely

check them out like I said all this stuff loads up really fast it works one click it’s on documentary section I mean has tons of movies in here some really good documentaries there’s quite a bit like I said he’s adding stuff all the time like every single day

so the sea check out bone thugs and hurry so like I said you guys you can’t it won’t get any better that’s our problem tons of stuff I mean and like I said it clicks it goes let’s see here Laser movies so this is more for your Latino

audience but that Yankee who don’t love him right so you know check him out um video games and TV shows world combat the movies so you know this is the music this is the section I was talking about right so you can just go to rap albums and

he’s got like two fucking there blue collars to Pyke songs so and then I want to see new albums there you go this is where I her lies the new stuff my my salvage the new jay-z album I like this long life I may have to go out

turmeric on this food [Music] now reach into the world and live in a tenement Jana good why not live in a tenement er coach what you watch you watch it too much son yes sorry I had to play something else just to get it out there so let’s

go back sorry but you guys saw it played up right up right that’s our music so and these are going to be videos and the see concerts you know concert is a concert look at all this stuff let’s get everyone you like you know the roots who doesn’t

love the roots straight so you lows for that so I really hope it’ll get hit for copyright infringement because I’ve I’ve hit it a lot today so Lucy’s they end up this is one of my favorite sections just go specials and all this there’s so much good stuff

in here the phony zoom to all the volumes a different host it’s really good and comes view all the seasons too and each one of these are gonna be the host of the other season work out I’ll check the section out very much but I’ll let you guys

be the judge of that if you guys like it section no one in this I’m sure what that is but let’s get to the main I kind of showed you guys all the different stuff let me get to you my favorite section right so our favorite sections movies

and as you guys can see there’s tons of categories for the movies and different styles so if you go to urban comedies you get it up all the classics are gonna be in here and I mean there’s literally tons of these movies them to see if I can

change this view – meliss – there we go I mean look at that I mean there’s tons of them wife this is one of my favorite movies right you guys see those for that week this works I love it you can’t get that better and then if you

go back up if you go back to this section there’s drama and and the thing I like is you know there’s gangster movies they’re all the gangster movies and it’s a society you don’t love that this is blue hood I bet that supposed to be boys in the

hood I bet this is the wrong video I’m in the wrong arty cover or not I know what happens in there anyway all I know if you guys that’s a great thing about him if you see something that you can reach that time by hey man that’s the

wrong movie and it’ll fix it so new movies this is one of my favorite sections right so all the new movies if it’s coming out you know stick it in here he’ll like he has a good version of the copy and then he’ll he’ll add it to the

to the list any other popular movies popular movies cams I mean there’s a bunch in here everyone wants to see this girl trip alright was really good and heart is really funny I’ve had a chance to watch it yet bad version for Kim so anyway guys I’m telling

you if you have to uncheck this add-on out it’s got to just kept tons and tons and tons of stuff to look at and so I’ve got your everyone be like me and I can’t find a movie I like in this so I and that’s just movies there’s

like I said there’s tons of categories same thing with TV shows two to seven Vinson different strokes good times Sanford and Son what’s happening rich prior to show you know all these are the classics stuff I watched all this stuff growing up as a kid and I loved

it all so if you guys are like me this would be good good time to go back and watch 7s some of those cheesy shows that’s a good one too everyone hits Chris George little passes funny show here check that out I’m just sing that was good Martin’s

good you’re so crazy so there’s tons of stuff in here guys [Music] urban shows that’s the awesome show vo check it out what’s on the Hoff HBO anyway there’s some good ones in here too and then yeah just really TV shows Game of Thrones are bitin once that

Game of Thrones episodes I can see there can be peace equality huh hello there’s some weird message that says and it’s party for me that’s shown that I’ve already started watching the show I hadn’t so I don’t know anyway I just add on and I hope you guys

really like it like I said the developer is a really cool guy he’s really easy to get along with so have you downloaded and then like I said there’s some content you want when I went him to add it this top Tori you know message him about it

and see what he can do for you and like I said the thing I like about it is it’s one click and he’s got a PK he’s working on right now so it’s still in beta but what’s a PK gets done uh you’ll be able to put this

on your phone your smartphone or your Android device and you’ll just be able to go straight ahead and just watch it even if you don’t have you I’m not even using Kody just just having this am so I hope you guys like the video again the developer asked

me to do the video so I hope he likes the video as well and I hope you guys like the video if you do let the video please give it a thumbs up you have any questions leave me a comment below and here in a little bit I’ll

go in and I’ll add some information on how to install the video I lied that link and then his content information on how to how to get to the Facebook page and how to contact him on Twitter so I said if you liked the video please give it

a thumbs up if you’re new to the channel will hit the scribe button anybody notifications for all of my videos hit the bell and they’ll let you know when I post a video again thanks for watching and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend thanks you

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